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You have probably heard the “Calvin Johnson could retire” buzz that’s been floating around for months now, but things got real yesterday when NFL Insider for ESPN Adam Schefter tweeted this out:
“Calvin Johnson told Lions he plans to retire.”

So, the real question for fantasy owners out there is this… is it time to say goodbye to Calvin Johnson? Or, is it time to start buying low on Calvin Johnson in dynasty leagues?

To me, this is simple. It boils down to value. Can you get him from a panicked owner at the cost of a low-end flex rusher, or WR3/4? Well, then I say take a stab, as many elite players contemplate retiring a bit too early only to find themselves bored and itching to return come July/August. If you are buying Johnson at the value I just suggested, the risk is almost zero and the upside is ‘league winning’.

I am not pretending to know what Calvin is thinking, nor am I suggesting there is even a great chance of him returning. In fact, I’m admitting I don’t know what to think here.. So, do not sell something significant on your dynasty roster for the receiver (thinking you’re going to strike gold). There is risk once you start trading high-value guys for Calvin. The key is buy-low or don’t buy at all. The key is to gain a stud for almost nothing. Now, many league mates of yours might sit tight and wait to see if the stud follows through with his decision (which I might remind you is not yet coming out of Calvin’s mouth), so you may not see panicked owners in every league that you’re in. I do want to also state that just because someone gives up Calvin for something considered mediocre, that doesn’t make that owner wrong, they could be right in the end. Still, I say just give the Calvin owner in your league a nudge and see what his price tag is. You might waste a bit of value on him should he truly walk away from the game, but it’s worth the risk if you ask me, as this is the kind of move that can win a league. It could be a ‘miss’ of a move, too, but it could win a league.

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