Smitty’s Take: Don’t say we didn’t warn you with Thursday’s early-morning article on grabbing both Nick Chubb and Derrick Henry as sleeper stashes for Weeks 7-16. The trade, which occurred today, vaults Nick Chubb immediately into the Browns’ starting line-up, and it makes him a potential RB1 moving forward. It’s no secret that I doubt his longevity in this league, given his size, injury history, and self-abusive rushing style, but for 2018, he will have fresh legs and only nine games to play (weeks 7-16), so he should have a good shot at being a RB1 all season. Great job for anyone that scooped him off waivers or bought low… if you missed out on our advice on this one, don’t miss out on this same kinda rise out of Derrick Henry (who is arguably a top 5-10RB per start if he gets in that TEN line-up). As for Hyde, his value tanks, as Leonard Fournette is still eventually expected back, and Hyde isn’t even likely to see the field in Week 7. Duke Johnson gets a small bump in PPR with this move, as he is still going to see receptions and even a few more carries now.


  1. michael_dini on October 20, 2018 at 10:01 am

    lol.I grabbed Chubb off waivers in 2 leagues Thursday morning.Felt great on Friday when I heard about the trade.I will really be feeling good if Chubb rolls for 100 and 2TDS against the bucks on sunday.

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