Gurley, Freeman, Peterson and who?

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Who is the 4th-best fantasy running back moving forward for Weeks 10-16?

With Matt Forte and LeSean McCoy banged up (and of course runners like Jamaal Charles and LeVeon Bell out for the season), who is the 4th-best fantasy rusher in football right now and moving forward (for 2015)?

First, let’s make it clear who the top three rushers are…

Top 3 Fantasy Runners

1. Todd Gurley
2. Devonta Freeman
3. Adrian Peterson

The order of these three is debatable, and some might STILL doubt Devonta Freeman as an elite back (I am not one of those people), but this three is pretty much the consensus top three rushers in fantasy football right now (for Weeks 10-16). I think once/if Matt Forte returns, he commands consideration for the 4th spot, as does LeSean McCoy if he proves healthy this week and proves that Karlos Williams isn’t locked into more than 25-30% of the carries over in Buffalo. Past those two, I say DeAngelo Williams needs to be mentioned, as he has posted these three lines in his only three starts this season:

Week 1: 127 rushing yards, 1 reception for 5 yards
Week 2: 77 rushing yards, 3TDs, 4 receptions for 15 yards
Week 9: 170 rushing yards, 2TDs, 2 receptions for 55 yards

… those are some serious lines, and while D-Will is an older back prone to injury, keep in mind he is fresh and will essentially be playing only a touch over half a season. He could absolutely hold up and stay relatively healthy. These are the most valuable runners heading into Weeks 10-16, Gurely, Freeman, Peterson, Williams, and then Matt Forte and LeSean McCoy when proven healthy.

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