AFC South: Colts, Jags, Texans, Titans

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Ok, everyone. Below you will find the entire AFC South broken down by team and then by fantasy football player. Each team will get covered, so this is just the AFC South.

AFC North: 2017 Team by Team Fantasy Football Breakdown

Sample: Leonard Fournette
RB1: Leonard Fournette – It seems that you either love Leonard Fournette or you doubt him — I’m not finding much in between. I get the doubt. He is a big guy at 6-0, 228 pounds, and his receiving skills and shotgun experience are limited heading into the pros. Both, mixed with the huge body frame, are considered red flags to some that are scouting the rusher entering his rookie season. Here is what I think, though… While he may only last 4-5 years at the NFL level, at least from an elite perspective, that’s a long time to be a stud. It’s longer than Priest Holmes lasted, and five years (as a stud) is exactly how long Shaun Alexander lasted… So, I say ignore that concern right out of the gate. As for the limited receiving experience, the guy has done a solid job, since January, showcasing his receiving abilities. Just because he wasn’t asked to catch a lot of passes at LSU, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the runner cannot pass-catch. So far, the evidence suggests that he could likely be a 180-300 receiving back as a rookie, and that’s a conservative prediction. He won’t likely ever reach the 60-70 reception totals some elite receiving backs can often get to, but eventually 30-40 receptions isn’t at all out of the question, and that is all it takes to maintain ‘every-down’ running back status. If I had to come up with a projection for Fournette for the upcoming 2017 NFL season, I’d predict this stat line for the runner: 1,250 rushing yards, 7-10TDs, 29 receptions, 180-200 receiving yards and 0 receiving TDs. That’s a very good rookie season, one that will have Fournette setup for first-round value entering his second NFL season.
Ceiling Value Positionally: 5-10, Floor Value Positionally: 22

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