Below is a 2018 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (redraft/ppr). Yes, this is our usual “Day After the NFL Super Bowl Fantasy Football Mock Draft” which we crank out every single year. Let’s get to it!

2018 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Round 1

1.01 – Todd Gurley LAR RB
1.02 – David Johnson AZ RB
1.03 – LeVeon Bell WR PIT
1.04 – Ezekiel Elliott DAL RB
1.05 – Antonio Brown WR PIT
1.06 – Odell Beckham WR NYG
1.07 – DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU
1.08 – Kareem Hunt RB KC
1.09 – Julio Jones WR ATL
1.10 – Alvin Kamara RB NO
1.11 – Leonard Fournette RB JAC
1.12 – Melvin Gordon RB LAC

Round 2

2.01 – Saquon Barkley RB TBA
See Rounds 2-5 Here

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Round One

Mock based on PPR and Redraft formats.

The 1.01 is truly a tough spot to call heading into early 2018 fantasy football drafts. Well, the options are 4-6 players deep, so it’s a great problem to have if you in fact end up sitting at the 1.01 this season. Although, if forced to anoint just one player to the top spot in fantasy, I think Todd Gurley is a solid choice after posting the following 2017 numbers: 1305 rushing and 13TDs, with 64 receptions for 788 yards and 6TDs. That’s 2093 total yards and 19TDs. One can argue in favor of any of David Johnson, LeVeon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott (and if you ask me, in that order)… in PPR, which this mock draft is, one can even argue in favor of Antonio Brown at that 1.01. This is a redraft mock draft, so Brown easily has top 1-5 overall upside and appeal.

Note: David Johnson is not going in the top 1-3 overall in most early mocks, so use his awesome ADP to your advantage. I have a feeling his ADP will climb as people see AZ make off-season moves/draft, but for now, take advantage of the madness where some have let him fall to the 1.07 and 1.08 in early mocks.

So, after Todd Gurley, David Johnson, LeVeon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott and Antonio Brown, which again are my top five overall heading into all 2018 redraft leagues, I think the next five are are extremely interchangeable: Odell Beckham, DeAndre Hopkins, Kareem Hunt, Julio Jones and Alvin Kamara. Of this group, Beckham has the most upside to rival almost every single player in the first group (from Gurley down to Brown)… He is capable of 100+ receptions, 1400 yards and 15TDs during any given 16-game season. He is just that good. Hopkins is near as exciting as Antonio Brown and feels like a steal in the 6-9 range (in any format), and the same can be said for both Hunt and the very proven Julio Jones… it’s crazy that you could be looking at snagging Julio Jones. And, Kamara is only ranked near the end of this elite top 10 overall because the other nine players are just tough to doubt. I wouldn’t blame anyone for slotting Kamara as high as 5-6, it’s not crazy or reckless. It’s just preference.

Round Two

Some might call me crazy for having Saquon Barkley ranked as the first pick in the second-round, but… Continue Rounds 2-5

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