July 2017 ADP Rankings

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Below you will find a fresh set of 2017 ADP Rankings (Average Draft Position), which was compiled using an average of some of the best ADP Data lists out there. For most every fantasy player inside the top 70 overall, I have provided fantasy football commentary/analysis. This ADP Data is redraft-based and based on a mix of PPR and non-PPR. Enjoy.

2017 ADP Rankings

Updated: 7/5/17

1David JohnsonRBARITop 2 lock.
2LeVeon BellRBPITTop 2 lock.
3Ezekiel ElliottRBDALA potential suspension making him a top 3 risk?
4Antonio BrownWRPITA top 5 lock.
5Julio JonesWRATLTop 3-8 lock, but always an injury concern with the foot.
6Odell Beckham JrWRNYGArguably a top 2-4 overall player this year.
7Mike EvansWRTBHe could earn this value, sure, but this is about the highest he should be drafted to bake the risk right in.
8LeSean McCoyRBBUFHe could for sure have another top 5RB year in him, but I fear decline.
9Melvin GordonRBLACElite. Will he stay healthy? If healthy, I see top 4-10RB numbers!
10Devonta FreemanRBATLElite. Many are looking to Coleman for the future, but Freeman is 25 and Coleman 24. I expect Freeman to sign an extension and remain the now and future in ATL. Tevin Coleman is a must-cuff, though.
11Jay AjayiRBMIAStud. I think the risk is medium up in this 7-10RB range, sure, but he has top 3-5RB upside, so I think he's worth it. I think if healthy this year, he explodes.
12A.J. GreenWRCINHe has some injury risk, but this is a safe spot.
13Jordan HowardRBCHIMedium risk here… still, he has upside at this 13-15 overall range.
14DeMarco MurrayRBTENA top 4-10RB if handcuffed to Henry. Henry is a must, no question!
15Michael ThomasWRNOThis seems a bit high. I like Thomas, he could for sure earn this value, but he almost has to produce insane numbers to earn this value.
16Jordy NelsonWRGBI like Jordy for one more elite year, so this value is not crazy to me.
17T.Y. HiltonWRINDSteady. I still like a few players more at this slot, but it's hard to argue with the numbers.
18Todd GurleyRBLARPart risk, part steal right here. Time will tell.
19Rob GronkowskiTENEI think Gronk will be worth a top 8-10 pick in hindsight. I love Gronk and Brady this year, especially if drafted together.
20Marshawn LynchRBOAKI love Lynch this year, but I am shocked to see his ADP climb this high already. By August, I think his ADP could climb a bit more, which will be a shame.
21Leonard FournetteRBJACThis is high for the rookie, but he could easily earn this value.
22Dez BryantWRDALInjuries are a concern, but he has the talent to make this ADP work. I like him a touch lower if possible, though.
23Amari CooperWROAKI see him finally turning into that top 4-7WR this year (with upside for more).
24Aaron RodgersQBGBIn redraft, it's not crazy to draft him this high. I know, the QB pool is deep. Well, this guy can win you a league.
25Lamar MillerRBHOUThis is a bit high for a player that continues to not live up to expectations, even if part of all that is his usage. I love his talent, but the usage this year concerns me.
26Brandin CooksWRNEI think he can earn this high value. Brady is going to have a monster year and Cooks will have a big role in all that.
27Isaiah CrowellRBCLEThis seems too high for my liking, but Crowell has the upside to earn this value. I just like a handful of players more right here.
28DeAndre HopkinsWRHOUHe is starting to become an amazing value grab given he has top 5WR appeal. This is one of the best values inside the top 30 overall on this ADP list.
29Tom BradyQBNEThis is the #1 overall value grab on this entire ADP list, as I think Brady will be 2017's top fantasy scorer. I think he throws for over 40TDs and has a HUGE year. HUGE.
30Doug BaldwinWRSEAA bit high for me.
31Christian McCaffreyRBCARThis feels about right, equal parts risk and upside.
32Terrelle PryorWRWASI like Pryor, I just have my concerns making him anyone's third-drafted player.
33Alshon JefferyWRPHIHe still has top 12WR ability.
34Spencer WareRBKCI think if paired with rookie Kareem Hunt, you have yourself a safe RB2. If not paired, you have tons of risk. Still, I draft Ware a bit lower than this only because you can.
35Allen RobinsonWRJACNot horrible value, but I try to snag him almost a round later if possible.
36Joe MixonRBCINThis seems awfully high for a guy that has so many question marks. He could earn this value, sure, but he could also burn you if you take him hoping for too much.
37Sammy WatkinsWRBUFI think Watkins has a big year, but of course he is an injury risk.
38Carlos HydeRBSFLots of risk here. The talent is there, but he is a huge injury risk.
39Travis KelceTEKCGreat value for a TE that has 1,000-yard, 7-10TD upside if healthy.
40Drew BreesQBNOIn redraft, he commands as much respect as any QB, which makes him a bargain anywhere near #40 overall. Steal.
41Adrian PetersonRBNODoubt him all you want, he still has top 5-10RB appeal, and at this ADP (near 40 overall), the risk is tiny. Very tiny.
42Demaryius ThomasWRDENThis is good value given low-end WR1 upside is still achievable.
43Doug MartinRBTBIf handcuffed to Quizz, this could turn out to be amazing value. You must handcuff in this situation, though.
44Davante AdamsWRGBThis is a good spot for Adams, who would have risk if drafted much higher. This is a good mix of risk/reward.
45Tyreek HillWRKCSolid upside, but still a lot to prove.
46Keenan AllenWRLACInjury risk.
47Jordan ReedTEWASSolid value.
48LeGarrette BlountRBPHIWill he thrive outside of NE?
49Martavis BryantWRPITAmazing value. Amazing. This could be a high-end WR2 that often produced WR1 numbers.
50Jarvis LandryWRMIASolid value for a WR that can pull in 100 balls.
51Mike GillisleeRBNESleeper alert even in the 50s.
52Ty MontgomeryRBGBSome risk.
53Michael CrabtreeWROAKI think he fails to meet expectations this year, as Cooper will reabsorb the targets he should have taken in last year.
54Greg OlsenTECARSolid value.
55Ameer AbdullahRBDETSleeper alert. This kid could explode, and the risk is low near this range.
56CJ AndersonRBDENThe risk might be low here, but I still am not super confident in CJ.
57Eddie LacyRBSEAAt least he isn't going too high in drafts. I still have my doubts, but this value isn't bad.
58Andrew LuckQBINDSolid value for a potential top 3-4 fantasy QB. I'd say this is even a steal.
59Brandon MarshallWRNYGIt's tough to predict what Marshall will do this year. This value seems about right.
60Dalvin CookRBMINCook could be amazing if healthy and on the field.
61Matt RyanQBATLDecent value for sure for a passer that has amazing weapons.
62Julian EdelmanWRNESolid.
63Kelvin BenjaminWRCARSolid.
64Donte MoncriefWRINDSleeper.
65Tevin ColemanRBATLMust-have for all Freeman owners, dynasty or redraft.
66Derrick HenryRBTENMust-have for all Murray owners, dynasty or redraft.
67Jimmy GrahamTESEA
68Paul PerkinsRBNYGSleeper alert.
69Derek CarrQBOAK
70Mark IngramRBNOSolid value, and must-own for AP owners.
71Tyler EifertTECIN
72Golden TateWRDET
73Larry FitzgeraldWRARI
74Bilal PowellRBNYJ
75Willie SneadWRNO
76Delanie WalkerTETENSeems like a steal here.
77Jamison CrowderWRWAS
78Frank GoreRBIND
79Cam NewtonQBCAR
80Martellus BennettTEGB
81Russell WilsonQBSEA
82DeSean JacksonWRTB
83Stefon DiggsWRMIN
84Latavius MurrayRBMIN
85Emmanuel SandersWRDEN
86Ben RoethlisbergerQBPITAbsolute steal with potential top 4-5QB upside.
87Jameis WinstonQBTBTop 4-5 fantasy QB? Steal.
88Samaje PerineRBWASThe best bet in WAS at RB.
89Rob KelleyRBWAS
90Danny WoodheadRBBAL
91DeVante ParkerWRMIA
92Hunter HenryTELAC
93Kenneth DixonRBBAL
94Kirk CousinsQBWAS
95Randall CobbWRGB
96Jamaal CharlesRBDEN
97Jeremy MaclinWRBAL
98Kareem HuntRBKCMust-own for all Ware owners.
99Pierre GarconWRSF
100Matt ForteRBNYJSolid value given mixed reports are still coming out saying Forte could still be the workhorse in 2017.
101Corey DavisWRTEN
102Marcus MariotaQBTEN
103Jonathan StewartRBCAR
104Kyle RudolphTEMIN
105Denver DefenseDEFDEN
106Eric DeckerWRTEN
107Thomas RawlsRBSEA
108John BrownWRARI
109Dak PrescottQBDALGreat value for a top 5-10QB.
110Terrance WestRBBAL
111Kansas City DefenseDEFKC
112Cameron MeredithWRCHI
113Philip RiversQBLAC
114Corey ColemanWRCLE
115O.J. HowardTETB
116Houston DefenseDEFHOU
117Theo RiddickRBDET
118Seattle DefenseDEFSEA
119Eli ManningQBNYG
120Mike WilliamsWRLAC
121Jeremy HillRBCIN
122Matthew StaffordQBDET
123Marvin JonesWRDET
124Jamaal WilliamsRBGBSleeper.
125New England DefenseDEFNE
126Rishard MatthewsWRTEN
127CJ ProsiseRBSEASleeper!
128Quincy EnunwaWRNYJ
129Jacquizz RodgersRBTBSleeper and must-have for Doug Martin owners.
130Zach ErtzTEPHI
131Arizona DefenseDEFARI
132Minnesota DefenseDEFMIN
133Tyrell WilliamsWRLAC
134Andy DaltonQBCIN
135Mike WallaceWRBAL
136Jack DoyleTEIND
137John RossWRCIN
138Marlon MackRBINDSleeper!
139Tyrod TaylorQBBUF
140Adam ThielenWRMIN
141Jordan MatthewsWRPHI
142Taylor GabrielWRATLSleeper.
143James WhiteRBNE
144NY Giants DefenseDEFNYG
145Carson WentzQBPHI
146Kevin WhiteWRCHI
147Josh DoctsonWRWAS
148Joe WilliamsRBSF
149Justin TuckerPKBAL
150Julius ThomasTEMIA


  1. Colts26luck on August 20, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    I used to use FFS as my go to draft board with the projections and the listing based upon my teams projected points, and won 2 of my 3 leagues last year. I used this site as well and your top 10 breakouts, etc. What’s the best tool to use for that on SleeperU regarding custom points? Is it the mock draft board? Is there anything that can combine the projections with your mock draft board, so I can figure out what’s my best option with available guys?


  2. Rich Varrato on August 23, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    When will this be updated???

    • Smitty on August 24, 2017 at 12:58 am

      I’ll update one in the next 24 hours.

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