32-Team Player Breakdown

Below you will find RabidBucFan’s fantasy football player breakdown on all 32 Teams. This is an update since his last 2016 Fantasy Football Team by Team Analysis post! Updates will be added periodically, so stay tuned for updates!

Updated: 8/1/16

PosPlayer NameTeamPOS - Tier (12 Team) - ADP RoundWriterNotes
QBCarson PalmerAZQB1 - 3 - 7thRabidBucFanYes he's 36, yes he's had multiple injuries. He's still a gunslinger and has so many weapons to choose from. If he stays upright he's a solid QB1 .
RBDavid JohnsonAZRB1 - 1 - 1stRabidBucFanHe came on in week 13 last year and showed what he can do. If he can stay healthy and Johnson/Ellington are used to spell him correctly there is no reason he can't be a top 5 RB in 2016.
RBChris JohnsonAZHandcuff - 7 - 11thRabidBucFan
RBAndre EllingtonAZHandcuff - 8 - 13thRabidBucFan
WRLarry FitzgeraldAZWR1 - 3 - 6thRabidBucFanAn ageless wonder. Fitzgerald plays the game the way a WR should play. He may regress some this year due to the emergence of John Brown and Michael Floyd as viable options for Palmer. But there is no reason he can't have one more 1,000 yd season.
WRMichael FloydAZWR2 - 4 - 5thRabidBucFanComing into his own at the end of last year Floyd made strides at becoming a safe a reliable target for Carson. Posting three 100 yd games out of the last five. 2016 could be the beginning of a transfer of power from Fitz to Floyd and Brown.
WRJohn BrownAZWR2 - 4 - 7thRabidBucFanLike Floyd the 26 year old Brown became relevant last year as a solid WR. Also, like Floyd he may benefit from an aging Fitz and a QB that has found confidence in throwing to him. Brown is also a beast after the catch. A third of his yards came after the catch according to sportingcharts.com.
TEDarren FellsAZTE3 - 7 - WWRabidBucFanOnly for deeeeep or start 2 TE leagues
QBMatt RyanATLQB1 - 3 - 11thRabidBucFanAll he's done is throw for over 4000 yards for the last five seasons. TD's where down due to lack of a relief valve TE. The Falcons picked up Austin Hooper in the draft with the hopes that he can be the man. Draft Ryan as a QB1 and never look back.
RBDevonta FreemanATLRB1 - 1 - 1stRabidBucFanFreeman was a beast the first quarter of 2015. He came back to Earth the rest of the season. He is a capable back that can run through and around defenders as well as catch the ball out of the backfield. The best thing that could happen for Freeman is if Tevin Coleman is used as a carry buffer for Freeman. He can still produce like he did but doesn't need to see over 250 carries to get it done.
RBTevin ColemanATLRB3/Flex - 5 - 9thRabidBucFanAs stated above Atlanta "should" use Coleman as a filler for Freeman to take some of the punishment away from him on the early downs. He is not as good a receiver out of the backfield but can run through tackles and has good vision.
RBBrandon WildsATLLongshot -10 - WWRabidBucFanJust a gut call here. Wilds is big, strong and fast. All he has in front of him is Gus Johnson and Terron Ward - RB3 for the Falcons could be his and then he's an injury away from being on the field.
WRJulio JonesATLWR1 - 1 - 1stRabidBucFanJones is a beast and it should be a battle between him, OBJ and Antonio Brown for overall 1st point getter in 2016.
WRJustin HardyATLWR4/Flex - 8 - WWRabidBucFanWR3 for the Falcons means opportunity not a ton of it but some for deeper leagues. He's only 24 and needs to work on seperation but should get work over the middle.
WRMohamed SanuATLWR2/3 - 6 - 11thRabidBucFanSanu is currently WR2 for the Falcons. He will need to work on ball control and reduce the drops. He can be used in the red zone and to clear out the middle while the double coverage is on JJ.
TEJacob TammeATLTE3 - 6 - 13thRabidBucFanNot the future. Useful early on in 2 TE leagues.
TEAustin HooperATLTE2 - 6 - WWRabidBucFanRookie that is being looked at to fill the TE role for Atlanta. He is not Tony Gonzalez . He does have the potential to beat out Tamme and Toilolo for the TE1 postion though sometime in the season and that will make him a flex or fill in immediately.
QBJoe FlaccoBALQB2 - 4 - 14thRabidBucFanFlacco if healthy should be able to throw for 3600-4100 yards. He has a plethora targets - old and new. Low end QB1 or solid QB2 in 2 QB or superflex leagues. If Flacco goes down then look for Mallet to be the backup. Not very good for fantasy value but should be able to keep the surrounding players involved.
RBJustin ForsettBALRB2/3 - 5 - 8thRabidBucFanForsett is 30 years old and has been beaten up in his 8 year carrer. However, every time he gets a shot he produces. He will start as the primary RB but have to keep the young guns off his tail. Injury or a lost step could cost him a position.
RBBuck AllenBALRB3/Flex - 6 - 10thRabidBucFan
RBKenneth DixonBALRB1 - 4 - 9thRabidBucFanDixon is my call for replacing Forsett if injured. He may even beat him out right. Long shot but a possibility. He has every down back potential and only needs to take a hold of any opportunity that comes his way.
WRSteve Smith JrBALWR3 - 8 - 7thRabidBucFanSmith has been a productive WR for along time. He's roughly 135 years old in football (like dog years) and was still doing his thing until the ruptured achilles ended his season. If healthy he starts as the Raven WR1. I wouldn't want to trust him as anything other than a WR3/Flex for fantasy. Risk of injury is to high.
WRKamar AikenBALWR3/Flex - 8 - 12thRabidBucFanAiken stepped in last year when Smith went down to become the only real WR for the team. With Smith and Perriman back and the addition of Mike Wallace, Aiken was the odd man out. However, Perriman is now questionable with an ACL meaning Aiken will be on the field. He could be the top producer for this WR corps.
WRBreshad PerrimanBALWR3 - 7 - 11thRabidBucFanPerriman is a WR we know nothing about. Only 22 he was touted to be a straight line burner with questionable hands. But we've not seen anything since he's been injured his entire short NFL carrer.
WRMike WallaceBALWR3/Flex - 8 - 12thRabidBucFanWallace is Wallace - go deep - repeat. Flacco can get him the ball so there is reason to hope he can get bac to taking the top off and being a homerun threat.
TEBen WatsonBALTE2 - 8 - 12thRabidBucFanWatson benefited from being the relief valve for Drew Brees last year. He should start the season as the Ravens TE1 and be given plenty of looks. Crockett Gilmore, Maxx Williams and Dennis Pitta will all be available for two TE sets but Watson has the leadership set to stay number 1 if healthy.
QBTyrod TaylorBUFQB1 - 10 - 11thRabidBucFanTaylor was stead and consistent last year. He has the benefit of being the "man" from the get go this year. He will have a solid running game behind him - not to mention his own running ability. Also, that Sammy Watkins guy - he's pretty good. Don't sleep on Taylor this season or for dynasty.
RBLeSean McCoyBUFRB1/2 - 2 - 3rdRabidBucFanBuffalo is a run first team with a DEEP pool of RB's to utilize. McCoy is still a very good running back. He has been bitten by the injury bug of late and may also be somewhat crazy. If he keeps his head on straight and can stay healthy he will be part of a 3 headed monster made of McCoy, K. Williams and rookie J. Williams. If available at RB2 value then jump all over him. Buyer beware at full RB1 value.
RBKarlos WilliamsBUFRB2/3 - 5 - 9thRabidBucFanK. Williams is the heir apparent to McCoy so far and will be in for RB2 numbers if McCoy goes down. However, Williams is also succeptable to the injury bug. Once again if you can get him at a value then go for it. Otherwise, be very careful.
RBJonathan WilliamsBUFRB3/Flex - 7 - WWRabidBucFanWilliams may not be K. Williams or McCoy but he has a shot at being a very good RB in the NFL. If he doesn't lose his mind and do stupid things like get busted for DUI. Come on man.
RBMike GillisleeBUFHandcuff - 9 - WWRabidBucFanGillislee is just an injury or two away from being in the line up on a regular basis. If that happens he's worth a roster spot on most fantasy teams as RB2/Flex.
WRSammy WatkinsBUFWR1 - 3 - 3rdRabidBucFanWatkins is a stud. His downside is his feet and he gets dinged up a lot. IF he can stay healthy he is top 10 potential.
WRLeonard HankersonBUFWR3/Flex - 8 - WWRabidBucFanHankerson is a serviceable WR. If Watkins is unable to play during the season Hankerson and Woods will be called on to fill in the gaps. Deep leagues or practice squad is where he should sit until called on.
WRRobert WoodsBUFWR3 - 6 - 14thRabidBucFanWoods will be the Bills WR2 and could play as their WR1 if Watkins misses time. He is a capable receiver and will bring in what is thrown his way.
WRGreg SalasBUFWR3/Flex - 8 - WWRabidBucFanSalas is an injury waiting to happen. If healthy has the ability to fight for the WR3 spot along with Handerson. Same rules apply.
TECharles ClayBUFTE1 - 4 - 13thRabidBucFanClay is a big target with above average skills. If the Bills utilize him in a better way this year there is no reason for him not to increase his totals to something like 70/800/6.
QBCam NewtonCARQB1 - 1 - 3rdRabidBucFanNewton has the potential to be the number one QB and should be top five without a doubt.
RBJonathan StewartCARRB2 - 4 - 5thRabidBucFanWhat to say about Jstew. If he hadn't missed the last 3 games last season he would have been top 12 RB. But he ended up in the 20's. He will be the same guy this year. Look great until he goes down. Get him at a value and start him as your RB2 but don't spend RB1 value on him.
Cameron Artis-PayneCARHandcuff - 11 - 13thRabidBucFanPayne should be the RB2 for Carolina. That means not a lot of work until Stewart goes down. If Tolbert and/or Devon Johson make a good showing they could take some of the heavy lifting for the Panthers.
WRKelvin BenjaminCARWR2 - 3 - 3rdRabidBucFanBenjamin is best valued as a WR2 with HUGE upside. He will get force fed the ball once again. However, he will have some help from Funchess and Greg Olsen.
WRDevin FunchessCARFlex/Bench - 7 - 12thRabidBucFanFunchess could make a good late round pick up and become the WR2 for the Panthers. Benjamin and Olsen will be getting the lions share of attention early. If Funchess can take advantage of the situation he can be worthy of a roster spot.
WRTed GinnCARFlex/Bench - 7 - 13thRabidBucFanGinn has less upside than Funchess. Even if the stars align he will get less looks with Benjamin on the field.
WRKeyarris GarrettCARBench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanGarrett UDFA from Tulsa does not lack confidence. He believes he's one of the best WR's in the class. We'll see. If he can be drafted late and stashed he may become the WR3.
WRKevin NorwoodCARBench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanSomeone has to be the WR3.
TEGreg OlsenCARTE1 - 2 - 5thRabidBucFanOlsen is a stud TE and should be off any draft board by the 6th round. Top 5 TE for the upcoming season.
TEBeau SandlandCARPS/Bench - 6 - WWRabidBucFanSandland may be the second best TE on the Panthers but is only viable for dynast formats with a deep bench. He has to learn how to be an NFL TE.
QBJay CutlerCHIQB3 - 4 - 14thRabidBucFanCutler as your QB2 or fill in should be fine.
RBJeremy LangfordCHIRB2 - 4 - 5thRabidBucFanLangford may be Chicagos RB1, RB2 or RB3. This backfield may end up being a RBBC with Langford, Howard and Carey all getting into the mix. Coach Fox is notorius for this. If one of them does take the bull by the horns and gets the lions share of work - solid RB2
RBKa'Deem CareyCHIFlex/Bench - 8 - 14thRabidBucFanSee Langford.
RBJordan HowardCHIFlex/Bench - 7 - WWRabidBucFanSee Langford.
WRAlshon JefferyCHIWR1 - 2 - 2ndRabidBucFanJeffery just needs to stay healthy and on the field. He'll have Kevin White across from him to help out. No reason to not have 1000 yds over 16 games.
WRKevin WhiteCHIWR3/Flex - 5 - 7thRabidBucFanWhite never saw the field last year due to injury. He has the size and hopefully the speed to be a wonderful addition to the WR corps. If Jeffery goes down he would fill the WR1 role.
WREddie RoyalCHIFlex/Bench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanRoyal is a capable slot guy should be Bears WR3.
WRDaniel BravermanCHIBench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanBraverman is not a special WR he can be a serviceable one though. Should make the roster.
TEZach MilerCHITE1/2 -4 - 14thRabidBucFanMiller a seasoned vet at 32 years old put up carrer numbers for himself last year and feels he can be "the Man" if needed. He's needed. If he can take the pounding of the every down TE he'll be a lock for TE2 numbers. If not the sneaky pick would be the rookie Ben Braunecker to see time.
TEBen BrauneckerCHIPS/Bench - 6 - WWRabidBucFanBraunecker is big, fast for his size and smart. If he learns how to protect the QB he may be the future TE for the Bears.
QBAndy DaltonCINQB3 - 4 - 12thRabidBucFanDalton's thumb kept him out of 4 games last year. It's better now-the question is "is he better"? He has another OC but feels it's a good thing. Dalton may end the season as a QB1 but that's a gamble.
RBJeremy HillCINRB2 - 3 - 5thRabidBucFanHill did not impress last season. Splitting time with G. Bernard and a less than stellar yds/carry Hill will be a RB2/3 unless TD heavy then RB2.
RBGiovani BernardCINRB2 - 4 - 7thRabidBucFanBernard should be the RB1 for the Bengals. He's better out of the back field and can make defenders miss. He'll lose TD's to Hill but with the lose of WR's he may get more receptions. PPR leagues RB2 for sure.
WRA.J. GreenCINWR1 - 2 - 2ndRabidBucFanGreen is a beast. Top 10 WR production - if he get's some help the Bengals moved M. Sanu and M. Jones both capable players and will have to have someone step up to releive the pressure on Green.
WRAlex EricksonCINBench - 9 - WWRabidBucFanErickson is a rookie that may be able to carve a niche in the slot. Bengals will be throwing anyone that might beable to catch onto the field and see who sticks.
WRBrandon LaFellCINWR3/Flex - 7 - 14thRabidBucFanLaFell is a carrer underachiever. He can get open and has decent speed but can drop a pass like a pro. He'll continue to do that. However, unless one of the rookies steps he will be the default WR2 across from Green.
QBRobert Griffin IIICLEQB3 - 6 - 14thRabidBucFanGriffin III is looking to restart his carrer. It's anyones guess though who will be starting for the Brown's on week 1. The only reason to draft Griffin III is for depth he could be a fill in for 2 QB or superflex leagues. One things for sure all the rookie WR will take a hit if Griffin III starts over McCown.
QBJosh McCownCLEQB3 - 6 - WWRabidBucFanMcCown is only listed because there is so much up in the air with the QB situation in Cleveland.
RBIsaiah CrowellCLERB2 -4 - 8thRabidBucFanCrowell has an opportunity to be the early down back for the Browns. He will be the thunder to Duke Johnsons lightning. Non PPR leagues Crowell has more value. PPR leagues Johnson will be the leader. Both backs should bring good return to the owners that pick them. Crowell will hold the better value since he is being drafted later in most leagues.
RBDuke JohnsonCLERB2 -4 - 7thRabidBucFanJohnson will be the PPR prize out of the Brown's backfield. He is going off the board prior to Crowell but both are viable RB's for fantasy purposes.
WRJosh GordonCLEWR1/2 - 2 - 8thRabidBucFanGordon has been reinstated. Suspended for the first 4 games. If he is physically ready to play in week 5 the Brown's will have him on the field. Look for WR2 numbers and be pleased with more.
WRCorey ColemanCLEWR2/3 - 5 - 11thRabidBucFanColeman is a rookie going into a situation that will either make him or break him. He can be the WR1 for the Brown's. What that means there is no telling. Rookie only drafts he should go in the top 5 . Redraft 11th-12th round? If you can get him as a WR3/Flex value that would be great. Update - Josh Gordon is back see what happens.
WRJordan PaytonCLEBench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanPayton another rookie will have ample opportunity to win the WR3/Slot role on the for the Browns. If he gets it then he could be a flex or fill in.
TEGary BarnidgeCLETE1 - 3 - 8thRabidBucFanBarnidge came from nowhere last year to become a viable TE1. He will still be needed in that capacity due to the lack of untested WR talent on the team. Just have to monitor his recovery from hernia surgery.
QBTony RomoDALQB1/2 - 3 -10thRabidBucFanRomo if healthy will be a solid QB1. Do not count on him as your QB1 though only draft him as your QB2 or superflex.
RBEzekiel ElliottDALRB1 -2 - 2ndRabidBucFanElliott is the concesus #1 pick for rookie only drafts this season. He will be going of the board early in redrafts. He has all the tools and one of the best O lines in front of him. He should be fun to watch.
RBDarren McFaddenDALHandcuff- 5 - 11RabidBucFanMcFadden or McBroken if he's healthy he should be the RB2 for Dallas. Do not county on him if you don't need to.
RBAlfred MorrisDALRB2/3 - 8 - 11thRabidBucFanMorris is a working class RB. While he doesn't have the same skill set as McFadden he will get you tough yardage and show up every play. With McFaddens injury history I would rather have Morris as my back up to Elliot.
WRDez BryantDALWR1 - 2 - 1stRabidBucFanBryant is a phenomenal receiver. However, his man crush on Romo is an issue. As long as Romo is upright and throwing Dez and his iffy feet will produce. If Romo goes down then Dez will melt down to diva mode and any little thing will distract him from being the receiver he can be. Buyer beware.
WRTerrance WilliamsDALFlex - 6 - 14RabidBucFanWilliams role is that of a WR2. He can get open, has speed and can make defenders miss after the catch. If Bryant stays on the field then Williams will be fine. If Williams has to be the WR1 - he'll still be a fantasy WR2/3.
WRBrice ButlerDALBench - 9 - WWRabidBucFanButler may be the surprise in the rotation. If Bryant has an issue this would be my pick for WR1 duties. He's physically larger then Williams and just as fast. Flex or bench for fantasy but keep him on your radar.
TEJason WittenDALTE1/2 - 4 - 12thRabidBucFanWitten is Witten. He'll be there and do the best of his ability which is catch the ball if it's close to him and run a few yards. Move the chains and get a TD. This will be better achieved with Romo under center.
QBMark SanchezDENQB3 - 5 - 13thRabidBucFanSanchez should only be rostered on QB2 leagues or fill in for superflex. There is no clear cut starter at this time.
QBTrevor SiemianDENQB3 - 4 - WWRabidBucFanSiemian may compete for the starting gig in DEN. If he wins there is no telling what he will do. Stand by for news.
RBC.J. AndersonDENRB1 -3 - 4thRabidBucFanAnderson showed in the last quarter of the season that he is a viable RB1. He will now have to be a consistent RB1.
RBDevontae BookerDENBench- 6 - 11thRabidBucFanBooker may be the heir apparent for Anderson over Hillman. Hillman is the change of pace back. Booker is three down capable. For redraft Hillman may be a better choice but for dynasty Booker is the guy to get.
RBRonnie HillmanDENRB3/Flex - 7 - 13thRabidBucFanHillman may be useful in PPR but look for the rookie Booker to take control at some time.
WRDemaryius ThomasDENWR1 - 3 - 3rdRabidBucFanThomas is top-12 talent for receptions and yardage but really fell off in TD's last year. If drafting as WR1 remember who will be throwing the ball. That's right we don't know. Buyer beware.
WREmmanuel SandersDENWR2 - 5 - 5thRabidBucFanSanders has the same issue as Thomas.
WRBrice ButlerDENBench - 9 - WWRabidBucFanButler may be the surprise in the rotation. If Bryant has an issue this would be my pick for WR1 duties. He's physically larger then Williams and just as fast. Flex or bench for fantasy but keep him on your radar.
TEJeff HeuermanDENTE2 - 5 - WWRabidBucFanHeuerman may get volume work with Daniels gone and the QB position in a state of flux. If you have room on your bench why not get a starting TE.
QBMatthew StaffordDETQB1/2 - 4 - 12thRabidBucFanStafford is a solid QB. He's had over 4000 yards and 20 TD's for the past five seasons. Yes Megatron is gone. However, his supporting cast is still very capable of making him a QB1. Let's see how this plays out this year.
RBAmeer AbdullahDETRB3 - 4 - 6thRabidBucFanAbdullah may be part of a RBBC with Theo Riddick doing the passing down work and Zenner stealling the goal line duties. In non ppr look for Abdullah. TD heavy Zenner. PPR Riddick.
RBTheo RiddickDETRB2/3 - 4 - 8thRabidBucFanRiddick will be a late round steal in many PPR leagues. Stafford has confindence in his ability and will not hesitate to get him the ball.
RBZach ZennerDETBench - 7 - WWRabidBucFanZenner may only be worth a handcuff in standard leagues but in TD heavy he could be useful. Also, look for him to fill in for Abdullah if he goes down.
WRGolden TateDETWR2 - 3 - 4thRabidBucFanTate should make a solid WR2 while sharing the load with Marvin Jones. It would not be surprising to see them with similar stats by the end of the season. The question is who if anyone will step up to the WR3 spot.
WRMarvin JonesDETWR2 - 5 - 9thRabidBucFanSee Tate. If Jones is being drafted four or five rounds later than Tate he will be a steal.
WRAnquan BoldinDETWR3 - 6 - 14thRabidBucFanBoldin can be the WR3 for the Lions. He will help clear out underneath and give Stafford a super target in the red zone. This helps Tate and Jones while hurts Ebron.
TEEric EbronDETTE1 - 4 - 13thRabidBucFanEbron has a shot to break out this season. With Calvin out of the picture there will be plenty of opportunities coming his way. If he doesn't take a big leap forward quickly don't be surprised if you see Cole Wick.
QBAaron RodgersGBQB1 - 1 - 3rdRabidBucFanRodgers should be the first or second QB off the board. He only threw for 3800 yards and 31 TD's last year. He'll be looking for more in 2016.
RBEddie LacyGBRB1 - 2 - 2ndRabidBucFanLacy is reportedly in better shape. If so then let the games begin. He is capable of RB1 numbers. We'll see if the P90X lets him return to his 1000 yard ways.
RBJames StarkGBHandcuff/Flex - 6 - 12thRabidBucFanStarks in PPR leagues could be a weekly flex play. Standard leagues he's the handcuff for Lacy.
WRJordy NelsonGBWR1/2 - 2 - 2ndRabidBucFanNelson should be all systems go on opeing day. If so then he's a weekly starter and Rodgers has his favorite weapon back.
WRRandall cobbGBWR2 - 4 - 4thRabidBucFanCobb missed Nelson last year as bad as Rodgers did. A healty Nelson makes Cobb a solid WR2.
WRJeff JanisGBWR2/3 - 6 - 9thRabidBucFanJanis is not a lock as the WR3 - yet. If he makes it as the starter then he'll be in for flex/WR3 numbers all year. If he doesn’t then there may be a revolving door of him, Abbrederis, Adams, Montgomery until someone takes it over.
TEJared CookGBTE2/3 - 6 - 13thRabidBucFanCook has always been long on potential and short on delivery. Rodgers will look for him up the middle and if he can make something happen then the skys the limit. Otherwise, he's Richard Rodgers in a different jersey.
QBBrock OsweilerHOUOB2 - 4 - 13thRabidBucFanOsweiler will be handing the ball off a lot to Lamar Miller. But, he has DeAndre Hopkins as well. He's the unknown comodity if you can draft his as a QB3 or back up in a 2 QB league that would be ideal. He could be a QB1 or QB3 only time will tell.
RBLamar MillerHOURB1 - 1 - 2ndRabidBucFanMiller may contend for top 3 RB this year espcially in PPR format.
RBAlfred BlueHOUHandcuff/Bench - 7 - WWRabidBucFanBlue may stay on the WW until something happens to Miller. If that happens he's still only a RB2 at best.
WRDeAndre HopkinsHOUWR1 - 1 - 1RabidBucFanHopkins was the only show in town last year. The Texans drafted Will Fuller and Braxton Miller to help him out. Less overall targets possibly. However, better quality targets may lead to similar numbers. Should be fun to watch.
WRWill FullerHOUWR2 - 6 - 12thRabidBucFanFuller the rookie can expect to be the decoy or relief valve in this offense. Hopkins is the stud and will take most of the targets.
WRJaelen StrongHOUFlex/Bench - 6 - WWRabidBucFanStrong is being touted the "most improved" player so far. Lets see if that translates into playing time.
TEOne of the left over WR'sHOURabidBucFanHouston is not a TE friendly team - if you're drafting from here you're hurting at TE.
QBAndrew LuckINDQB1 - 2 - 4thRabidBucFanLuck when healty is an elite QB. Let's hope the O line can keep him upright.
RBFrank GoreINDRB2/3 - 5 - 6thRabidBucFanGore even at 33 still has a little left in the tank. With Luck back and if the O line can play a little better Gore can still be a serviceable RB2 for fantasy. If he falters look for Josh Ferguson not Todman or Turbin.
RBJosh FergusonINDBench - 5 - WWRabidBucFanFerguson may be the handcuff behind Gore. More of a end a round, out of the backfield kinda guy. But could be a relief valve for Luck in the future.
WRT.Y. HiltonINDWR2 -3 - 3rdRabidBucFanHilton will go as Luck goes. WR2 with upside.
WRDonte MoncriefINDWR2 - 4 - 5thRabidBucFanMoncrief may end up as the Colts WR1 and he is generally available a couple of round later than Hilton. Food for thought.
WRPhillip DorsettINDFlex/Bench - 6 - WWRabidBucFanDorsett is the mirror to Hilton. He can be the WR3 for the Colts or move into Hiltons role should he get injured.
TEDwayne AllenINDTE1 - 3 - 12thRabidBucFanAllen has the tools to be a TE1 in fantasy. Without Fleener to take plays from him all he has to do is stay healthy and be there for Luck. He could be a very good buy for owners late in drafts or even off the WW.
QBBlake BortlesJACQB1 - 2 - 6thRabidBucFanBortles was top 5 in most formats last year and is being drafted as such. Many think he will regress or has crashed into his ceiling. If true and he only reaches 3900 yards and 28 TD's from now on. I'm cool with that. He'll still be a QB1. Just don't spend more than you have to.
RBT.J. YeldonJACRB2/3 - 5 - 7thRabidBucFanYeldon will have help from Ivory this season. This is a good thing. He has gotten stronger and will not be asked to carry the full load. Dynasty owners stand firm and see what happens. Redraft Yeldon and Ivory both will be viable RB2/flex this year.
RBChris IvoryJACRB2/3 - 5 - 8thRabidBucFanIvory should be a RB2/Flex this year. Taking and dealing out punishment to afford Yeldon an opportunity to exploit the defense later in games.
WRAllen RobinsonJACWR1 - 2 - 2ndRabidBucFanRobinson is a beast.
WRAllen HurnsJACWR2 - 4 - 6thRabidBucFanHurns may not be as gifted as may WR's but he is capable of getting the most out of his time on the field. Jacksonville "should" be a better overall team this year. Meaning less garbage time. So, thinking Hurns will match his numbers from last year may be iffy. Get him as WR2/Flex and be happy.
TEJulius ThomasJACTE1/2 - 4 - 9thRabidBucFanThomas just has to stay healthy. If he's on the field he has the opportunity to put up fantasy points.
QBAlex SmithKCQB2/3 - 4 - WWRabidBucFanSmith is the epitome of the game control QB. He will not win you a week but he won't lose you one either. Only draft him as bye week filler or QB2/3 in 2 QB leagues and superflex.
RBJamaal CharlesKCRB1 - 1 - 2ndRabidBucFanIf Charles is healthy he goes off the board as a RB1 with top 10 potential. Make sure to get his handcuff - Charcandrick West.
RBCharcandrick WestKCHandcuff - 6 - WWRabidBucFanWest will more than likely be the handcuff to Charles. If you have room to sit him on your bench, get him.
RBSpencer WareKCBench - 6 - 13thRabidBucFanWare can be the thunder to West's lightning if Charles goes down. Otherwise, he'll be the breather to the two RB's in front of him.
WRJeremy MaclinKCWR1 - 3 - 3rdRabidBucFanMaclin was and will be the recipient of most of Alex Smith's attetion once again this season.
WRMike WilliamsKCBench - 6 - WWRabidBucFanWilliams is a flier to keep an eye on. Off the field he's a mess on the field he will have only Maclin ahead of him in regards to talent and ability.
TETravis KelceKCTE1/2 - 2 - 6thRabidBucFanKelce on the field means consistent production.
QBRyan TannehillMIAQB1 - 3 - 13thRabidBucFanTannehill may be insane value if he goes as late as the mocks are showing. He was top 20 QB and now has a HC that is QB friendly. Many say QB2 but look for 10 - 12 this year.
RBJay AjayiMIARB2 - 3 - 6thRabidBucFanAjayi came out last year with questions about durability - particularly the bone on bone knee issue. He ran well last year. New HC Gase has intentions of making him a 3 down back. If he can catch out of the backfield. If not look for rookie Keneyan Drake to take the 3rd down work.
RBArian FosterMIARB 2- 3 9thRabidBucFanFoster now makes the Dolphins backfield a fantasy football quagmire. Foster is 30, often injured and rusty.He's also a 4 time 1000+ rusher. This bodes more for a RBBC than any thing
else. Hot hand and fresh legs will be the priority for the Dolphins to keep Ajayi and Foster on the field.
RBKenyan DrakeMIABench/Flex - 7 - WWRabidBucFanDrake can either be a pass catching RB and viable Flex/RB2 in PPR or the backup to Ajayi. This will play out over time.
WRJarvis LandryMIAWR1/2 - 3 - 4thRabidBucFanLandry is a stud so he will get his. Gase may let Tannehill loose and throw the ball around the field. It will not be surprising if there are 2 or 3 1000 WR's on the Dolphins this year.
WRDeVante ParkerMIAWR2 - 3 - 5thRabidBucFanParker may be another 1000 yard WR this year.
WRKenny StillsMIAFlex - 8 - WWRabidBucFanStills is mainly a deep threat and with the inclusion of Carroo he may get less reps. The two of them may make up the other 1000 yard receiver.
WRLeonte CarrooMIABench/Flex - 8 - WWRabidBucFanCarroo may be the dark horse in the group but his ability to use his body may gain him reps ahead of Stills.
TEJordan CameronMIATE1/2 - 4 - 14thRabidBucFanCameron stunk the joint up last year and needs to improve his play if he wants to stay on the field. That being said there isn't much behind him other than Dion Sims. If Cameron get's his act together in this offense he could be a solid starter. If not Sims could be a bye week fill in at best.
QBTeddy BridgewaterMINQB2 - 6 - 14thRabidBucFanBridgewater has a year under his belt, a new WR toy and more confidence. Equals bye week fill in or QB2/QB3 for two QB leagues this year. If he makes big strides this year then we can raise the ceiling.
RBAdrian PetersonMINRB1 - 1 - 1stRabidBucFanAP is still a stud. Draft him redraft/dynasty/keeper/MLB/NHL any league
RBJerick McKinnonMINFlex/Handcuff - 7 -12thRabidBucFanMcKinnon can be a weekly flex in PPR or bench/handcuff in standard leagues.
RBMatt AsiataMINBench - 9 - WWRabidBucFanAsiata will only need to be on radars in case something happens to AP then pounce because it will be RBBC.
WRStefon DiggsMINWR2 - 5 - 10thRabidBucFanDiggs is not a true WR1 but was asked to fill that role last year. He did the best he could. The additon of Treadwell will help not hurt him. He'll have less double coverages and more quality opportunities. If Bridgewater can get him the ball look for WR2 numbers.
WRLaquon TreadwellMINWR2/3 - 6 - 10thRabidBucFanTreadwell may end up being the Vikinings WR1. That may only translate into fantasy WR2 numbers. He and Diggs should be a good combo for a while.
WRCharles JohnsonMINWR3/Bench - 9 - WWRabidBucFanJohnson is for deep leagues only or if either Diggs or Treadwill go down. Even then he'll only put up WR3 numbers.
TEKyle RudolphMINTE2 - 5 - 15thRabidBucFanRudolph is a servicable TE for the NFL. He's only viable as a bye week filler for a fantasy league.
QBJared GoffLAQB2/3 - 4 - WWRabidBucFanGoff will be a rookie starting in the NFL. Welcome to the big leagues kid, let me help you up. He has Gurley to hand it off to and under achieving or rookie WR's to throw to (excluding Tavon Austin). Don't expect much this season and you won't be disappointed. Dynasty leagues - he's worth a spot for the future.
RBTodd GurleyLARB1 - 1 - 1stRabidBucFanGurley is fun to watch and better to own. Get him if you can - the Rams will ride him like a rented mule to get the pressure of the new guy. If Gurley gets injured there is no one worth having behind him.
WRTavon AustinLAWR3 - 4 - 10thRabidBucFanOutside of Gurley, Austin was the only other option last year. The 2 rookies Mike Thomas and Pharoh Cooper to the team may help out. Redraft don't look for much difference. Dynasty meh.
WRMike ThomasLABench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanDynasty option. Thomas my be able to provide what everyone always wanted to see Kenny Britt do. If so, WR2 next year.
WRPharoh CooperLABench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanDynasty option. Cooper can fill the mid range/slot area. WR2/3 in the future. All the WR's will be hindered due to Jeff Fishers offense.
QBTom BradyNEQB1 - 3 - 7thRabidBucFanBrady is a QB1. The question is will he miss 4 games or not. IF you decide to draft him you may want to use a late rounder to get Garoppolo.
QBJimmy GaroppoloNEHandcuff - 5 - WWRabidBucFanGaroppolo is the unknown commodity. If Brady misses the first 4 games then look for QB2 numbers maybe. Just get the ball to that TE guy.
RBDion LewisNERB2 - 4 - 6thRabidBucFanLewis was on pace in PPR leagues to finish top 12 before he went down. So there is upside galore if you can get him at the right value. If you think he'll stay healthy make the reach.
RBLeGarrette BlountNEFlex/RB2 - 6 - 10thRabidBucFanBlount may be an interesting asset. He is going in the later rounds and may have a heavy work load early with Brady watching from the side lines. Keep him on your radar.
RBThe Rest of the RB'sNERB2 - 5 - 9 - 9th WWRabidBucFanThis is a RBBC after Lewis with no clear cut winner. All fantasy footballers know not to rely on the NE running game. Flex/fill in work.
WRJulian EdelmanNEWR1/2 - 4 - 4thRabidBucFanEdelman can be a PPR machine when on the field WR1 comes from. With the Brady questions, age and health issues though it may be better to let someone else pay the WR1 price.
WRChris HoganNEWR3/Flex - 6 - 12thRabidBucFanHogan may be the WR to target from NE. Huge upside for a late round pick. Edelman and Gronk will always get first looks. But after that a promising rookie and some average vets are all he has to surpass. Keep Hogan on the radar.
TERob GronkowskiNETE1 - his own tier - 1stRabidBucFanGronk Smash
TEMartellus BennettNETE1 - 4 - 11thRabidBucFanHere is why the WR turnstil isn't as big an issue as it would be for other teams. NE has a second TE1 that can be on the field in place of a banged up or hands of stone WR. Draft Bennett as your TE2 and that would be great value.
QBDrew BreesNOQB1 - 2 - 5thRabidBucFanBrees is still a stud.
RBMark IngramNORB1 - 2 -3rdRabidBucFanIngram has the talent, opportunity and support to be the lead back in New Orleans. It will still be RBBC light. Hightower and Spiller will get some time and Ingram will miss a game or two. But this may be the year that the Bust lable gets removed for good.
RBTim HightowerNOHandcuff - 7 - WWRabidBucFanHightower is a feel good story. He also won a lot of fantasy teams their leagues last year. He will be relevant consistently only if Ingram is out. But a must have for Ingram owners.
RBC. J. SpillerNOFlex - 7 - 14thRabidBucFanSpiller can be used for PPR leagues from the get go - maybe perennial underachiever his entire career. Be it injury or situation. IF he is healthy and Brees gains confidence in him. There is value. Buyer beware.
WRBranden CooksNOWR1 - 3 - 3rdRabidBucFanCooks will be the primary target for Brees. That's a good fantasy formula.
WRWillie SneadNOWR2/3 - 5 - 11thRabidBucFanSnead showed up big last year. He has some competition for balls this year though so temper expectation. Fleener and M. Thomas are both better options then the Saints had last year.
WRMichael ThomasNOW3/Flex - 6 - WWRabidBucFanThomas may be this years Snead. Pay attetion to how the peaking order plays out. Early redraft leagues may be able to get him on the cheap. Rookie only he's going off the board quick.
WRR.J. HarrisNOBench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanHarris is just a guy that looks hungry and may work his way into a backup roll. Upside WR's on passing offenses warrant attention.
TECoby FleenerNOTE2/1 - 3 - 7thRabidBucFanFleener is in the best position of his life. If he doesn't end up top 5 TE this year he never will. He will be in the game to work the seam and bail out Brees not blocking which is good.
QBEli ManningNYGQB1 - 3 - 8thRabidBucFanManning will be top 10 again.
RBRashad JennignsNYGRB2/Flex - 5 - 9thRabidBucFanJennings may be the RB1 for NYG but that only translates to RB2 at best for fantasy. Plus he's 31 and gets hurt a lot. Paul Perkins should be his replacement.
RBShane VereenNYGFlex - 7 - WWRabidBucFanVereen may be the most productive back on the NYG this year. PPR leagues get him as a flex with upside.
RBPaul PerkinsNYGHandcuff - 7 - 13thRabidBucFanPerkins may be the odd man out until Jennings goes down then he not the slug Williams will take over the early downs work and be a RB2 prospect.
WROdell Beckham Jr.NYGWR1 - 1 - 1stRabidBucFanYep he's a keeper.
WRGeremy DavisNYGBench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanDavis isn't a household name but he may be the WR3 on a team that has moves the ball well. Longshot maybe. But??
WRSterling ShepardNYGWR3/Flex - 6 - 11thRabidBucFanShepard only has to keep Cruz off the field to be the WR2 on the NYG. Oh wait, Cruz will keep Cruz off the field. Ton of upside with Shepard.
WRRoger LewisNYGBench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanLewis is just a player to watch if he makes the roster.
TEWill TyeNYGTE2 - 5 - WWRabidBucFanTye would be a late round flyer for fill in work or TE2. If he goes down look for Matt LaCosse to split time with Larry Donnell.
QBRyan FitzpatrickNYJQB1/2 -3 - 12thRabidBucFanFitzpatrick has finally signed. He is the epitome of servicable. However, with the scheme of the JETS and the supporting cast he will be a sure bet for fantasy QB2 with a little upside.
QBGeno SmithNYJHandcuff- 6 - WWRabidBucFanIf Fitzpatrick is upright Smith should only be holding a clipboard or Gatorade bottle.
RBMatt ForteNYJRB1 - 2 - 3rdRabidBucFanForte coming to a new team at 30 but still may be in for a very big season. If Fitzpatrick doesn't return then there will be opportunites galore for all the RB's on NYJ. PPR leagues take note.
RBBilal PowellNYJFlex - 7 - 13thRabidBucFanSee Forte.
WRBrandon MarshallNYJWR1/Flex -2 - 3rdRabidBucFanMarshall is now a WR1 in all formats. He's leaner than ever and will be a force to reckon with.
WREric DeckerNYJWR2/Flex - 4 - 6thRabidBucFanDecker is now a solid WR2 with upside.
TEBlockers for RB'sNYJRabidBucFanMakes Houstons TE's look good.
QBDerek CarrOAKQB1 - 3 - 12thRabidBucFanCarr was a top 15 QB last season. He should stay in that area. Solid QB with a burgeoning offense around him.
RBLatavius MurrayOAKRB1/2 - 3 - 4thRabidBucFanMurray had a lot of work last year and did ok with it. Top 12 in PPR. Redraft he's fine - dynasty pay attention if he falters at all he may be bumped by rookie DeAndre Washington.
RBDeAndre WashingtonOAKFlex - 7 - 13thRabidBucFanWashington could be a PPR assest this year. He could be the starter next year if Murray is flat or moves on after this season.
WRAmari CooperOAKWR1 - 3 - 2ndRabidBucFanStud in the making.
WRMichael CrabtreeOAKWR2 - 4 - 8thRabidBucFanCrabtree finally looks like he's in the right place. No reason he can't produce top 25 numbers again.
WRSeth RobertsOAKHandcuff - 6 - WWRabidBucFanRoberts will be on the field as WR3 but would be the replacement if either Cooper or Crabtree go down.
TEClie WalfordOAKTE1/2 - 5 - WWRabidBucFanWalford as a late round TE may be a steal. He started behind Mychal Rivera last year and earned the starter reps by mid season.
QBSam BradfordPHIQB3 - 5 - 14thRabidBucFanBradford should be the week 1 starter but Wentz may be the week 2 starter. Only draft Bradford as your QB3 if you have to.
QBCarson WentzPHIQB2 - 7 - WWRabidBucFanWentz should be on dynasty leagues and on the radar for redraft WW after the season starts.
RBRyan MathewsPHIRB1/2 - 4 - 5thRabidBucFanIf Mathews is ever going to regain his 2013 glory it will be this year. Just don't break any bones and he'll be a solid performer and a PPR stud. Huge IF though.
RBDarren SprolesPHIFlex - 6 - 13thRabidBucFanSproles is 33 and still capable of making defenders snap their ankles off. PPR leagues get him late and start him.
RBWendell SmallwoodPHIHandcuff - 7 - 13thRabidBucFanSmallwood should be on any team that has Mathews. Just in case. He'll be more of a RB2 if Mathews goes down but he'll be in the game.
WRJordan MatthewsPHIWR2 - 4 - 6thRabidBucFanMatthews is an enigma. He makes an amazing catch then drops an easy one. He looks like the best player on the field then disappears. Draft him as your WR2 and hope he leaves the hands of stone in the locker room each week.
WRRueben RandlePHIFlex - 8 - WWRabidBucFanRandle may be available late in drafts and could be a worthy flier to fill in the WR depth on redraft/PPR leagues. No dynasty value - yet.
WRNelson AgholorPHIFlex - 6 - 14thRabidBucFanAgholor did not live up to the hype last year. Some was due to a high ankle sprain that never let up. Some was due to the fact he played like a rookie in the big leagues. He may be an average WR so temper expectations.
TEZach ErtzPHITE1 - 3 - 10thRabidBucFanErtz was a beast om the final 4 games last year. If he maintaings that type of production he'll be the steal of the draft. If not he can still be a top 10 TE. That's pretty good.
QBBen RothlisbergerPITQB1 - 2 - 5thRabidBucFanBig Ben puts up QB1 numbers even with limited playing time due to 83 injuries. If you can get him after the 5th round pounce.
RBLeVeon BellPITRB1 - 1 - 1stRabidBucFanBell is currently suspended for the first 4 weeks. If drafted in redraft you will have to waste an early round pick to get his handcuff D. Will.
RBDeAngelo WilliamsPITRB1/Handcuff - 3 - 6thRabidBucFanWilliams is once again relevant. With Bell set to sit out Williams will be called upon to carry the load and while he is in he is an RB1.
WRAntonio BrownPITWR1 - 1 - 1stRabidBucFanBrown is awesome.
WRSammie CoatesPITFlex - 6 - 12thRabidBucFanCoates or Wheaton need to step up to fill in void left by week greed M. Bryant. He has the physical attributes now we have to see if he can get the mental side down.
WRMarkus WheatonPITWR3 - 5 - 12thRabidBucFanSee Coates. Wheaton is slighter in stature but quicker than Coates. Either one could have WR2 upside.
TELadarius GreenPITTE1/2 - 3 - 9thRabidBucFanGreen will not replace Heath Miller. He can make the Steeler faithful miss him less by using his athletic ability to get open and make plays. His back up or blocking counter part will be Jesse James and should be on speed dial - just in case.
QBPhilip RiversSDQB1/2 - 2 - 11thRabidBucFanRivers is a value in the later rounds as your QB1. A healthy Allen and the addition of Bejamin make Rivers a top 8 QB this season.
RBMelvin GordonSDRB2/3 -3 - 6thRabidBucFanGordon by his own admission under achieved last year. That being said he was also a rookie and had some injury issues. If you can get him late or as your RB3/flex then there is solid value if he steps up.
RBDanny WoodheadSDRB2 - 4 - 7thRabidBucFanWoodhead was a PPR machine last year and unless Gordon does indeed take a step up. Woodhead will be called on to do the same thing this year. Solid RB2 option redraft.
RBBrandon OliverSDHandcuff - 8 - WWRabidBucFanOnly look at Oliver if Gordon goes down.
WRKeenan AllenSDWR1 - 2 - 2ndRabidBucFanAllen only played have a season last year and had 67/725/4 - please stay on the field all year and become a top 5 WR.
WRTravis BenjaminSDFlex - 6 - 9thRabidBucFanBenjamin was the primary target for the Browns last season and put up almost 1000 yard. He will be paired up with Allen this year meaning less doubles. Look for meaningful weekly production from both WR's.
WRMarkus WheatonSDWR3 - 5 - 12thRabidBucFanSee Coates. Wheaton is slighter in stature but quicker than Coates. Either one could have WR2 upside.
TEAntonio GatesSDTE1/2 - 3 - 11thRabidBucFanGates has at least one more season in him. Get him late in draft and you'll be fine. Hunter Henry will be the TE2 / back up should anything happen to Gates.
TEHunter HenrySDHandcuff - 6 - WWRabidBucFanDynasty option. Gates is on a two year deal. Henry gets to play behind and learn from a "legend". Not to mention he's a pretty good TE.
QBBlaine GabbertSFQB3 - 5 - WWRabidBucFanGabbert is not a good NFL QB. That being said he is on a horrible 49ers team that will give him ample opportunity to run for his life and dump it off to V. McDonald or C. Hyde. He'll be a better fantasy QB then real life.
QBColin KaepernickSFQB3 - 6 - WWRabidBucFanKaepernick is no better than Gabbert. He's just getting more money for mediocrity. See above.
RBCarlos HydeSFRB2 - 4 - 3rdRabidBucFanHyde will get more opportunity to carry the ball this season. So just out of volume he should have upside.
RBShaun DraughnSFFlex - 6 - WWRabidBucFanDraughn can be a PPR gem found late in the draft or even plucked off the WW.
WRTorrey SmithSFWR3 - 8 - 10thRabidBucFanSmith is a one trick pony - run fast go deep -on a team that is going quick hit and no QB's good enough to hit him deep.
WRQuinton PattonSFBench - 9 - WWRabidBucFanOnly in deep leagues just because someone will have to get targets in Chip Kelly's offense.
WRDeAndre SmelterSFBench - 7 - WWRabidBucFanDynasty option. Smelter is only a look for next year. The 49ers are a mess.
TEVance McDonaldSFTE2 - 6 - WWRabidBucFanMcDonald may be the 49ers best receiving option and he can be picked off the WW in many leagues.
QBRussell WilsonSEAQB1 - 1 - 5thRabidBucFanWilson will probably be the 3rd or 4th QB off any draft board and at that value he may still have a little upside.
RBThomas RawlsSEARB1/2 - 4 - 3rdRabidBucFanRawls just needs a doctors note that the ankle is 100% then it's off to the races. Fantasy wise the Seahawks may be like NE. The team will have a ton of points each week. Where they come from will be anyones guess. Rawls, Wilson, Lockett, Baldwin????
RBC.J. ProsiseSEABench - 7 - 13thRabidBucFanIf Rawls is healthy then Prosise, Collins and slow to start C. Michael will all be back role players. In what capacity is the question. Best guess pecking order Prosise, Michael, Collins. Don’t' reach for any of them though in redraft. Dynasty Prosise the front runner.
RBChristine MichaelSEABench - 6 - WWRabidBucFanSee Prosise
RBAlex CollinsSEABench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanSee Prosise
WRDoug BaldwinSEAWR2 - 4 - 4thRabidBucFanBaldwin showed up big time last season. He will still be the "Man" but he should get some competition from T. Lockett so think solid performer not upside candidate.
WRTyler LockettSEAWR2 - 4 - 7thRabidBucFanLockett is very similar to Baldwin but can be drafted a few rounds later making his value higher. If you miss Baldwin don't hesitate to grab Lockett. They could be within 20 points of each other at the end of the season.
WRJermaine KearseSEABench - 8 - WWRabidBucFanKearse will be in a battle for time as the Seahawks WR3 with Kevin Smith, Kenny Lawler, Paul Richardson (if his hamstring ever heals) and Douglas McNeil. Just keep these names on the radar for damage control should anyone go down.
TEJimmy GrahamSEATE2/1 - 3 - 8thRabidBucFanGraham has a bum foot. His game is good hands after running good routes. IF his foot comes back to 100% then he's a valuable asset. He is a risk at his adp though - there are a boat load of TE's available after the 8th round. Buyer beware.
QBJameis WinstonTBQB1/2 - 3 - 12thRabidBucFanWinston did fine as a rookie and is good value for a late round QB1 or great for QB2. If the WR's can get their collective heads out of their rumps and hang onto the balls thrown their way Winston actually has upside. Dynasty leagues looking for a steady QB inquire within.
RBDoug MartinTBRB1 - 2 - 2ndRabidBucFanMartin was back in RB form last season and should be the same guy this season. All formats should have him as a RB1.
RBCharles SimsTBHandcuff/RB2/Flex - 5 - 8thRabidBucFanSims is an every week fantasy play in PPR leagues as a RB2 or flex. If Martin goes down he could have RB1 upside.
WRMike EvansTBWR2 - 3 - 2ndRabidBucFanEvans is really good. He is his own worst enemy. Stop thinking and start playing. He drops to many passes and whines too much. If he gets his head into the game he can be an upside candidate ie scoreing TD's.
WRVincent JacksonTBWR3 - 5 - 11thRabidBucFanJackson still has good hands but he's lost about 3 steps. If he's on the field he will get targets. Since the Bucs have no one stepping up to take the WR3 spot over. Murphy, Dye, Bell, Humpries none of them have proven to be more than average at best.
TECameron BrateTBTE2 - 7 - WWRabidBucFanBrate is a decent TE. Plus he's not an idiot.
TEAustin Seferian-JenkinsTBTE1 - 4 - 13thRabidBucFanASJ is an idiot. Talent for days and ability galore. He needs a life coach to straighten him out. He may blow his chace to Brate or even Dan Vitale and that would be a waste.
QBMarcus MariotaTENQB2 - 4 - 12thRabidBucFanMariota is a work in progress not due to his ability but mainly his supporting cast. He will be handing the ball off a LOT and looking for D. Walker. There may be garbage time if the defense doesn't improve. Redraft late for bye week filler. Dynasty with hopes the WR corps imporves or is revamped.
RBDemarco MurrayTENRB1/2 - 2 - 4thRabidBucFanMurray and Chip Kelly where a match made in Hell. The Titans style is similar to the Cowboys. Their offensive line is not. Murray should be a "bounce back" candidate simply because last year was so ugly. BUT he will lose touches to Derrick Henry.
RBDerrick HenryTENHandcuff/RB - 6 - 11thRabidBucFanHenry should be eased into the NFL game. Use Murray as the work horse for a couple of years and then let Henry take over. Redraft as the handcuff. Dynasty as the RB1 in a couple of years.
WRKendall WrightTENWR3/Flex - 6 - 14thRabidBucFanThe Titans don't have a clear cut WR1. Wright has posted a 1000 yard season. He's then missed games each season afterwards. Abillity sure - capacity who knows.
WRDorial Green BeckhamTENWR2 - 5 - 9thRabidBucFanDGB may be the most intriguing WR on the Titans. He's a beast physicaly and has ability to burn. Is he another WR head case-talking to you Justin Hunter? Hope not - WR2 with upside if he get's it all toghether.
WRTajae SharpeTENBench - 9 - WWRabidBucFanSharpe is a rookie that should make the team. He might be getting used as a motivational push to get DGB into the game. Sharpe, Rishard Matthews and maybe Justin Hunter should split time on the field.
TEDelanie WalkerTENTE2/1 - 2 - 6thRabidBucFanWalker was Mariotas security blanket last year. He may not be needed as much with Murray and Henry in the back field. Temper expectations since there may be a regression. Solid TE2 numbers with some upside if the RB game doesn't take off.
QBKirk CousinsWASQB1 - 3 - 10thRabidBucFanCousins showed some big time potential last season. Do it again and we'll believe it. Redraft awesome QB2. Dynasty let someone else reach for now.
RBMatt JonesWASRB1/2 -3 - 4thRabidBucFanJones will be given the reigns this year. Can he hold up to the pressure/pounding that is to come? There is substantial risk at this value.
RBKeith MarshallWASBench/RB3 - 9 - WWRabidBucFanMarshall may be the PPR back for Washington if he's able to beat out Chris Thompson. Beware of injuries with Marshall. Dynasty leagues don't reach to far he may break.
WRDeSean JacksonWASWR3 - 3 - 8thRabidBucFanJackson will be 30 this year and has never been more than a WR2. Don't expect that to change.
WRPierre GarconWASWR3 - 6 - 14thRabidBucFanSee Jackson.
WRJamison CrowderWASWR3 - 8 - WWRabidBucFanCrowder has upside and could score just as much for fantasy owners as Garcon/Jackson. That better value.
WRJosh DoctsonWASWR3 - 8 - WWRabidBucFanDoctson is the future. He will supplant Garcon/Jackson in the next year or two. The Redskins will spread the ball around so much though that there really won't be more than WR2's fantasy wise for anyone.
TEJordan ReedWASTE1 - 2 - 4thRabidBucFanReed will be the 2nd or 3rd TE off any draft board and well worth the pick. He comes with significant risk though. If a high draft pick is ussed then ensure you get a high caliber backup earlier than later for the games he is sure to miss.

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