Dallas Running Backs

  1. Ezekiel Elliott: He has been granted a temporary restraining order for his six-game suspension; he will now be available for Week 7 and maybe Week 8.
  2. Alfred Morris: The likely No. 2, but lacks receiving skills.
  3. Darren McFadden: A better receiver of a the group.
  4. Rod Smith: The underdog, but very talented.

Ezekiel Elliott granted temporary restraining order and will now play Week 7 and maybe Week 8

Elliott¬†might even play Week 8, as the alleged fill-in judge on this case granted the restraining order, which reportedly gives Zeke and his camp 14 days. Once the regular judge on this case is back from vacation, she will rule again on the matter. What does this mean for the entire season? Nothing. We don’t know anything in terms of Weeks 9-17, but it does sound like Zeke will be eligible for both Weeks 7 and 8, which means if Zeke did start serving his six-game suspension after these two weeks, he would miss Weeks 9-14 and be back for Week 15. I know most of you want me to predict some things here, but the truth is no one has answers regarding a suspension for Weeks 9-14… If I own Zeke, I shop him after this news, as he now has more value today than he did yesterday. I do not sell low, but I entertain offers that make sense. Example: I trade away Ezekiel Elliott for Mike Thomas and Adrian Peterson. Something like that makes a lot of sense for a team that might need to trade into a safer set of players in order to win in 2017.

The Conclusion

If you own Ezekiel Elliott, do NOT sell-low. There is no puprose in it. Grab Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden if you can; do this instead of selling low, and keep in mind that fantasy owners that own both back-ups might be considering dropping both players this week after this news. Why? It’s tough holding players on your roster that won’t likely play for two full weeks. It creates frustration, so if you own Zeke and do not have the back-ups, make “buy-low” offers for Morris and McFadden (after tonight’s news is now floating around).

If you do not own Zeke, I say stay away unless you can get him from a panicking owner, one that is ready to send Zeke as this good news floods in… It won’t be very likely that you can pull off a buy-low deal with most current Zeke owners, but it’s worth a try, as some owners will look to wash their hands of this up and down drama… if you can trade away a Carlos Hyde or something like that in order to get your hands on this frustrating situation, well, it wouldn’t be too frustrating if you bought in on the cheap. If you have crazy loads of depth, make a move and send a grip of bench players packing for this high-upside mess of a situation. That’s the only way I buy-into this drama, though.

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  1. Smitty on October 17, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    What a mess.

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