2022 Printable NFL Playoff Bracket

Print your 2022 NFL Playoff Bracket Now!

smitty-fantasyfootballLooking for a 2021-2022 Printable NFL Playoff Bracket (for office pools and contests)? Well, I, your man Smitty... I've got you covered...  and, this printable bracket even includes the Wild Card Games! And, it's in bracket form, not some confusing list.

Instructions: 1) Start with the Wild Card Predictions and once you have your THREE winners on each side of the bracket, you will place the lowest-remaining (worst seeded team) team next to the #1 Seed (TEN or GB depending on the side of the bracket you're on)...

2) Then, the remaining TWO teams, on each side, face-off against each other; slot them below the #1 seed game (in the two blank spots that have the * next to them).

Basically, that #1 seed (GB or TEN) is set to play the worst-left team, that's the advantage of having the top seed.

Watch my 1-Hour 2022 NFL Playoff Bracket and Playoff Picture show on YouTube.

Smitty's 2022 NFL Playoff Predictions (Bracket)


This is your 2021-2022 NFL Playoff Picture and bracket all in one. Print this bracket out and play the 2021-2022 NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Challenge.

Note: This is our best guess as to how the playoff outlook looks; there could be errors and we are not responsible for errors in the content or predictions provide, this is to only be used for fun.

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  1. Smitty on January 10, 2022 at 4:15 am

    Who you got?

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