Mock Drafts: Dynasty, Redraft, Enter keepers, Linear, 3RR, 3RS!

Demo Mock Drafts Video

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If you haven’t yet signed up for SleeperU 2016, you’re missing out! Here is is one reason why below…

Our fantasy football Mock Drafts here at SleeperU are insane. You can:

  • Enter Keepers
  • Run Dynasty Mock Drafts
  • Run Redraft Mock Drafts
  • Run Rookie-only Mock Drafts
  • Select your Draft Order/Slot
  • Chose between: Snake, Linear, 3RR and 3RS draft orders

These mock drafts are instant and you can draft over and over testing out all of your 2016 fantasy football draft strategies. Check out our Demo Video right on this page, it will give you one heck of a tour!

Mock Draft Now!

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