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Ok, folks, here is the entire AFC East broken down by team and then by fantasy football player. Each team will get covered, so this is just the AFC East.

AFC East: 2017 Team by Team Fantasy Football Breakdown

Sample: Jay Ajayi
RB1: Jay Ajayi – Jay Ajayi is a machine. He has some injury concerns, and there are even concerns about usage, as the Dolphins have clearly been underutilizing players for a handful of straight years (Lamar Miller, Jarvis Landry, etc.); that said, if healthy and on the field, and the team is expected to pass to him even more this year, you might just see top 5RB numbers out of Ajayi in 2017. You don’t rush for 200+ yards on three separate occasions during the same year and not have insane talent… he is a talent. He could be the next elite rusher for years to come, and I mean of the top 2-5 variety. The thing is, though, he is probably the one single runner that ranks both in the top 5RBs on some rankings, and outside of the top 15RBs on others. He will likely either boom or bust, which is why his ADP and support is all over the map… there might not be a fantasy fan club much in between. There sits the risk. However, with an ADP around 11-17 overall (in all formats), there is probably more upside than risk, making him a fine second-drafted player in all 2017 drafts (if you should be so lucky and he fall into the later half of that 11-17 ADP range). I love Ajayi, proven by the fact that he was on the Bold Predictions Board heading into last year, a prediction that we clearly landed… Well, he’s back on the Top 10 Bold Predictions again this year, because his ADP isn’t near what I’m predicting out of him this year, which is top 5RB numbers on the year… It would be hard for you to find a single site or fantasy writer out there that talked him up more than we/I did heading into last year. The risk is real, keep that in mind, but the upside is even more feasible — if the ADP/trade value is in the right spot for you, and 11-17 overall is still in the ‘right’ range, I say believe! Just be sure to use ADPs to your advantage, as the later you grab him, the more upside (less risk) he becomes.
Ceiling Value Positionally: 2-5, Floor Value Positionally: 20

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