2016 Mock Draft in April (PPR, Dynasty)

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Below is a dynasty 2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (PPR, Dynasty, drafters were SleeperU forum users). Thanks to all who participated in this fantasy football 2016 mock draft. Note: While I had a hand in a few picks, as we just rotated picking on our SleeperU Forum, I decided to attach a one or two sentence analysis to each selection, regardless of who made the selection.

2016 Mock Draft | Dynasty, PPR

Date: 4/19/2016

Round One

Round One

1.01 Todd Gurley – To me, there is no clearer 1.01. A handful of wide receivers deserve consideration, but this is the beast at his position.
1.02 Odell Beckham – I have a few wide receivers ahead of him, but it’s very close, so he is easily worth this grab.
1.03 Le’Veon Bell – His knee recovery is the ONLY concern. If healthy, something he still has to prove, he is right there behind Gurley.
1.04 Antonio Brown – Arguably 1.01 worthy, so this is actually great value even though it’s a top four pick.
1.05 DeAndre Hopkins – Honestly, folks, I think he has a great shot at finishing as this year’s top fantasy football wide receiver!
1.06 Julio Jones – His foot will always concern me/us, but he is a top five overall lock and worth the risk!
1.07 Allen Robinson – This is a bit high for me, even though he has the talent and situation to earn this value. Still, it feels high-risk/medium-reward vs being able to get him at the top of the second-round.
1.08 A.J. Green – I like this value, as it’s both safe and low-risk.
1.09 Doug Martin – Hard to argue this slot, and some would say he deserves to go higher. I myself worry about him failing fantasy owners again, so 1.09-2.04 seems safe to me.
1.10 Amari Cooper – I think this guy takes a HUGE step forward in 2016. You may get him a touch lower in some startups, which is good, but he is this good.
1.11 David Johnson – This guy fell far. I have him in the top five overall.
1.12 Rob Gronkowski – This is a good spot given he is getting older and this builds in some risk. Great slot.

Round Two

Round Two

2.01 Mike Evans – A touch high, but I’m only talking a handful of picks.
2.02 Dez Bryant – Great value, given he could explode from this spot. However, I feel 2.01-2.03 seems about right given there is risk and this builds that risk in.
2.03 Sammy Watkins – I love the receiver, he was an Upside Board (bold prediction) last year. So, clearly I love him, but I say 2.05-2.12 feels safer?
2.04 Keenan Allen – Same thing I said about Sammy Watkins above, include being on the Upside Board (bold predictions), applies here.
2.05 Zeke Elliott – I love this draft slot. He has top 1.5-1.12 upside. This feels like super low-risk right here.
2.06 Cam Newton – A tad high for me.
2.07 Andrew Luck – A tough high given ADPs right now, but I easily think he’s worth the selection. That said, use ADPs to your advantage and grab him in the third-round, not second!
2.08 Aaron Rodgers – Same thing that was said above about Andrew Luck above can apply here.
2.09 Alshon Jeffrey – Always an injury risk and I’m a touch more comfortable with him about 3-4 spots later, which means I may never own him.
2.10 Demaryius Thomas – Good value and this value has risk (QB, offensive changes?) built in.
2.11 Devontae Freeman – This is crazy-good value with little risk. He can be a top fiver overall player. The risk is built in, don’t let him fall past this slot in any upcoming draft you have. Trade for him at this value as well.
2.12 Jamaal Charles – Solid value given he could have 1-2 elite years left, and likely at least one year.

Round Three

Round Three

3.01 Lamar Miller – Solid value. I repeat, solid value. He has top 5-10 overall value, folks.
3.02 Adrian Peterson – Even in a dynasty league, AP commands top 25-30 overall value. He can do so much damage even if he plays just one more year.
3.03 DeMarco Murray – I like this value. In the third-round, the risk is built in. His upside is top 5-8RB value.
3.04 Jarvis Landry – Great value, as he has WR1 appeal. He might be the last WR1-capable receiver left.
3.05 Julian Edelman – Solid, but longevity is a concern.
3.06 Brandin Cooks – Solid value, but any higher and the risk starts equaling the upside. I think he could take a big step forward, or backwards, hence the conservative slotting.
3.07 Lesean McCoy – Solid value given it feels low-risk. He still has top 5RB appeal, so here is your bargain RB1 right here, folks.
3.08 Russell Wilson – A tad high. If I’m not going Luck or Rodgers, I’m waiting at QB (in dynasty).
3.09 Randall Cobb – Risky to count on him any higher, but solid value here.
3.10 Ty Hilton – His breakout last year had everything to do with the bust season out of Luck.
3.11 Jordy Nelson – Solid for 1-2 more years, which makes this about right.
3.12 Jordan Matthews – He could take a big step forward this year!

Round Four

Round Four

4.01 Devante Parker – I love his ability, so this isn’t too much of a stretch. I still have Landry slotted as WR1-worthy, so Parker could be a year away from this value, though.
4.02 Mark Ingram – Always capable, but always risky to count on.
4.03 Thomas Rawls – Great value given the risk is low as a fourth-drafted player. I’ve seen him in the second-round in some drafts, and this low in others. His value is hard to get a grip on, but if SEA passes on a RB in the draft, I bet his value climbs near top 25 overall or higher.
4.04 Kevin White – I need to see more before I value him here.
4.05 Kelvin Benjamin – Injury concerns until he proves otherwise.
4.06 Carlos Hyde – Great value. He could flop under Chip Kelly, which is frustrating, but if Kelly uses him properly, he has first-round appeal. So, this screams sleeper candidate and breakout.
4.07 CJ Anderson – Great value given DEN is paying him starter money. His workload should not be questioned, only his ability to stay on the field.
4.08 Matt Forte – Decent value for a runner that may post top 5-8RB numbers for one more season.
4.09 Eddie Lacy – Great value. He has his weight down and could rebound into a RB1.
4.10 Blake Bortles – Easily top 5QB worthy.
4.11 Brandon Marshall – He is getting up there… time to sell if you own him already, and if you draft him high, consider selling while he is playing well.
4.12 Michael Floyd – Tough to expect 4th-round value – yet.


  1. Allen Hooten on April 19, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    Nice work buddy! 🙂

  2. rabidbucfan on April 19, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    Picks I really like:
    A. Brown – could go 1.01
    Gronk Smash – he’s got his own cruise
    S.Watkins – he stays healthy he has top 5 WR potential
    K. Allen – see Watkins
    D. Freeman – huge potential
    J. Matthews – solid value
    K. Benjamin – if healthy he will once again be force fed the ball and with just a little help from his friends to 15
    CJ Anderson – going to get the ball a lot
    B. Bortles – would take him as my QB without hesitation

    Meh picks:
    M. Evans – I know he’s a Buc however he has developed KY hands (stole that from someone) and it’s an issue
    A. Luck – just think it was to early
    D. Thomas – lack of QB is a concern for me
    K. White – agree 100% with Smitty on this one

    • Smitty on April 20, 2016 at 2:13 am

      Nice take @rabidbucfan

  3. Darrell Hodge on April 20, 2016 at 7:40 am

    Surprised to see guys like Kevin White and Hyde drafted this high. Danny Woodhead’s age should help Melvin Gordon get onto this list soon although I’m still holding out hope for Brandon Oliver. After seeing my 1.01 pick of Bishop Sankey drop out of existance, I have serious doubts about DeMarco Murray being fantasy relevant in 2016 and would much rather invest in someone like the other Murray, Latavius.

    • Whos_Ur_Doggie on April 20, 2016 at 10:24 am

      Please tell me you aren’t comparing Bishop to D. Murray, lol.

    • Smitty on April 21, 2016 at 5:34 am

      Nice take, Darrell Hodge. Keep it coming. All of your concerns are warranted, but I do like DeMarco a lot this year, his risk is built into the low, low value IMO. Sankey did vanish quick, didn’t he? As for Lat. Murray, yes, I worry too, I fear his chance is gone now. Who knows, though..

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