smitty fantasy football 2020

Below is a video on how to CRUSH it from the 1.05 draft slot in 2020 fantasy football. I will provide some exclusive commentary as well for those of you wanting the written word. Enjoy.

What I found most in the several attempts at drafting from the 1.5 is that it's hard to screw up at this draft slot. I love how locked-in you are for landing either Elliott or Kamara or at least Cook (get Mattison!)... and I love the flexibility going RB in round one grants you down in round 2, where you can draft any combination of Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Chris Godwin, Austin Ekeler (probably not Kenyan Drake any longer)... then, in round 3, your worst-case scenario seems to be Melvin Gordon at RB, and you have a solid shot at one of Kelce or Kittle. It's a great draft slot.

Don't get me wrong, I love 1.01 or 1.02 most, but 1.5 is looking rather nice given how ADPs are settling here heading into August 1.

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