For those of you looking for any Last Minute Week 2 Advice/Tips, here is a grip last minute topics that might help heading into Week 2 kickoff. Good luck this week!

Mike Tolbert a must-add?

Mike Tolbert a must-add this week?

I’ve made it no secret all off-season that I worry about LeSean McCoy this year. From his seasons of abuse to the fact that Buffalo’s coaching staff has no intention of lessening his already-abusive workload this season, I think it’s only a matter of time before McCoy is sitting out at least a game or two (if not more). There are no sure things in the predicting injury business, so I’m not suggesting anyone run off and sell-low, but scooping up his back-up (Mike Tolbert) is extremely wise by all current McCoy owners. And, even more crafty than wise is grabbing Mike Tolbert if you’re not already a McCoy owner. Even in Tolbert’s current back-up role, Buffalo runs so much, Tolbert could get 8-10 carries per game, and proven by last week, that can lead to 40 yards and maybe a score, which is flex-like value already.

Make sure these players aren't available in your league...

Make sure these players aren’t available in your league:

Tarik Cohen (RB/CHI)

If somehow still available in your league, a) that’s crazy, b) you aren’t reading anything I’ve been writing for the last two weeks on him, as he was our pre-week 1 must-add. He may get starter touches this week with Jordan Howard banged up. Get your popcorn ready this week!

Marlon Mack (RB/IND)

He reminds me a lot of Tarik Cohen and his situation isn’t actually that bad, as Frank Gore is a walking dinosaur and unlikely to last the year on anything close to starter carries. Mack is so exciting, I cannot wait for him to get his shot. It’s always possible he has to wait a full year to get starter touches, but I’m hoping and betting on him getting a shot at a massive workload by Week 8. Hopefully sooner!

Chris Carson (RB/SEA)

He may share touches with both Rawls and Lacy for a bit longer, but my prediction is that he eventually gets starter touches, and he could be one of the better pick-ups on the year once he finally gets the starting gig. Watch the kid run, he runs and plays like a David Johnson.

Alvin Kamara (RB/NO)

The Saints rushing situation is cloudy and crowded. But, this kid is super-talented and should be stashed. He may never get starter touches this year, but if he did, he’d go nuts.

Mike Tolbert (RB/CAR)

See above info.

James Conner (RB/PIT) / Terrell Watson (RB/PIT)

If you’re a Bell owner, grab Conner just in case anything happens to Bell. This is one of those situations where the rushing attack is good enough that the back-up might have huge value. I’d even say grab Terrell Watson as well if you have a lot of roster spots in your league, just because either back would easily have RB2 value if ever starting games in that PIT offense. I like both these guys. I know it sounds crazy, Bell owners need to own both if in a larger league. If you have like 3 bench RBs, yeah, that makes it impossible to do, though.

Charcandrick West (RB/KC)

That KC offense is built around the rusher. This is not to take away from Kareem Hunt, but West would be near as good if starting for KC, so he is a must-own for all Hunt owners, and he is a sneaky solo-own for someone wanting a home run stash.

Trade for Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Rob Gronk and Mike Thomas before Week 2?

Trade for Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Rob Gronk and Mike Thomas before Week 2 kickoff?

Look, I get the panic when a player doesn’t play well in Week 1 or even when that extends into a couple games… but here is the bottom line… Brees, Brady and Gronk are arguably the very best at their position, and I firmly predict that for Weeks 2-16… and Mike Thomas is arguably a top 3-6WR this year, something I also predict for Weeks 2-16. Buy-low before it’s too late, these guys will never be cheaper. Need ideas? Get on our Forums and get help, but I just traded Ben Roethlisberger and CJ Anderson for Tom Brady. You may not be able to pull off such a move in every league, but try and get creative!

Start Tarik Cohen and Chris Hogan this week!

Start Tarik Cohen and Chris Hogan this week if you have them!

With Jordan Howard banged up this week, and likely to be limited if he even plays, Tarik Cohen is setup for 100 total yards, 3-5 receptions and a great shot at a TD. This kid is so exciting to own and watch. Congrats to all who listed and grabbed him before Week 1, and congrats to those that grabbed him even earlier than that! As for Chris Hogan, he should see in Week 2 all of the targets we all expected in Week 1. With Danny Amendola out, Hogan should be in for a big Week 2.

What middle-round players are good buy-lows?

What middle-round players are good buy-lows?

I think there are a grip of good buy-low players in that middle-value range. Sammy Watkins is a player I think could explode in value considering how undervalued he is right now. I think most value him in the low WR3 range right now, and I think high-end WR2 value is easily in the cards… Joe Mixon is a great redraft buy-low right now. In dynasty, no one is going to sell-low based off a slow start, but in redraft, his owners are pretty upset that he didn’t get starter carries in either Week 1 or 2, so target him now and coming out of the rest of the Week 2 games. He may take several more weeks to get big touches, but he is a great player to own for the second half of the season… Kirk Cousins and Ben Roethlisberger both had a rough Week 1, but both have top 3-5 fantasy QB upside still. Buy-low if you can… Martavis Bryant will almost surely get into a groove soon, as he shook off some rust last week (and that entire PIT offense struggled); buy-low, he has high-end WR2 appeal still, yet many have him now ranked as a WR3/4 (already!).

Have a great Week 2, everyone!


  1. Avatar GoPack on September 16, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Just wanna say: Thanks Smitty! Awesome site with insight, feedback, and bold prediction like no other site!

    Like many here, been following you for quite a few years now…back a few websites…

    Don’t have time to post much but definitely follow the articles, feedback, and forum regularly.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Smitty Smitty on September 17, 2017 at 12:39 am

      Thanks, Go Pack. You rock, please keep the comments coming!

  2. Avatar Cablejacks on September 16, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    Smitty …..keep the hits coming 👍

  3. Avatar Ray Wilga on September 17, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    Smitty, you have won many many championships. I have been a huge fan way back when you gave the bold prediction of a backup running back named Arian Foster, and another Ray Rice. My advice to anyone who questions your bold calls, Smitty has the track record to win you championships!

    • Avatar SleeperU on September 19, 2017 at 6:46 pm

      Hey Ray… thanks, pal! Glad to have you here, comment more!

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