Biggest Fantasy Impact Free Agent Signings

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There have been some big moves/signings so far this fantasy football off-season, but below I have highlighted the biggest impact free agent signings thus far (as we head into the second-half of March, 2016).

Doug Martin RB, TB
Lamar Miller RB, HOU
CJ Anderson RB, DEN
Matt Forte RB, NYJ
Alshon Jeffery WR, CHI
Marvin Jones WR, DET
Kirk Cousins QB, WAS
Brandon Marshall WR, NYJ
Brock Osweiler QB, HOU
Ladarius Green TE, PIT
Coby Fleener TE, NO
Sam Bradford QB, PHI
Travis Benjamin WR, SD

Full List Of Signings/Free Agents


  1. allaroundgoodegg on March 16, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Marshall just had a 1500 – 14 TD season. He is extremely consistent and has put up over 20 points 10 of 16 weeks and never scored less than 10. That’s the definition of “plug and play”.

    Everyone knows that he is a workout machine and takes fantastic care of his body. He’ll be a very solid starter for the next 3 years.

    • Smitty on March 17, 2016 at 2:07 am

      Three years? Wow. Hey, anything can happen, and some receivers have played well past 33, but it’s more rare than most think. Steve Smith is an example of an old guy breaking through, but typically, at 32-33, the drop off is serious. So, I’m thinking sell this year, if not later in the season, as I still think he can have 1 more year left. But, selling early while he has the kinda value you’re promoting (see, now is the time to sell ūüôā ), to me it’s go time on the selling. It doesn’t mean he can’t do well this year, I want to repeat that, but clearly he still has great value, and an injury-filled season would have you struggling to get much at all for him this time next year. Always trust your gut, though, buddy! Nice take! Keep it coming.

  2. Allen Hooten on March 20, 2016 at 9:17 am

    Smitty, good information! Thanks!

  3. Darin Blickem on March 21, 2016 at 9:55 am

    What do you think about Donald Brown going to the Pats? What are his chances of a) sticking on the roster & b) being productive if he does.

    • Smitty on March 23, 2016 at 3:46 am

      Tough to say, Darin, but great question. I think in larger leagues, he is worth grabbing, but honestly I’m not expecting much. That can change, he has enough talent I guess to do well if thrown into a starter role, and with NE, anything is possible with their rotation. But, I am not going to hold out much hope if I own him, that’s for sure.

      Keep up the good posting!!

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