Bucs @ Falcons: Week 15 Results

Bucs: Tom Brady dropped 390 and 2TDs in the Bucs’ Week 15 win against the Falcons. With Rojo not playing in this one, Leonard Fournette stepped in like he is physically capable of doing, and he dropped 49 yards and 2TDs. His Week 16 volume will be unclear all week, so he’s tough to bank on just so you know. Mike Evans getting back to his upside levels with his 6/110/0TDs in this one, and Antonio Brown delivered 5/93/1TD. Chris Godwin pulled in a line of 4/36/1TD, so everyone kind of ate in this game (minus Gronk, who should rebound next week). Expect more of the same next week against the Lions.

Falcons: Calvin Ridley dropping absolute fire in Week 15 against the Bucs, pulling in 10/163/1TD, something that will surely have people catching back up to the fact that this kid was walking into 2021 early drafts as a steal of a second-round pick. Even a middle-to-late second-round pick, and in some cases he was looking to shape up as a 3.01 ish type pick. This kind of finish is what I feared, as now he is surely locking into everyone’s top 12-16. Julio Jones will be risky in 2021, as he is at that tipping point where stud can turn mediocre based on age and likelihood of injury. He still can earn that, though. We can’t trust him, but Matt Ryan delivered in Week 15 with 356/3TDs.

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  1. Smitty on December 20, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    Where you drafting Evans and Godwin next season? Who likes them in Week 16?

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