2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Rounds 2-4

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Round Two

2.01 – Amari Cooper (WR/Raiders)
2.02 – Mike Evans (WR/Bucs)
2.03 – Adrian Peterson (RB/Vikings)
2.04 – Demaryius Thomas (WR/Broncos)
2.05 – Andrew Luck (QB/Colts)
2.06 – Alshon Jeffrey (WR/Bears)
2.07 – Sammy Watkins (WR/Bills)
2.08 – Ezekiel Elliott (RB/Rookie)
2.09 – Keenan Allen (WR/Chargers)
2.10 – Jamaal Charles (RB/Chiefs)
2.11 – Melvin Gordon (RB/Chargers)
2.12 – Jordy Nelson (WR/Packers)

Smitty: Adrian Peterson is an interesting player to slot in 2016 dynasty start-ups, as he could have 1-2 elite years left, but my advice is to only count on one (with one half elite year mixed with some missed games). That said, he still commands a second-round pick given he can help win you a championship in 2016. This round two may not have some of the big name rushers like round one, and it’s got some risk near the bottom in Melvin Gordon, Jordy Nelson and Jamaal Charles, but there are some strong dynasty staples for any start-up team in Amari Cooper, Mike Evans, Andrew Luck and Demaryius Thomas. I like Alshon Jeffery, but I think I let someone else take him in the top 24 of a start-up (only because he has to prove that he can stay healthy before I count on him inside the top 12-24). Sammy Watkins was one of my breakouts in 2015, and finally came on strong in the second-half of the season… he has nice appeal in the top 18-24, but still some risk; try to land Watkins in the third-round to avoid lots of risk… that’s my advice. Overall, I think a few names belong in the second-round here that didn’t make it in, like David Johnson, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Langford (a player I think many forgot about in this mock, or they are waiting on his solidification this off-season)… if you take out Melvin Gordon and Jordy Nelson (slide him down a round), then insert McCoy, David Johnson, and somehow insert Jeremy Langford, I think round two looks pretty risk-free.

Round Three

3.01 – Laquon Treadwell (WR/Rookie)
3.02 – LeSean McCoy (RB/Bills)
3.03 – David Johnson (RB/Cardinals)
3.04 – Thomas Rawls (RB/Seahawks)
3.05 – Aaron Rodgers (QB/Packers)
3.06 – Jarvis Landry (WR/Dolphins)
3.07 – Randall Cobb (WR/Packers)
3.08 – Kelvin Benjamin (WR/Panthers)
3.09 – Mark Ingram (RB/Saints)
3.10 – Cam Newton (QB/Panthers)
3.11 – Brandin Cooks (WR/Saints)
3.12 – Julian Edleman (WR/Patriots)

Smitty: As I mentioned above, I love the value of David Johnson and LeSean McCoy in this third round, and they both belong in the second (as does the missing Jeremy Langford, whom I think will climb into a lot of people’s top 24 overall come March/April). I also love the value of Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton as third-drafted players… that’s how you build a strong dynasty team right there!

Round Four

4.01 – Derrick Henry (RB/Rookie)
4.02 – Calvin Johnson (WR/Lions)
4.03 – TY Hilton (WR/Colts)
4.04 – Matt Forte (RB/Bears)
4.05 – Lamar Miller (RB/Dolphins)
4.06 – DeMarco Murray (RB/Eagles)
4.07 – Josh Gordon (WR/Browns)
4.08 – DeVante Parker (WR/Dolphins)
4.09 – Brandon Marshall (WR/Jets)
4.10 – Latavius Murray (RB/Raiders)
4.11 – Kevin White (WR/Bears)
4.12 – Martavis Bryant (WR/Steelers)

Smitty: It was interesting to see where everyone mocked the top couple 2016 incoming rookies, not that I’m doubting their placement, it’s just a fun aspect of including rookies this early on in mock drafting/ranking. Josh Gordon could be the steal of this mock draft, given he has little risk in the 4th, but tons of upside… like 2-3 rounds of potential upside! DeMarco Murray at 4.06 (with Chip Kelly gone) is potentially highway robbery, but I see him going in the second-round, or at least third, in a few months. If not, I’ll be buying all day long at 4th-round value. Even 3rd-round value for Murray could prove to be upside-geared heading into 2016!

Some worthy players didn’t make it into the top four rounds of this 2016 fantasy football dynasty mock draft, and about 10-15 players have the talent to land inside this top 48… is a player missing that you think should be included, like my boy Jeremy Langford? Leave a comment below with a name or two!

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