Smitty’s Take: According to our freshly-compiled ADP Data here at SleeperU, Aaron Rodgers is cementing into a 3.05-3.07 redraft ADP, whereas Davante Adams is leveling off around the 2.05-2.06 range. The quarterback pool is just crazy-deep this year, deeper than ever. So, waiting on a passer into the 4th- and 5th-round in 2018 isn’t a bad idea at all, especially if you can get our top-ranked passer (Deshaun Watson) in the 4th- to 5th-round range. However, value-wise, Rodgers still screams ‘steal’ at 3.05 and if you take him there, you could arguably get, in hindsight, fantasy football numbers that warrant top 10 overall consideration. So, Rodgers, in theory, is a steal right now in all formats. Davante Adams could be worth his 2.05-2.06 ADP when all is said and done in 2018, but to us, his value is a bit too high for our liking. There are just safer options in the middle of the second-round in 2018 (in all formats).

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