smitty fantasy football adviceBelow are a list of Potential Bust Candidates for the 2017 Fantasy Football Season. Some names have made the list below, however, I have shot down the worry… others are deserving of worry. Enjoy.

Big Names; Worry Not

Le’veon Bell – His injury issues aren’t super alarming at a glance, but he has been banged up over the last two years. Rumor earlier this off-season was that he may need groin surgery, but it appears he avoided it. For now, it’s safe to call him a top 1-3 overall pick in any league/format. But, monitor his health/news over the next month.

David Johnson – Fantasy worlds were given a scare with his recent MCL injury in 2016, but he escaped serious injury and will be good to go for 2017. He is a top 1-3 overall lock in all formats. No question.

Melvin Gordon – Many are worried about his PCL, but the guy suited up for the Pro Bowl, he just didn’t play in order to ensure his good health for 2017. Expect big things from the third-year runner, who really had his breakout during his sophomore season. The Bold Prediction Candidate from last year is set to have a big 2017!

Big Names: Worry is Warranted

Demarco Murray – Injury is a big concern if you have to draft the guy as a top 8-14 overall pick, but the upside is absolutely still present if you can handcuff him to Derrick Henry. Because Henry can be had at a reasonable price in redraft, and because Murray still has elite upside if handcuffed, the risk is low, but only with the duo in hand.

Todd Gurley – There is good reason to worry about the Rams changing Gurley’s situation in 2017. If they can create a passing attack via the draft or free agency/trades, then get ready for a big return for Gurley. I still would draft him even if the team only mildly improved matters, but it all depends where you have to draft him. He is a solid high-reward/medium-risk in the 2nd-round in 2017.

Sammy Watkins – Always capable of being a top 5-10 fantasy WR, he seems more capable of disappointing.

Dez Bryant – Consistency might be over when it comes to Dez. Per healthy start, he should be a top 8-14 fantasy WR, but how many games can he play per season?

Jay Ajayi – Where you have to draft him determines if he is worth the risk. He is a fine second-drafted player, but he has a lot more risk as a first-round pick.

Lesean Mccoy – Solid if able to be had outside the top 10 overall. He feels a bit risky inside the top 10.

Deandre Hopkins – Very underrated. I am not too worried about his bounce-back.

Amari Cooper – I love the value I see this kid dropping to. I have seen him fall outside the top 25-30 overall in some mocks, and that’s value!

Jordan Howard – I love the kid, but his ADP is climbing into the top 10 overall, which feels loaded with risk.
Keenan Allen – His third-round value seems ok, but he still has a lot to prove to even be someone’s third-drafted player.

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