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Update | 4/13/16

April 13th, 2016: Updating previous reports, it appears that Josh Gordon was denied reinstatement on Tuesday. The NFL wants a “sobriety commitment” out of the receiver and will review the situation again on August 1. The best fantasy advise we can give at this stage is this. If you own Gordon, hold him. If you don’t own him, make sure he isn’t sitting on waivers in your league — if so grab him. If you don’t own him, buying low is never a bad idea when a player can be as elite as Gordon can be, but it all boils down to what the cost is. He has risk of never playing again

Update | 4/12/16

April 12th, 2016: ESPN’s Adam Schefter is now reporting that the NFL has “delayed” Josh Gordon’s potential reinstatement until he can go “60-90 days” with “no red-flag tests.” To us, this sounds like any ‘red flag’ results weren’t exactly positive tests for marijuana, more second hand or diluted results. Meaning, he needs to stay clear of people around marijuana. Let’s hope he gets his head on straight and stays clear of things that will get him once again suspended. Stay tuned.

Original Post on 4/11/16

April 11th, 2016: We may have some bad news for all you Josh Gordon owners out there. Numerous sources, including Rotoworld and FoxSports, are reporting that Browns WR Josh Gordon may have failed yet another drug test, which would explain the holdup on his 2016 NFL reinstatement. Fantasy worlds have been on pins and needles waiting for his reinstatement, yet delays in his reinstatement emerged… this might explain all that. We must advise all Gordon owners to hang tight until we get some concrete confirmations on this. It wouldn’t be shocking if the reports were completely accurate, but we also wouldn’t be all that shocked if too many early assumptions created some exaggerated rumors. Stay tuned!

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