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I hope all of you had a great Week 1. If you didn’t, or even if you did, it’s time to attack Weeks 2-16. For Waiver Wire Adds, click here. Below is a list of names worth talking about. You will find more of these write-ups in our Stock Market section.

A Few Observations

Um, yeah, Antonio Brown could pull in 140 receptions and 15+ touchdowns this year. And, yep, DeAngelo Williams was worth a high-end RB2 selection back in August even with only three games worth of starting. And, yep, Andrew Luck and Drew Brees will be worth high-end 2nd-round picks in retrospect (toss Aaron Rodgers in there as well as a prediction), which is something we pimped all off-season. Even with a deep QB pool, these guys are 40TD capable… Oh, and how can we forget Spencer Ware looking like a top 5RB… he could cause league-wide arguments about whether or not he will remain the starter once Jamaal Charles is ready to return. You could sell him to the Jamaal owner at a huge cost, or let it ride. What would I do? It depends on what kind of player or upgrade you can get! The list of awesomeness goes on and on, but so does the list of disappointments. Todd Gurley should rebound from his awful Week 1, but his situation is awful, and you have to wonder if he can be any kind of consistent this year in that pitiful Rams offensive attack, or lack of attack I should say. And, Adrian Peterson disappointed in a major way, as did Deveonta Freeman (I address below) and Dez Bryant (who I will address shortly via the Stock Market). Let’s start off with a potential buy-low candidate heading into Week 2:

Buy-Low Players

Devonta Freeman (RB/ATL)

There is no denying that Devonta Freeman flopped in Week 1. He did. Plain and simple. And, his backup produced better stats (Tevin Coleman). Still, fantasy football is all about value, and if you can buy-low, at prices well below his already-doubted draft value, you could be acquiring a potential top 10RB at what I’d guess could be 3rd-round like value (or better). If his draft value was in the middle of the second-round, his flop in Week 1 will surely lower that value another 10 picks (at least). Is he even worth that? I say yes. Only one week of football has taken place, everyone. One week. Knee-jerk reactions don’t always end up being wrong, but they always create some opportunities. I feel this could be one of those. It comes with risk, sure, but the risk minimizes more and more as he moves down outside the top 30 overall players. If you currently own Freeman, you better have handcuffed him to Coleman, only a few other handcuffs were more of a must, like Derrick Henry to DeMarco Murray and Spencer Ware to Jamaal Charles.

Derrick Henry (RB/TEN)

(9/13/16) Derrick Henry has looked good all preseason, and while he didn’t explode or flop last week, we know that he could thrive in TEN if forced to start games. Will he? The odds are that DeMarco Murray will get banged up, and my guess…

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  1. Smitty Smitty on September 13, 2016 at 5:16 am


    • Avatar Masson on September 13, 2016 at 8:05 am

      Freeman somebody ill be looking to buy low. Value was already kind of low to begin with for most owners

      And one league Charles owner offered me Josh gordon for Spencer Ware and decided to accept

      • Smitty Smitty on September 14, 2016 at 1:20 am

        Same here. He was already doubted, now even more, so the risk is still low despite the chance he doesn’t get starter carries.

  2. Avatar Joseph Mancini on September 13, 2016 at 9:29 am

    thinking Freeman/Coleman…..split if both healthy ROS

    • Smitty Smitty on September 14, 2016 at 1:20 am

      They could, but the risk keeps getting lower, so I still take the chance.

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