On the 49ers side of the football: Jeff Wilson (16/60/1TD) and Raheem Mostert (14/68/0TDs) rotated running the football in this one. It’s tough to expect more than an even split from this backfield in Week 16. Brandon Aiyuk is making a case for WR2-type value for 2021, as he drops 9/73/1TD in this loss to the Cowboys. Comment below with where you slot Aiyuk in early 2021 mock drafts!

On the Cowboys side of the football: Tony Pollard was an exciting start, despite being somewhat of a last-minute call. Pollard filled in for the “hurt” Ezekiel Elliott in this one, dropping a massive stat line of: 12/69/2TDs with 6/63/0TDs. Beast. What to make of Zeke for Week 16? My guess is that this “banged up” situation is merely the Cowboys ensuring they don’t injure their stud runner for 2021, and to be honest, Zeke disappointing everyone by sitting the remainder of the season would only lock him into steal territory in 2021 early fantasy drafts. Zeke is a steal anywhere near the 7-9 range overall, which is where his value could head. Ceedee Lamb pulled in 5 receptions for 85 yards (having an additional special teams TD). There is a very good chance that Lamb turns into a top 5-10 fantasy football WR by midseason in 2021. Don’t at me! I am not saying Amari Cooper will disappear, but the takeover will occur in 2021. And, yes, I’m assuming Dak Prescott, coming off injury, can’t find the offers he could have if healthy, so I think Dallas finds a way to pay him and force this marriage into a long-term thing.

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