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I’m excited to announce the launching of our Fantasy Football Trade Calculators, which are instant trade advice tools that allow for multiple player trades.

Launch Trade Calculator

Trade Calculator Features

  • Dynasty or Redraft options
  • Add Multiple Players (5, 10, you name it)
  • Analyze Uneven Trades (4-for-1, 2-for-1, you name it)
  • Instant Results
  • Quick Find Players by clicking in field and typing name

Want to run a 2-for-1, 3-for-2, or any unbalanced combination, through our Trade Calculator? No problem! Since our calculator is based off $200 fantasy football auction value dollars, you cannot trip up our trade calculator. You cannot confuse it, or overload one side so that the advice is faulty. If the average drafter would spend let’s say $47 on Julio Jones or Antonio Brown, that would essentially set a baseline value for all players, especially fantasy wide receivers, thus an Allen Hurns would have a relative value based on that tier one value of Jones and Hopkins; so, $200 is $200 as far as the trade calculator sees it and it will simulate uneven trades, even a 4-for-1, or 2-for-5, appropriately.

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