Hey all, this is a really cool invention a friend is launching and I want to help him spread the word. It’s an awesome idea that has tons of uses, even outside of just cookies.

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Dunky Cup is redefining the milk and cookie experience. What is Dunky Cup? It’s a Heavy-duty, yet sleek and comfortable to hold, the dunking cup was meticulously crafted for various-shaped cookies and milk. Inspired by the inventor’s love for Oreo Cookies (TM), the three pockets also nestle a variety of morsels such as Milano’s (TM), graham crackers, vanilla wafers, and even your own freshly baked cookies. At center stage, ice cold milk, tea, or coffee is stored and is where the dunking fun and mystique takes place. As an added bonus, Dunky Cup allows you to ditch the plate, elevating you to cookie dunking bliss with a simple, yet innovative approach to cookie dunking.

If you’re an expert or inspiring dunker, then you know the importance of taking a few sips of milk between dunks. Who wants a dry mouth, right? With Dunky Cup, you can sip away without worrying about the cookies falling out! The pockets and spout are made so that round sandwich style cookies will stay in place. In fact, with cookies like Oreos (TM), you can drink all of the milk before even biting into a cookie! This even applies to short, rectangular cookies!

Dunky Cup is redefining the milk and cookie experience
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