Browns @ Giants: Week 15 Results

Browns: Baker Mayfield continues to play solid football, tossing for 2TDs and 297 yards in the Browns’ win over the Giants on Sunday night. Nick Chubb left a lot of the field in this one, rushing 15 times for 50 yards, but his rushing TD turned the night into a decent one. Kareem Hunt owners were not as lucky, as Hunt added up 3 receptions for a mere 7 yards, and ran the ball just 7 times for 21 yards. This is how Hunt rolls… he is a player that needs to be ultra-efficient in order to earn his weekly keep, and if he isn’t busting loose on a 30-yard TD scamper, which he can often do, he can frequently leave fantasy owners hanging. The question here from a Week 16 perspective is, do you start Hunt knowing he can hit or miss. I think that depends on your dilemma and options, so post those below if you have them. As for 2021, Hunt has one more year left on his 2-year deal, something we’ve discussed plenty within my YouTube Show community. Hunt appears to be 4th- to 5th-round bound in early 2021 fantasy football drafts and mock drafts, and I venture to say that tonight moved the meter in the direction of the 5th. Hunt’s 2021 fantasy football value will be all over the map between now and September, and for good reason. Comment below with where you think Hunt belongs in 2021 RB rankings.

Giants: Wayne Gallman took the path that Mike Davis took. The path that screams value and undervalued… until things slow down. And, they always seem to slow down when you take a career backup runner and shove him into a high-volume situation. Thriving for a short stint works, and if the runner is gifted physically, they really can thrive. Davis played like a top 4-8RB for a string of games this year. was playing amazing, but it’s clear that the guy is running on empty heading into Weeks 16 and 17, and the team knows it, which is why veteran Alfred Morris got 7 carries to Gallman’s 9 in Week 15. Let’s briefly talk Saquon Barkely. Barkley walks into early 2021 drafting nearly disrespected. He is being talked about not only well outside of the top 5RBs (on more occasions than one would think), he is actually being called a “total avoid” by many. Out of all players in the NFL right now, Barkley is the one single player that I feel can do what Adrian Peterson did the year he rushed for over 2,000 yards (the exact year after his torn ACL). Barkley has thigh strength and muscle strength around the knee that most runners do not have. This makes his knee extremely stable from the jump. His recovery, assuming he suffers no unforeseen setbacks, could be one they talk about for ages. I can see it now, footage of Barkley running months ahead of expectation, his cutting ability on point like no one we’ve ever seen. My prediction is that Barkley goes from being dismissed down into the 5-10 range for 2021 draft selections, but steadily climbs back into the top 4-5 overall, across the board in both dynasty and redraft, by early August.

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