Smitty’s Take: That’s a grip of weight, going from 211 last year to 225 this season. Gaining or losing isn’t always the same for all players, so it’s possible the size helps him dominate defenders, but it’s equally possible that it hinders his speed and quickness. It’s hard imagining things getting worse for Cooper, as he entered last year as a breakout candidate, yet he pulled in a disappointing 680 yards and 48 receptions on 14 games.. he did have 7TDs, though, but overall the guy was a big disappointment in 2017. As he enters his fourth NFL season, I think he can match his career highs in yards, receptions and TDs, even if all those highs came during different seasons. So, 83 receptions for 1153 yards and 7TDs… that’s a doable stat line for Cooper, who appears to have the full support and confidence of his coaching staff, which is always huge. Derek Carr should have a solid 2018 season, maybe top 9-12 for all QBs.

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