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NEWS: Updating a previous report, Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray will now both miss Week 17 after being placed on the COVID-19 list.
PREVIOUS NEWS: Alvin Kamara will miss Week 17 after being placed on the COVID-19 list.

FANTASY TAKE: (UPDATE) This is a huge blow to Kamara/Murray owners, as now the team will have to turn to Ty Montgomery in Week 17.However, don’t be shocked if Taysom Hillgets a ton of run, another reason we stand by his multiple position tags, which temper-tantrums everywhere got removed. There is actually no more fitting player in the entire NFL to have multiple position tags, hence this scenario here.

Let’s Talk Dynasty: Alvin Kamara is a top 2-4 overall pick in all formats heading into 2021, with really only guys like CMC, Cook, Henry and Adams deserving looks over him. It will be interesting to see how the league will approach “close contact” situations in 2021, with players that have already had/recovered from COVID-19. If already-recovered players will still sit games after being in close contact with infected individuals, well, then anyone can still miss games in 2021 even if they already caught/recovered from COVID-19. Meaning, could there be some advantage to drafting players like Ezekiel Elliott and Alvin Kamara in 2021, who have already caught and recovered from COVID-19; will they be less susceptible to missing 2021 games due to COVID-19?

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