Smitty’s Take: A few reporters last month posted news on this topic, that Allen Hurns is now the clear #1WR in Dallas. Hurns is solid, he can stretch the field, and he was always a play-making beast over in Jacksonville. Changing teams is always a concern for wide receivers, it’s not always a successful transition; however, Dak Prescott is a unique passer and this situation is kind of unique over in Dallas. I think a rapport can be built fast between the two. With no big-time wide receiver inside that Dallas roster, TONS of Ezekiel Elliott goodness awaits in 2018 (and likely to the tune of 15TDs and something crazy like 2,000 total yards). I think Hurns could carve out a surprisingly-good fantasy season in 2018, maybe as good as excellent fantasy WR3-type numbers. Dak should be good for 3400+ yards and 23-25TDs (all while rushing for 300 – 400 yards and 5-6TDs).

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