3 Risers for Week 11

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Ok, so some leagues may no longer allow for trading, and others are quickly approaching the trade deadline (most likely this week)… so, who are some players to grab fast before trading is off the table for the remainder of the 2018 fantasy football season? And, I will add that if your league no longer allows trades, keep the below in mind if you own these players and are worried or unsure where they fit into your ‘down the stretch’ plans.

Derrick henry (RB/TEN)

His 2TDs last week clearly have fantasy owners wondering if he could be the runner so many expected just before the Titans acquired Dion Lewis during the off-season. People quickly forget how highly-ranked Henry was in between the time the team moved on from DeMarco Murray and brought in Dion Lewis. At times during the off-season (within this timeframe), Henry was sniffing the first-round in 2018 fantasy football mocks. He’s that good. I must confess, I doubt his ability to holdup over the long-term, and I’ve made that very clear in the past. However, in this business, it’s all about the ‘now’ and the situation, and fresh legs and only six games left in the fantasy football season, he has tremendous upside. And, I’m talking top 5-10RB upside. I have said this for weeks, and said the same about Nick Chubb over a month ago (and he’s crushing it). If you own Henry, hold him and hope he gets a shot. If you don’t own him, and your league still allows for trading, buy-low (and only low, as he is in a situation where he needs a shot).

Dalvin Cook (RB/MIN)

His value was at rock bottom last week, and the week prior, and I keep saying “go grab him!” While the window is closing, especially after his big 70-yard run last week, he still has some buy-low opportunity. Keep in mind, this rusher was a top 12 overall player heading into many PPR 2018 fantasy football drafts. He’s a forgotten man in terms of that kinda of value, and while many of his owners are surely hopeful, his 2018 season has been full of disappointment – see if his current owners will sell him off at something at least near flex value, or super-low-end RB2 value. He is no lock to produce fantasy RB1 numbers, folks, but he is certainly capable of it! If you own him, hold him!

Jaylen Samuels (RB/PIT)

You won’t find a bigger James Conner promoter than I, proven by him being my #2 Bold Prediction this off-season… however, this situation is part of why I love the kid, and if anyone thinks Samuels wouldn’t also shine in this offense, their not looking at the big picture. Samuels is a must-have given Conner COULD hit a wall or struggle with injury. COULD being the keyword, I still love Conner moving forward, but no runner could be prepared for the workload usually given to LeVeon Bell. Injury is not probable or expected, but possible.


  1. chris barbee on November 16, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Good stuff as always. Chubb was well needed as a waiver wire addition a few weeks ago. Hoping Henry is next!

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