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Ok, folks, here is the entire AFC North broken down by team and then by fantasy football player. Each team will get covered, so this is just the AFC North.

AFC North: 2017 Team by Team Fantasy Football Breakdown

Sample: Martavis Bryant
WR2: Martavis Bryant – There is no better upside in the entire NFL when talking about a team’s No. 2 wide receiver… Bryant played just 10 games during his rookie season, and 11 games in his second season. He missed last year, obviously, but he is reinstated and apparently looks fantastic according to Big Ben. Despite only playing 10 and 11 games in each of those firs two years, Bryant pulled in 8TDs and 6TDs in those seasons, and if you pace out his 11-played games back in 2015 (his last season played) and you stretch those numbers out over a 16-game span, Bryant produces this kind of line: 72 receptions, 1,112 receiving yards and 10 total TDs. He is as strong and aggressive as they come, and he has a passer that is equally aggressive in getting him the football. If healthy and on the field (the only risk), I think 75-80 receptions for 1,100+ yards and 10TDs is a conservative projection for Bryant in 2017, and that makes him a high-end fantasy WR2 (or better) heading into 2017. Don’t pay that price tag, though, as you don’t have to. If you pay that price tag, or draft him at that value, you ruin all upside and take on risk.
Ceiling Value Positionally: 10-12, Floor Value Positionally: 20

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