2021: Calvin Ridley Outlook


Outlook: Get ready for the show! Oh, wait, Calvin Ridley is already a top 2-5WR right this second. The crazy part is, everyone and their mother was slightly undervaluing Ridley these past few weeks heading into this week. No one was going to steal Ridley away in 2021 drafts, not to an extreme degree anyway... however, we did several mock drafts on my YouTube Show (subscribe for free to the youtube show, we mock a lot!) and Ridley was near 3.01 ish... you won't sniff 3rd-round value now, that was concern and fear for me heading into the final couple games of 2020... that Ridley would drop such amazing numbers with Julio Jones out that he'd quickly climb from what was looking like 3.01 ish value into top 12-14 overall type value. He can still earn this value, though, so don't get discouraged out of drafting Ridley in 2021. Anytime a player can be a top 2-5WR and cost you only 2nd-round value, even if high second-round value... that's a win!

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  1. Smitty on December 20, 2020 at 8:17 pm

    Where you drafting Ridley if drafting today in 2021 redraft and 2021 dynasty?

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