2016 Defensive Rankings (DST)

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Looking for early 2016 Defensive (DST) Fantasy Football Rankings as we head into June? Below you will find a table of all 32 NFL Defenses and a column for “2015 Finish Rank” from last year (our rank), “Smitty’s 2016 Rank” and then an “Power Ranking for 2016”, which is the average of the two. Notice the few teams that are bolded, those are the teams we think will outperform what most expect.

Note: Smitty’s cheatsheet rank has more of a Dynasty & Redraft mix to it. Enjoy.

Power Rank for 2016TeamBye2015 Finish RankSmitty’s 2016 Rank
1.5Denver Broncos1112
2Arizona Cardinals931
4Seattle Seahawks553
4Carolina Panthers744
4Kansas City Chiefs526
5.5Houston Texans965
8Pittsburgh Steelers888
11.5Los Angeles Rams81211
11.5New England Patriots91013
11.5Minnesota Vikings6716
12.5Philadelphia Eagles4169
13Washington Redskins91412
13New York Jets111115
13Cincinnati Bengals9917
15.5Green Bay Packers41318
16.5Jacksonville Jaguars5267
17Miami Dolphins82410
18Buffalo Bills102214
18.5Oakland Raiders101720
19Baltimore Ravens81919
20.5Detroit Lions102021
21.5Indianapolis Colts101528
22Tampa Bay Buccaneers61826
22.5Tennessee Titans132322
25Dallas Cowboys72525
25.5New York Giants82823
25.5Chicago Bears92724
25.5Atlanta Falcons112130
28.5Cleveland Browns133027
30San Diego Chargers112931
30.5San Francisco 49ers83229
31.5New Orleans Saints53132

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  1. Seth Kaufman on August 7, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    these gonna be updated for 2017?

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