NEWS: AJ Brown has double knee surgeries; Top 5WR still?

NEWS: AJ Brown had double knee surgeries yesterday. Brown reportedly said that he was told that he was done in Week 2 of the 2020 season, but he elected to play through the pain. I was actually on his Instagram live stream when he had just come out of surgery, and while he was kind of out of it, you can hear the nurse advise him that he’d be on crutches, which shocked him.

The fact that he had no idea that he’d be going home on crutches makes you wonder if it was just a clean-up surgery, which would make for a fast recovery and no real long-term worry here. However, he was out of it waking up from surgery, so he may have just been loopy and could have known before hand he would be leaving on crutches. Either way, unless news breaks that he had some sort of new ACL tear vs just meniscus-type clean-up, his 2021 top 5WR upside is in motion.

FANTASY TAKE: His 70/1075/11TDs was beast-like over 14 games, and he made our Bold Predictions proud in 2020. On 16 games, AJB could drop 1,200+ and 12-14TDs in 2021.

Let’s Talk Dynasty: AJ Brown is a lock in the top 30-35 overall heading into early 2021 early mock drafting. The crazy part is, that’s extremely low-risk. His early ADP could be a bit off, too. He feels like a guy that will flirt with late second-round value soon, but this surgery news will surely delay that climb. At least it should. So, until he proves healthy and ready to rumble for 2021, he could be a consistent third-round steal from now up until that point. If he does climb into the late second-round, know that he is worthy of that value. He easily has top 5WR upside for the now and future.

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