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In this video, I provide the best possible way to draft in 2021 and beyond. The general strategy used in the video is called "Line in the Sand" approach.

What is "The Line in the Sand" approach in fantasy football? While I urge you to watch the video, in a nutshell this is the point in the sand (aka in your draft) where you would likely draft a player. An example... I am avoiding Josh Jacobs like the plague in 2021; however, every player has a 'line in the sand' where the player can flip into low risk. Jacobs has a current ADP of about 18-22 overall, a place I won't even come close to considering him.

My 'line in the sand' is in the middle of the third-round, a place he will rarely fall (as of now), which means I won't likely own him in 2021 (which is fine by me). IF he falls to my line in the sand, though, the risk then gets baked into his value, or at least the risk is easier to take on, or I am confident I could trade him higher and flip him into something I value much higher. Bottom line is, Jacobs has a line in the sand, but sometimes my line is so low (by design, as it protects my investing in players), I makes it so I won't take players I doubt.

Sometimes my line in the sand is higher than their ADP, but I still suggest using ADP to your advantage in those situations. Example: I love Justin Jefferson to the tune of a top 13-15 overall player in 2021. However, his ADP is near 3.01 (or in some ADP ranks he is even later); this means my line in the sand is higher than the ADP, and if push comes to shove later and his ADP rises, I will take him at 14 if I have to... but, because ADP dictates he is a 2.12-3.04 ish type pick let's say, I need to use that to my advantage and draft him as close to that value as possible. But, with Jefferson, my high line in the sand should tell you his upside is HUGE from his 3.01 ish ADP.

Watch the entire video for more.

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