smitty fantasy football advice Ok, so it’s the day after the 2016 NFL Super Bowl, so that means it’s time for our traditional Day After the NFL Super Bowl 2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft! This is a redraft mock draft with PPR thinking. Who is the 1.01? Let’s get to it!

Round One | Round Two

2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Date: 2/8/2016

Round One

1.01 – Todd Gurley (RB)
1.02 – Antonio Brown (WR)
1.03 – Julio Jones (WR)
1.04 – Deandre Hopkins (WR)
1.05 – Le’veon Bell (RB)
1.06 – Devonta Freeman (RB)
1.07 – Odell Beckham Jr. (WR)
1.08 – Dez Bryant (WR)
1.09 – Rob Gronkowski (TE)
1.10 – Adrian Peterson (RB)
1.11 – Jamaal Charles (RB)
1.12 – Aj Green (WR)

Round Two

2.01 – David Johnson (RB)
2.02 – Allen Robinson (WR)
2.03 – Amari Cooper (WR)
2.04 – Demaryius Thomas (WR)
2.05 – Matt Forte (RB)
2.06 – Lesean Mccoy (RB)
2.07 – Doug Martin (RB)
2.08 – Mike Evans (WR)
2.09 – Demarco Murray (RB)
2.10 – Thomas Rawls (RB)
2.11 – Aaron Rodgers (QB)
2.12 – Andrew Luck (QB)

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Smitty’s Take: One could easily argue that any single one of those players inside the top 1-7 overall belongs at No. 1 overall. This coming year’s top 1-7 is just flat-out stacked. That said, Todd Gurley is far and away the safest elite fantasy football rusher in 2016. Does this carry less weight these days given the devaluation of running backs in fantasy football? Or, is the limited number of “absolute locks” at RB1 making Gurley the best 1.01 value since the good old LaDanian Tomlinson days? It’s tough to say for certain, and an argument can be made on either side of this. My take is this… if you own the 1.01 heading into 2016 (redraft or dynasty), Todd Gurley sticks out like a swollen thumb, much more so than any single wide receiver does… AJ Green at 1.12 could be a top 1-3WR in 2016… even Amari Cooper or Allen Robinson, both at 2.03 and 2.02 have top 1-5WR appeal. So, am I suggesting that I don’t like the WR/WR approach this year? No. That is not what I’m suggesting, however, look at how solid the top 10-12 overall rushers look heading into 2016:

1) Todd Gurley, 2) LeVeon Bell, 3) Devonta Freeman, 4) Adrian Peterson, 5) David Johnson, 6) Jamaal Charles, 7) Matt Forte (assuming he lands in a great spot), 8) Doug Martin, 9) LeSean McCoy, 10) DeMarco Murray, 11) Thomas Rawls, 12) Lamar Miller

That’s a strong group this year. The crazy part, though, is how weak, or shaky-looking, the fantasy RB2 pool looks this year. Past those elite 12RBs, the drop off is significant:

TJ Yeldon, Mark Ingram, Jeremy Hill, Eddie Lacy, Carlos Hyde, CJ Anderson, Latavius Murray, Arian Foster, Melvin Gordon

… that is quite significant. It’s not that players like Yeldon or Hill or Hyde can’t bounce-back and be very solid producers, but they would make for scary RB1s for any fantasy team, meaning, you almost can’t miss out on going RB with at least one of your first two picks in 2016, not unless you’re landing two Dez Bryant types.

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