DeMarco Murray to be traded to the Titans?

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First off, it’s nice to already see some potential big-name movement in the NFL. DeMarco Murray cracked our Bold Predictions back in February, and he cracked the list for several reasons. For starters, the dude is a beast, and in the end, despite the disappointing misuse in Philly in 2015, I think talent wins out on this one. Chip Kelly misused him, it’s all on the tape. Murray is a between-the-tackles rusher, and even NFL Live broke this down on film once, show how Philly refused to give him the right carries (over and over and over again). While a trade was always possible, especially given how unhappy Murray was all last season, and given how quiet he has been through the months of January, February and now into March… either way, though, he was likely to get his full-time workload, even if back under the new Philly coaching staff. Now, some may argue that Murray will have tougher trekking over in Tennessee, but I don’t see how a change in scenery can hurt in this situation. New coaching staff or not, Philly isn’t exactly a solid situation from all sides, and there is something to a fresh start, especially given Murray only struggled for one season, meaning he hasn’t lost confidence in himself, just his former situation. With a new coaching staff often comes early-season chaos, and nothing would be worse for Murray to head into the start of the 2016 season with offensive struggles (that would again be tied partly to Murray regardless of his blame in the struggles, which was the same situation last year in Philly under Chip Kelly). Kelly had him go from 1800/13TDs in 2014 to 700 yards rushing in 2015 under his command. I love the move to TEN, and honestly, Tennessee is a bit more on the rise than people might think. Marcus Mariota is coming off a rather promising rookie season all said and done, and while strangely-worded, Titans coach Mike Mularkey claims that he wants his system to be “exotic smashmouth” in 2016. What does that mean? Honestly, I’m not 100 percent sure how to dissect that phrase in terms of football, but I do know Mularkey is hinting at a bigger running game, and smashmouth indicates Murray will be used between the tackles… Sure, some of that extended rushing game will include Mariota, but Murray will be getting all the carries he can handle in 2016. A running QB will also help keep defenses honest, and I think Murray ultimately thrives. We said buy-low last month, especially in dynasty before things like this went down. Still try to buy-low, though, just in case the current Murray owner in your league doubts his place in Tennessee.

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  1. footballchix on March 10, 2016 at 2:52 am

    He is a high target for me now. I did not even consider drafting him after he left Dallas for Philly, due to the others backs on that roster . Titans RB’s were painful to watch. Great trade for Demarco and Titans.

    • Smitty on March 13, 2016 at 10:46 pm

      Agreed. Keep the comments coming footballchix

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