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Note: How player positions are listed/scored may vary in your league, particularly edge rushers and hybrid LB/S. So, be mindful of that when setting rankings for your specific leagues.

Frank Clark DE/LB Seattle

A 2nd round pick in the 2015 draft, he had 364 snaps as a rookie. He is a player IDP owners have patiently waited for as his sack potential is high and it was assumed he would be in the DL rotation full time this season. I personally rostered him in 4 leagues last year anticipating this. This year he is moving to SLB. As of now, as some of our savvy SleeperU owners have noted, he is being scored at the DE position and it appears he will still be used as an edge rusher which will give him value in both tackle heavy and Big Play scoring formats. Pay close attention to how he is scored and don’t miss out on this guy if he is scored DE into the season.

Jerrell Freeman LB Chicago

Although Freeman is a player who has been a valuable IDP asset while in Indy, and many would not consider him a sleeper, his current ADP is in the low 50s for LBs selected in startups and he is generally being ranked in the mid 30’s to mid 40s. This is a steal. Don’t be surprised if he scores as well, or better, than Danny Trevathan who has also moved to Chicago this season. He is currently very much underrated at this time, and can be had at the end of your rookie/free agent drafts or off the waiver wire.

Mario Williams DE Miami

Ya I know, another guy we have all had on our teams over the years. Of the 7 IDP leagues I’m currently involved in, 5 of those leagues he is on the waiver wire after a very poor 2015 season. I think that has more to do with scheme/usage than ability, he still has plenty in the tank I believe. With an ADP of the 38th DE coming off the board in startups. His new team has Suh and Wake on the same DL and an aggressive approach. Williams easily could be top 10 in sack heavy leagues this year.

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