2017: Todd Gurley Outlook

(5/5/17) Todd Gurley is heading into May 2017 with an extremely reasonable ADP (17-20 overall), in both redraft and dynasty. His current redraft and dynasty value appears near identical, and since the rusher is only 22 years old as of today, so my advice here is the same across all formats. Buy. Yes, his offense is concerning, as is his team’s passing game. Also, he was abused last year, as he consistently faced eight-man fronts. Still, the guy is a top 1-5 overall fantasy talent, and great players have thrived in bad offenses before. I think given he now is a low-end round two pick, draft or trade value-wise, the risk is minimal compared to the insane upside (top 1-5RB value). I think that even in that current STL offense, there is still the potential for 1,200-1,300 rushing yards, 10+ touchdowns and 200 or so receiving yards. As long as he stays healthy, even a bad year could get you 1,100 and 7-8TDs, which would warrant his current value of a late second-round pick. The risk is built into the current value! If in an existing dynasty league, toss out trade offers for the undervalued runner if you don’t currently own him. And, in redraft, I don’t anticipate his ADP changing much prior to some late preseason action, when he could change minds with just one long touchdown run. That means that for now, the guy is a steal and will remain a steal for the foreseeable future. Strike! Discuss this on our forums!

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