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NEWS: Clyde Edwards-Helaire (hip) practiced on Wednesday and is trending in the right direction for playing in the Conference Championship game against the Bills.

FANTASY TAKE: He still may sit, it’s tough to say, or he could be limited even if he plays. CEH has steal-type value right now in early 2021 mock drafts. He is sometimes falling to the 3/4 round turn, so 3.12/4.01… which is crazy. While a big playoff outing could change that, I am hoping CEH gets a strong shot to prove doubters wrong here in the NFL playoffs. While many will call his 2021 campaign a huge disappointment, he was inside the top 10RBs in rushing yards before going down in Week 15, and if you extrapolate his stats over 16 games, he was on pace for 1353 total yards, 44 receptions and 5TDs. That isn’t awful considering he had several TDs called back and strange opportunities where he should have scored but was stuffed at the goal line (in situations not his fault). Excuses don’t fly, he didn’t earn his first-round value. We all jumped in head first on this one. Some more than others (I am in that pool of people). However, I don’t necessarily think that CEH believers made a mistake, and I certainly will not allow it to affect my bold predicting… it missed for a number of reasons, but if you ask me, none of which has to do with Edwards-Helaire’s talent. His disappointing 2021 has all been usage and then the injury. The fair question to ask, though, is: Will anything change in 2021? If the team failed to use him properly in 2021, who is to say KC will use him right in 2021? And, if the run often times got game-scripted out of the plan of attack on Sundays… what makes anyone think that things will be different in 2021? These questions are fair… and honestly, there are zero guarantees anything changes. That’s the honest truth. I think if CEH can comeback and play well before the 2021 NFL Playoffs conclude, that will help, but the Chiefs have been famous for leaning on the run in the playoffs and not so much during the season, so it may not tell us too much after all. So, for 2021, we will have a decision to make. Will CEH have the right balance of risk vs. reward? I think in the 3rd-round it will make a lot of sense, because he still does have top 5-10RB upside from a talent perspective, and his situation is gold IF they ran the ball consistently… but, the risk lies in game scripts, and that’s why CEH needs a 3rd-round ADP to have way more upside than risk.

Let’s Talk Dynasty: I’m in the buy-low business on CEH. He still has a grip of dynasty appeal and he is well worth the risk at a price tag that lingers somewhere in the 3rd-round range. Now, the later you get him the more upside and less risk, so know that.

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