My Reaction to Aaron Rodgers Covid situation; Michael Thomas out for season?

smitty-fantasyfootballYou have likely heard by now that Aaron Rodgers is OUT for Week 9 after testing positive for Covid, and Michael Thomas is done for the season. Both are horrible pieces of news.

I break these topics down in tremendous detail in the attached video. In a nutshell, Thomas has very sketchy value moving forward in dynasty, as the guy can't get right and trusting him is extremely tough. Should you cut him in dynasty? No. Can you trade him?

Probably not, not yet at least. Wait, let the dust settle, let some good news emerge before you shop him, but certainly don't cut him in frustration, as he could have value enough to trade him in some package deal some months from now.

As for Aaron Rodgers, there is a lot of controversy around his situation, as he was asked by reporters on camera about being vaccinated, and he replied 'yes, I'm immunized' - which let most everyone who heard it to believe he was vaccinated, as 'yes' was in his reply. Right or wrong, I'm not here to discuss that part, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, the league has certain processes in place and policies, and it will be interesting to see what the league does about him following protocols for vaccinated individuals when he was not. If he did or didn't. So much is unclear. But, Rodgers is out Week 9, and because he is not vaccinated, he must sit 10 days at a minimum (he can't test negative twice and then just play).

Davante Adams takes a huge hit this week, and whether or not this helps or hurts Aaron Jones is a guessing game, as this could go either way depending on how honest the defense can be kept on Sunday under the command of Jordan Love.

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