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Ok, so mock draft time is over and it’s time for all of your real 2016 fantasy football drafts. Below is a live/on-going 2016 Expert Fantasy Football Draft (PPR/Redraft). The draft is currently into the 8th-round, and you can follow along here; however, I have the first seven rounds below with my commentary on each and every pick, including my selections (in bold). Enjoy.’s Team So Far

QB: Andrew Luck (4.10)
RB1: LeSean McCoy (3.03)
RB2: Jeremy Langford (5.03)
WR1: Julio Jones (1.03)
WR2: Amari Cooper (2.10)
WR3: Josh Gordon (7.03)
Flex: Melvin Gordon (6.10)

Live Expert Draft Results

Date: 8/17/16

Round 1    
1.011FantasyFootballFetchBrown, Antonio PIT WRClear No. 1 in PPR.
1.022DynastyFootballWarehouseGurley, Todd RAM RBA top 5 overall pick in any format, even PPR. He might have a higher PPR ceiling than people think, he is still maturing!
1.033SleeperU.ComJones, Julio ATL WREasy top 2-4 pick in any PPR draft.
1.044JunkyardJakeBeckham, Odell NYG WRTop 1-5 lock in any format.
1.055TheFantasySportsBrainJohnson, David ARI RBI love DJ this year, he is one of my favorite 5-7 overall picks in 2016!!
1.066FFJungleHopkins, DeAndre HOU WRWhile I rank him right there myself, due to ADP data, I quietly think he can be a top 1-2 overall WR in 2016. I think he dominates this season!
1.077BigGuyFantasySportsBell, Le'Veon PIT RBI'm warming up to taking a first-round risk on Bell given his suspension 'could' get reduced. Even if he serves 4 games, if you cuff to DWill, the 16 starts you get is a top 1-4RB.
1.088FantasySportsCentralGreen, A.J. CIN WRAlways a touch underrated, this is the highest I've seen him go in a while. He deserves this slot, though, he always has 1-5WR appeal.
1.099HattyWaiverWireGuruRobinson, Allen JAC WRRobinson, if healthy, should easily earn high-end WR1 value in 2016!
1.1010FantasyFootballNerdBryant, Dez DAL WRAlways a risk, mentally and physically, Dez has less risk because his ADP is in the 10-14 overall range.
1.1111SCOUT FantasyPeterson, Adrian MIN RBHe still has one more top 5RB season left, and this is a redraft league.
1.1212WalterFootballGronkowski, Rob NEP TEHe is easily worth this value. I myself do not enjoy drafting a TE in the first-round, only because it's tough to balance out a team with that strategy, but again, he is easily worth top 8-12 overall value.
Round 2
2.0113WalterFootballAllen, Keenan SDC WRI like Allen, in fact, I think I had him ranked higher than most anyone heading into 2014. He is a touch risky as a top 12-17 overall pick, as it doesn't leave room for a lot of ups and downs, something I fear with Allen in '16.
2.0214SCOUT FantasyMarshall, Brandon NYJ WRHe could have one elite year left, although, it wouldn't be shocking to see him drop off as early as this season.
2.0315FantasyFootballNerdElliott, Ezekiel DAL RBZeke fell far in this one, and this is low risk given most everyone is, even in redraft, willing to pay top 5-10 overall value. Great value here!
2.0416HattyWaiverWireGuruCooks, Brandin NOS WRThis is quite high. I like Cooks, but he has to explode to break even.
2.0517FantasySportsCentralFreeman, Devonta ATL RBI was hoping to land Freeman with my 2.10 down below. This is fantastic value at #17 overall, as he was the number one rusher last year and there is no reason to doubt him being at least a top 5-10RB in 2016.
2.0618BigGuyFantasySportsHilton, T.Y. IND WRThis is a bit high even though I love Hilton this year. Like Cooks, taking Hilton this high means he HAS to explode.
2.0719FFJungleCharles, Jamaal KCC RBDecent value in terms of risk vs. reward.
2.0820TheFantasySportsBrainMiller, Lamar HOU RBGreat value, given he can likely earn this value even if he has some slower than expected weeks. If he is a top 5-10RB, this ends up being a steal.
2.0921JunkyardJakeEvans, Mike TBB WRI like this pick. It's fair value, and he still has room to explode.
2.1022SleeperU.ComCooper, Amari OAK WRThis is my favorite 2nd-round WR right now. Steal, as I see a potential top 5WR season in the cards for Coop.
2.1123DynastyFootballWarehouseNewton, Cam CAR QBThis is high given I like ARod and Luck better, or at least equal, and both seem to be easily had in the 4th-round (sometimes 5th for Luck).
2.1224FantasyFootballFetchNelson, Jordy GBP WRI like Jordy this year, and some doubt him. But, this is a handful of picks too high for me. I have him as a potential steal in the mid-to-late third-round.
Round 3
3.0125FantasyFootballFetch.comRodgers, Aaron GBP QBUsually he falls further, but I fault no one for grabbing a 40TD capable WR as a third drafted player. In fact, you won't likely ever see me pass on ARod or Luck this year if they fall to my 4th-round pick in any draft.
3.0226DynastyFootballWarehouse.ComJeffery, Alshon CHI WRThis is about right.
3.0327SleeperU.ComMcCoy, LeSean BUF RBOk, so this is where I admit I may be changing my thinking on LeSean McCoy this year. I have seen him fall into the third-round so much, he went from risky to solid in my eyes as a third-drafted player. Cuff him to Gillislee and Willams, though, if you draft him!
3.0428JunkyardJake.ComWatkins, Sammy BUF WRThis is about right.
3.0529TheFantasySportsBrain.comThomas, Demaryius DEN WRThis is about right.
3.0630FFJungle.ComIngram, Mark NOS RBThis is about right.
3.0731BigGuyFantasySports.comLandry, Jarvis MIA WRA reach according to some ADP data, but I still think Landry can be a top 10WR this year, which means this is actually decent value for sure.
3.0832FantasySportsCentral.ComLacy, Eddie GBP RBSolid value. I don't like Lacy in the 2nd-round, but the third-round is decent upside given the risk!
3.0933HattyWaiverWireGuru.ComMartin, Doug TBB RBSolid value.
3.1034FantasyFootballNerd.comTate, Golden DET WRA bit of a reach here even if you like the guy.
3.1135SCOUT FantasyFitzgerald, Larry ARI WRA huge reach here even if you like the guy.
3.1236WalterFootball.ComBenjamin, Kelvin CAR WRDecent value vs. risk.
Round 4
4.0137WalterFootball.ComMurray, DeMarco TEN RBI like this pick if you back him up with Henry. The duo seems secure.
4.0238SCOUT FantasyForte, Matt NYJ RBSolid given the reward potential.
4.0339FantasyFootballNerd.comCobb, Randall GBP WRDecent value.
4.0440HattyWaiverWireGuru.ComMaclin, Jeremy KCC WRA bit high for me.
4.0541FantasySportsCentral.ComDecker, Eric NYJ WRA bit high for me.
4.0642BigGuyFantasySports.comHurns, Allen JAC WRThis is about right.
4.0743FFJungle.ComReed, Jordan WAS TEI wait on TEs after Gronk, but you can't argue the value here.
4.0844TheFantasySportsBrain.comMoncrief, Donte IND WRHe is a sleeper for sure, but this seems high as a 4th-drafted player.
4.0945JunkyardJake.ComHyde, Carlos SFO RBSolid value given he has top 8-13RB appeal.
4.1046SleeperU.ComLuck, Andrew IND QBI love this pick. As I said above, I most likely will not pass in the 4th-round on ARod or Luck at any point in any draft in 2016. I know, waiting on a QB is popular... I'll keep drafting a top 1-5 overall player with 40TD potential in the 4th-round.
4.1147DynastyFootballWarehouse.ComBaldwin, Doug SEA WRI actually like Tyler Lockett more this year, so I am not a fan of this pick.
4.1248FantasyFootballFetch.comLewis, Dion NEP RBSolid value, but still some risk as this is the 4th player for this team. If he stays healthy, Dion could easily earn this and more, though.
Round 5
5.0149FantasyFootballFetch.comKelce, Travis KCC TEA reach, but he is capable of being this good.
5.0250DynastyFootballWarehouse.ComRawls, Thomas SEA RBIf you invest in Rawls this high in 2016, be certain to back him up. The problem is, there are more than one back-up that you will have to acquire, as the back-up job is still up in the air.
5.0351SleeperU.ComLangford, Jeremy CHI RBI love how many consider this a reach. Langford has top 10RB upside and can easily earn this value on a somewhat disappointing season. His competition is weak. All he has to do is stay on the field and hold onto the football. Steal.
5.0452JunkyardJake.ComJohnson, Duke CLE RBPotential steal.
5.0553TheFantasySportsBrain.comAnderson, C.J. DEN RBSolid value. I doubt CJ a bit, and he HAS TO be handcuffed to Booker. That said, this is low risk in many ways, especially if you get him handcuffed.
5.0654FFJungle.ComEdelman, Julian NEP WRHe can earn this. He can also get hurt.
5.0755BigGuyFantasySports.comWilson, Russell SEA QBDecent value for sure.
5.0856FantasySportsCentral.ComMurray, Latavius OAK RBA mix of decent value and risk.
5.0957HattyWaiverWireGuru.ComOlsen, Greg CAR TEDecent value.
5.1058FantasyFootballNerd.comBrees, Drew NOS QBSolid value.
5.1159SCOUT FantasyMatthews, Jordan PHI WRSleeper.
5.1260WalterFootball.ComHill, Jeremy CIN RBGreat value given his TD upside. Hill makes for a sneaky RB2 at this value in 2016.
Round 6
6.0161WalterFootball.ComSanders, Emmanuel DEN WRDecent value, but still some risk given the QB situation in DEN.
6.0262SCOUT FantasyWoodhead, Danny SDC RBA bit high.
6.0363FantasyFootballNerd.comJones, Matt WAS RBSolid value. I loved Jones last year, but he has to hold onto the ball and stay on the field.
6.0464HattyWaiverWireGuru.ComMathews, Ryan PHI RBOvervalued if you ask me. I like Smallwood this year as a sleeper to stash for later. Much later.
6.0565FantasySportsCentral.ComFloyd, Michael ARI WRDecent value, but he still worries me in terms of being consistent.
6.0666BigGuyFantasySports.comLockett, Tyler SEA WRSolid value. Sleeper alert!
6.0767FFJungle.ComBernard, Giovani CIN RBSleeper given his potential if he gets the starting nod. Even if he doesn't get the nod, this value is about right, so the upside is present!
6.0868TheFantasySportsBrain.comParker, DeVante MIA WRDecent value, but many expect him to be better than Landry. I do not.
6.0969JunkyardJake.ComWhite, Kevin CHI WRI'll let others draft him this high. I need to see more.
6.1070SleeperU.ComGordon, Melvin SDC RBI love this pick. I was hoping he would fall to me, as I think we might see the same player we thought we were going to see last year. Huge upside and low risk right here.
6.1171DynastyFootballWarehouse.ComGore, Frank IND RBThis is a bit high, but Gore has proven me wrong for a couple years now, as I keep predicting decline.
6.1272FantasyFootballFetch.comFoster, Arian MIA RBI like this value given Foster could be a strong RB2 for as long as he stays on the field.
Round 7
7.0173FantasyFootballFetch.comFleener, Coby NOS TEDecent value.
7.0274DynastyFootballWarehouse.ComWalker, Delanie TEN TEDecent value.
7.0375SleeperU.ComGordon, Josh CLE WRIf he returns to form, this is a huge, huge steal. If he doesn't rebound to his old form, I think he can still earn this value.
7.0476JunkyardJake.ComStewart, Jonathan CAR RBI will let others take him this year.
7.0577TheFantasySportsBrain.comThomas, Michael NOS WRThis is kinda high, but the kid looks good and is in a good situation to mature fast.
7.0678FFJungle.ComCrabtree, Michael OAK WRA bit of a reach.
7.0779BigGuyFantasySports.comForsett, Justin BAL RBI eventually think Kenneth Dixon wins this job in BAL.
7.0880FantasySportsCentral.ComShepard, Sterling NYG WRSold value here, but some are reaching much higher. I think this is about right.
7.0981HattyWaiverWireGuru.ComBrady, Tom NEP QBDecent value for sure, as he is a top 1-4QB when back.
7.1082FantasyFootballNerd.comBrown, John ARI WRDecent value.
7.1183SCOUT FantasyAbdullah, Ameer DET RBSleeper alert. Or, bounce-back candidate rather. Like Melvin Gordon, Abdullah has huge bounce-back upside and we might see the same player we thought we were going to see last year.
7.1284WalterFootball.ComJones, Marvin DET WRDecent value, but not an exciting pick. But, the player pool is starting to get thin.

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