2017 Fantasy Football ADP (Rankings)

Below is our most updated 2017 Fantasy Football ADP (Average Draft Position) rankings list, which was compiled using several industry standard ADP lists. Where are fantasy football players getting drafted on average in 2017 fantasy football drafts? The ranking below is just that, and ADP, it is not Smitty’s ranking; however, Smitty has provided his commentary next to roughly the first 100 players… enjoy.

Updated: 8/30/17

RnkPlayerPosTMSmitty's Take On The ADP
1David JohnsonRBARIDJ and Bell are equals this year, both are 1.01-1.02 locks.
2LeVeon BellRBPITDJ and Bell are equals this year, both are 1.01-1.02 locks.
3Antonio BrownWRPITDJ and Bell are my locks at 1.01, but Brown has real appeal at 1.03 because he can finish first in any PPR format.
4Julio JonesWRATLI worry about his foot. If healthy, there is no doubting his ability to be top 5 overall at year's end.
5LeSean McCoyRBBUFI fear injury here as well. If healthy, he is a beast, but after years of abuse, I have my concerns about his 2017 top 5 ADP.
6Devonta FreemanRBATLI love Freeman this year, and if handcuffed to Coleman, you have arguably the safest RB start week in and week out, and you can actually use Coleman as a flex. But, if Freeman got hurt, Coleman would be a top 5-10RB, something that cannot be said for any other back-up in the league but maybe Derrick Henry.
7Odell Beckham JrWRNYGHe's banged up with an ankle injury, monitor his health. If ready to roll in Week 1, he should have no problem being a top 1-4WR this year in all formats.
8Mike EvansWRTBHis ADP is quite high. I think he can earn this, but he and McCoy seem like the two players that have a touch of risk with their super-high ADP status.
9Melvin GordonRBLACI think this is a safe place for a guy that can play in the 2-5RB scoring range.
10A.J. GreenWRCINSafe bet and he has upside for more.
11Jay AjayiRBMIAEqual parts risk and reward right here. He could be a top 3-7RB this year if he stays healthy. Health is the ONLY concern with Ajayi.
12Jordy NelsonWRGBDoes he still have one big year left? This ADP is a tad rich considering a drop off could arrive at any season.
13DeMarco MurrayRBTENIf handcuffed to Derrick Henry, like Freeman/Coleman, this is one extremely safe, yet undervalued, RB1. You have to have them handcuffed, though.
14Jordan HowardRBCHIDespite being a second-round pick, there is still some risk here. That said, the upside is near as good, thus the guy still has room to outperform this value.
15Michael ThomasWRNOThomas could be a top 2-5WR this year, so this seems safe. He has upside for more.
16Ezekiel ElliottRBDALThis seems about right, because as of 8/30/17, Zeke is having his appeal pushed through maybe Thursday, August 31. There are rumblings he could push his entire suspension into 2018, and there are other rumblings saying he could come out of Thursday's process with his 6 game ban. There is much guess work taking place here, but even if you pair him with McFadden (playing 6 games, Zeke playing 10), you have arguably a top 5RB in 16 uses between the two. Keep this in mind as he falls further from this kind of value, as you have to factor in the replacement points with Zeke's season, as that adds up to huge points still. Top 5 huge!
17Todd GurleyRBLARBounce-back year? I believe so, as the Rams look much improved this preseason.
18Dez BryantWRDALI think he has a strong shot to earn this value, but this is the highest I'd rank the guy, as I always fear injury.
19Rob GronkowskiTENEI think Gronk easily earns this value, assuming he stays relatively healthy. He gets double the salary this year (nearing $10 million) if he plays 90 percent of the snaps and catches 1200 yards… folks, that is incentive if I've ever seen it. I think he will be in for a year to rival his career year!
20Amari CooperWROAKBounce-back stud? I think so.
21Aaron RodgersQBGBThis may seem high, and there are reasons to go QB late given how deep the QB pool is this year. That said, Rodgers, Brees and Brady all have 40TD upside, which means they are a giant tier above the rest, so it's all relative when you compare who you'd get if you passed on such a passer and drafted a WR (vs going with one of these top 3 guys and a WR later where you would consider a bargain QB).
22Leonard FournetteRBJACI think in PPR, he still has top 10-15RB appeal as a rookie. He has 10TD upside.
23Brandin CooksWRNEGet ready for a big-time season. He is impossible to shutdown in an offense that has so many weapons. That makes him dangerous and setup for big plays in 2017.
24Marshawn LynchRBOAKThis seems way too high these days. I like Lynch as a sleeper, but sleeper value this is not.
25Isaiah CrowellRBCLEToo high. He has upside, sure, but lots of risk, too. I let someone else take this risk.
26Christian McCaffreyRBCARIn PPR, this is actually maybe a steal.
27Tom BradyQBNEThis could be a big monster steal given this could be a year that rivals his career year with Randy Moss on the roster. My favorite drafted teams so far this year involved Brady and Gron in the 2nd and 3rd, with a RB grabbed in round one.
28Dalvin CookRBMINIn PPR, this is easily attainable.
29DeAndre HopkinsWRHOUSteal given this was a WR2-4 overall heading into last year. He still has that upside, it was his offense, which should have a much better passing attack in 2017.
30T.Y. HiltonWRINDWith Luck banged up and uncertain for Week 1, and maybe longer, this puts Hilton in a high risk zone now.
31Lamar MillerRBHOUHigh-risk. I like Miller, but this is someone's third-drafted player if taken here. This is not where you want your risk overloaded.
32Terrelle PryorWRWASGood upside, but this is about a round too rich for me.
33Doug BaldwinWRSEAThis is a round too rich for me despite last year.
34Carlos HydeRBSFHis value is increasing lately. If healthy, he can easily earn this.
35Keenan AllenWRLACI worry about Allen. If had later, I like him, but I pass here given some safer options are available.
36Demaryius ThomasWRDENSleeper if he falls a touch further than this, but this is about right for an even return.
37Joe MixonRBCINBig upside and big risk, but you can handcuff him pretty easily.
38Ty MontgomeryRBGBDecent appeal, but a good amount of risk still in the 30s.
39Travis KelceTEKCGreat value given he could score 10TDs this year and be like a top 12WR.
40Tyreek HillWRKCStrong upside.
41Alshon JefferyWRPHIGood value.
42Drew BreesQBNOMonster steal given he can be a top 1-3QB this year. I love drafting Brees in the middle of the 30s let alone 40s.
43Davante AdamsWRGBAbout right value wise.
44Martavis BryantWRPITHis ADP is climbing, but he can still outperform this value. He is bleeding upside.
45Kareem HuntRBKCAfter the season-ending Ware ACL tear, his ADP is kind of unknown. This is somewhat right, for now, but I can see it climbing into the low 30s, and that would be about right (pair him with West)! So, he has good upside here in the middle of the 40s.
46CJ AndersonRBDENToo much risk, but pair him with Jamaal Charles and you may have a safe play.
47Kelvin BenjaminWRCARHigh-risk, but still a decent amount of reward considering.
48Doug MartinRBTBDraft and stash. Wow, I've seen him go in the 70s and 80s, too, so this ADP seems unrleiable only because people are drafting him all over the place. If cuffed to Quizz Rodgers, you have a sneaky top 10-15RB in 2017. Sleeper idea here, but you need the duo.
49Michael CrabtreeWROAKI know he was amazing last year, but this ADP is too high given Cooper should evolve into a top 5-10WR.
50Allen RobinsonWRJACHigh-risk, but still high-reward.
51Ameer AbdullahRBDETHigh-risk, high-reward. I loved this guy two years ago, he was a top 10 Bold Prediction.
52Adrian PetersonRBNOHuge upside outside the top 50 overall.
53Greg OlsenTECARHe can still be a stud. He is falling far. This is strong value.
54Mark IngramRBNOHigh-risk at this level, but he and AP together is a solid cheap man's RB2.
55Jordan ReedTEWASAlways hurt, but elite when starting, so this is about right and still has room for upside.
56Mike GillisleeRBNESleeper.
57Matt RyanQBATLSolid value even after a big year, which is good, as he will be less likely to disappoint here.
58Golden TateWRDETOvervalued.
59Brandon MarshallWRNYGWill he stay healthy?
60Jimmy GrahamTESEASolid value, top 2-5TE.
61Sammy WatkinsWRLARSolid value, as he still has low-end WR1 potential, but of course, do not buy him there.
62Larry FitzgeraldWRARIGood value.
63Bilal PowellRBNYJIntriguing, but could disappoint or surprise.
64Stefon DiggsWRMINGood value, he has good WR3 appeal with room for more upside.
65LeGarrette BlountRBPHINot horrible risk here, but still a risk.
66Derrick HenryRBTENSleeper of the draft at this value. He can be your home run secret weapon at the 65-70 overall range. Invest! Murray owners should handcuff at all costs, but non Murray owners should try and grab him before the Murray owner does.
67Darren McFaddenRBDALHe could be a strong RB2 per start. We should know more on Elliott's suspension soon.
68Jarvis LandryWRMIAGood value for a WR that could pull in 100 passes.
69Jamison CrowderWRWASGood value.
70Russell WilsonQBSEADecent value.
71Tyler EifertTECINInjured all the time, but good talent.
72DeVante ParkerWRMIASleeper.
73Derek CarrQBOAKGreat value for a guy everyone knows is on the rise.
74Willie SneadWRNODecent value.
75Rob KelleyRBWASSleeper, but pair with the rookie.
76Tevin ColemanRBATLLike Henry, here is your sleeper secret weapon of 2017. Freeman owners should own him at all costs, but non Freeman owners would be smart to grab him first.
77Martellus BennettTEGBCould be huge given the cost here.
78Paul PerkinsRBNYGI was excited about him, but he hasn't impressed so far.
79Jameis WinstonQBTBBreakout.
80Frank GoreRBINDMarlon Mack is my sleeper in this situation.
81Emmanuel SandersWRDENDecent value.
82Marcus MariotaQBTENDecent value.
83Delanie WalkerTETENGood value.
84DeSean JacksonWRTBDecent value.
85Terrance WestRBBALDecent value.
86Danny WoodheadRBBAL
87Kirk CousinsQBWASBreakout, and because QBs are rich this year, he could fall this far by default. He could be the next rising star. Many see it coming, but ask yourself why he has a 87 overall ADP. It's kinda crazy.
88Eddie LacyRBSEAPotential bust, but this value isn't bad, almost worth taking.
89Eric DeckerWRTENDecent WR3/4.
90Thomas RawlsRBSEA
91Kyle RudolphTEMIN
92Pierre GarconWRSF
93Cam NewtonQBCAR
94Andrew LuckQBINDHis health is in question, but he is falling to good value, worth grabbing as your backup.
95Jeremy MaclinWRBAL
96Randall CobbWRGB
97Jacquizz RodgersRBTBHe will start while Martin misses his 3 games. The duo is strong.
98Jonathan StewartRBCAR
99Zach ErtzTEPHI
100Tyrell WilliamsWRLACSleeper.
101Ben RoethlisbergerQBPITSleeper QB this year because his ADP is, yep, in the 90-100 range.
102Jamaal WilliamsRBGB
103Samaje PerineRBWAS
104Denver DefenseDEFDEN
105Donte MoncriefWRIND
106Hunter HenryTELAC
107Philip RiversQBLAC
108Jeremy HillRBCIN
109Corey DavisWRTEN
110Marvin JonesWRDET
111Houston DefenseDEFHOU
112Corey ColemanWRCLE
113Dak PrescottQBDAL
114John BrownWRARI
115Kansas City DefenseDEFKC
116Jordan MatthewsWRBUF
117Theo RiddickRBDET
118Matthew StaffordQBDET
119Seattle DefenseDEFSEA
120Duke JohnsonRBCLE
121Rex BurkheadRBNE
122Adam ThielenWRMIN
123Jamaal CharlesRBDEN
124Latavius MurrayRBMIN
125New England DefenseDEFNE
126Kenny BrittWRCLE
127Chris HoganWRNE
128Minnesota DefenseDEFMIN
129Matt ForteRBNYJ
130Rishard MatthewsWRTEN
131Jack DoyleTEIND
132Andy DaltonQBCIN
133Zay JonesWRBUF
134Eli ManningQBNYG
135Carson WentzQBPHI
136Arizona DefenseDEFARI
137Mike WallaceWRBAL
138Kenny GolladayWRDET
139Ted Ginn JrWRNO
140Cooper KuppWRLAR
141Marlon MackRBIND
142CJ ProsiseRBSEA
143NY Giants DefenseDEFNYG
144Carson PalmerQBARI
145O.J. HowardTETB
146Taylor GabrielWRATL
147Justin TuckerPKBAL
148Eric EbronTEDET
149Jason WittenTEDAL
150Jared CookTEOAK
151Stephen GostkowskiPKNE
152Antonio GatesTELAC
153Jonathan WilliamsRBBUF
154Charcandrick WestRBKC
155Carolina DefenseDEFCAR
156James WhiteRBNE
157Joe WilliamsRBSF
158Sterling ShepardWRNYG
159Cole BeasleyWRDAL
160Austin HooperTEATL
161Donta ForemanRBHOU
162Coby FleenerTENO
163Danny AmendolaWRNE
164Tyrod TaylorQBBUF

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