2016 fantasy football bold predictions

Ok, folks, it’s time to release another Bold Prediction for 2016 and beyond. However, this prediction is 2015 relevant, meaning the player could become relevant here in Weeks 10-16 of the 2015 fantasy football season, but the call-out here is geared toward dynasty as well so that all you dynasty owners can run out there and buy-low before this player’s value climbs. Do NOT overpay, as this is a ‘buy-low’ situation only. Note, not every owner of this guy is going to trade him. Some owners never trade, and some owners draft players they love and this might be one of those players. So, if you can’t pull a deal off, try in another league, but do not overpay, as Bold Predictions are always speculative plays.

Note: This player is the most recent prediction added (added 11/14/15).
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