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Below is a Mid-Season 2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft, a ROS (Rest Of Season) mock draft that takes into account only a Weeks 10-16 outlook. That means previous stats do not matter, but they guide us into a specific direction as we rank players from Week 10 moving forward. Enjoy!

Round One

  1. Le’veon Bell (RB) – He is capable of averaging over 120 total yards and a TD per week moving forward.
  2. Antonio Brown (WR) – Big Ben is back in the lineup, and despite struggling in Week 9, Brown should be back in everyone’s top 1-4 overall moving forward.
  3. Julio Jones (WR) – Worthy of being ranked No. 1. He is only on pace for 90 receptions, around 1,700 yards and under 9TDs. He is still top two for all WRs in most formats, yet he has room to score a lot more and pull in 1-2 more receptions per contest.
  4. David Johnson (RB) – He’s in the top two for rushers in most formats and I see no reason why that changes in Weeks 10-16, especially given how involved he is in both the passing and rushing game, which makes him near match-up proof.
  5. Ezekiel Elliott (RB) – He is clearly a top 1-3RB right now in fantasy. However, rookies can often times hit a rookie wall near Week 11 or 12. Sometimes they slow, then pick things back up, so I am not predicting a late-season flop, but it just has me cautious is all. The guy is the next Adrian Peterson, especially behind that Dallas offensive line!
  6. Melvin Gordon (RB) – He was in my Top 10 Bold Predictions for a reason — his rise was no surprise to SleeperU Subscribers, so don’t expect me to doubt Gordon moving forward. He is a top 1-5RB for Weeks 10-16, and has that same kind of value in dynasty. Beast.
  7. Odell Beckham (WR) – Always capable of disappointing, getting benched for a quarter due to his distractive ways, but he is always capable of 100 yards and 2TDs on any given Sunday. His upside makes him a top 2-6 overall player moving forward. He has the same kind of dynasty appeal.
  8. Tom Brady (QB) – Call this high if you want, but he is playing on pace for 5,276 yards and 48TDs through his four games played. This kind of production can carry you through the playoffs and win you a title. He is arguably worth a top 5-7 overall rank.
  9. Aj Green (WR) – Even without TDs (3 on the year), he is on pace for 118 receptions for 1,792 yards. Imagine if he starts pulling in touchdowns?
  10. Demarco Murray (RB) – There is risk he breaks down a bit, as he was extremely overworked in Dallas and aggressively runs the football; however, he continues to put up top 5RB stats and with Henry banged up, he will be leaned on big-time in the coming weeks. If you don’t own Henry for some reason, now is the time to trade for him as he is hurt. Secure that duo and you have yourself a top 5RB moving forward even if injury strikes Murray.
  11. Rob Gronkowski (TE) – Over the last four games, which is really when he started playing full-time again this year, he is averaging 118 yards per game and has 3TDs in those four weeks. That’s a pace of near 1,800/12TDs if he keeps that pace going. With he and Brady missing the first part of the season, both are well rested in a sense, don’t be shocked if Brady and Gronk go nuts all the way through Week 16.
  12. Jay Ajayi (RB) – Ajayi is averaging 176 rushing yards and 1.33TD over the last three games.. now, one would be nuts to expect him to to continue that three-game pace all year, it’s NOT going to happen, but for fun, his 16-game stats if you stretched out those three games = 2,816 and 21TDs. Those stats should at least tell you that Miami is ready to feed him, and Dolphins coach Adam Gase said he is “never going to go away” from Jay Ajayi. This is amazing news and it means he is a threat to rush for 100 yards and 1TD per game moving forward. His dynasty value will be a fun topic of discussion heading into 2017. Start talking about it now on our forums.

The rest…

Round Two

    13. Drew Brees (QB) – Top five overall capable.
    14. Aaron Rodgers (QB) – Top five overall capable.
    15. Amari Cooper (WR) – A top 3-6WR that will occasionally go missing, which has him ranking here. But, at season’s end, don’t be shocked if he is in the top 3-5 overall, and that was on our Bold Predictions!
    16. Deandre Hopkins (WR) – He could keep disappointing, but I predict he has a big Weeks 10-16 and will be first-round worthy value wise (in hindsight) from Weeks 10-16.
    17. Mike Evans (WR) – He has great value overall right here, as he can be a top 5-10 overall talent.
    18. Matt Ryan (QB) – I’m sold for the remainder of this year, but I know some will still have him ranked higher and call this too low. I still take Brees, Rodgers and Brady over him, but it can be argued!
    19. Devonta Freeman (RB) – Top 5RB capable with a touch of usage risk. If you have Coleman, you’re protected in some ways, but they both still play. His upside makes him nice value here and his risk really isn’t too bad, as even sharing carries he produces this kind of value.
    20. Andrew Luck (QB) – He is having an underrated top 3-4QB season, and with Moncrief back, expect things to get even better.
    21. Spencer Ware (RB) – This could be the best value of these later 2nd-round picks. Future concussions is a concern, which is why I think he falls this far, but the risk is low at about this range, and his upside is top 4-7 for rushers, which is huge.
    22. Jordy Nelson (WR) – Great value. This guy has top 5WR upside, but I think some still fear some inconsistency. I do not. I think he is rock-solid moving forward.
    23. Dez Bryant (WR) – This is still high-risk given his injury concerns, but this value still has high-reward. He either saves or breaks many seasons moving forward.
    24. Todd Gurley (RB) – Will he rebound? Will he at least earn this kind of value on a disappointing Weeks 10-16? I say yes, and so to me, this is low-risk/high-reward. I just can’t say with great confidence that he will for sure outperform this draft slot, but my gut tells me there is a high likelihood that he returns to at least top 5-10RB status in the coming weeks.

Round Three

    25. Lamar Miller (RB) – This guy has top 5RB ability, but his situations have been awful, but in Miami, and now in Houston. He needs carries. All runners do. His usage is the only concern, but the concern is real, which is why he ranks this low (with upside).
    26. Derek Carr (QB) – Top 5QB capable.
    27. Kelvin Benjamin (WR) – Top 10WR upside the rest of the way!
    28. Jordan Howard (RB) – The risk is baked in here, as he has top 10RB appeal moving forward.
    29. Matt Forte (RB) – Injury risk makes this about right.
    30. Allen Robinson (WR) – I like the low-risk here that comes with upside to rebound to form.
    31. Doug Martin (RB) – Decent value, although, I do worry about him staying healthy. Is he rushing back?
    32. Brandin Cooks (WR) – Safe value for a guy capable of top 10-14WR numbers, and the ability to drop 100/2TDs once in a while.
    33. Lesean Mccoy (RB) – The risk is low here, just make sure you buy-low on Gillislee now that McCoy is back.
    34. Ty Hilton (WR) – Strong value here with not too much risk. He could truly outperform this slot.
    35. Alshon Jeffery (WR) – With Cutler healthy, he can easily produce WR2 numbers and occasionally dance with the WR1s.
    36. Demaryius Thomas (WR)

Round Four

    37. Ben Roethlisberger (QB) – Top 5QB capable.
    38. Christine Michael (RB) – Usage is the only issue. He isn’t busting based on performance. It’s all lack of carries, which could continue, but the risk is built in right here.
    39. Legarrette Blount (RB) – Solid value.
    40. Marvin Jones (WR) – After a huge start, he has slumped in his past three games. This is a great buy-low area.
    41. Greg Olsen (TE) – Solid.
    42. Jordan Reed (TE) – Solid.
    43. Jarvis Landry (WR) – He could be used more, says the coaching staff. We shall see. If used right, he’d be a top 10WR. It’s all about usage.
    44. Cam Newton (QB) – He still has good upside here.
    45. Randall Cobb (WR) – Decent value.
    46. Philip Rivers (QB) – Solid.
    47. Devontae Booker (RB) – Some risk here, sure, but also tremendous upside.
    48. Larry Fitzgerald (WR) – Consistent.

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