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I once again had the pleasure of having Matthew Berry on The Fantasy Football Show, and we touched on a bunch of awesome topics.

Matthew Berry and I agreed on a lot of the topics that we discussed in this attached interview, from the insane upside of Jonathan Taylor, to the breakout value in Jalen Hurts... however, it does appear I am way more bullish on two of the discussed players: Ceedee Lamb and Justin Jefferson.

It's important to note that Berry likes both players, he said as much in the interview. But, I think it's safe to say my expectations for both Lamb and Jefferson are reaching lonely heights..

I think we might be looking at a top 1-5WR in 2021 fantasy football in Justin Jefferson. Not only did he have one of the most unbelievable rookie WR seasons ever, he looks more polished than any incoming sophomore I've ever seen. There have been rumors about Kirk Cousins possibly getting shipped out of MIN, so that would be my one concern (change and disruption in MIN and the adjustment that would follow); however, we are far from any of that going down; it's in rumor stages. So, it seems almost more risky to let those kinds of rumors influence valuations than to ignore the rumors. Matthew Berry said he would still draft Michael Thomas and Julio Jones over Jefferson, which is arguable no doubt... but, I myself have Jefferson locked into my top 15 overall players heading into 2021, and I'd draft him ahead of both MT and Julio (Julio I won't touch in even the top 30). Who is right? Comment below.

As for Lamb, I am definitely way more bullish on Lamb than Berry, but he makes some great points about the many mouths to feed in DAL. Still, I can't resist the upside when it comes to Lamb, who will surely cost you nothing earlier than a 4th-round pick right now in novice-like leagues, later in some cases... yet, he holds all kinds of top 5WR appeal if you ask me. I think since Jefferson already broke out, you can't call him the DK Metcalf or AJ Brown of 2021... but I think we can speak that way about Lamb, as that's about the round range both DK and AJB went in last year (3-4 round range)... Lamb will explode from that 3-4 round range if healthy. Circling back to Jefferson at late 2nd-round value... he can still win you a league there if he drops top 5WR numbers. Know that.

Matthew Berry is the man, and I urge you all to listen to the dude on Jalen Hurts. He and I love Hurts about as much as any analysts I can find online. I will have more on Hurts this week, so get ready for that.

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