smitty-fantasyfootball Below are my 2022 Rookie RB Rankings. This class has 3-4 really solid prospects, so don't listen to the shade many are tossing on this group... read the write-ups below and watch the film. Then judge. Kenneth Walker, Breece Hall and Rachaad White are all electric, and guys like Zach Charbonnet and James Cook have huge appeal if teamsl buy into them and draft them into starting positions.

1. Kenneth Walker III

RB | Michigan State


Height: 5-10
Weight: 210

Smitty Prediction: Top 5-9RB in NFL

Kenneth Walker is electric. He has a nose for the end zone and the ability to completely take over a game single-handedly. Very few rushers, in any draft class, possess that sort of capability. Checkout the included video, which shows Walker putting his entire team on his back scoring 5TDs, totaling 197 yards on just 23 carries. The footage is straight madness. If in the right spot, I have no doubt that Walker could become a top 5RB at the NFL level. Situation is king, though. If you hold the 1.01 in your upcoming 2022 rookie-only draft, this is the lead dog right here. He's my clear-cut 1.01 right now.


2. Breece Hall

RB | Iowa State


Height: 6-1
Weight: 220

Smitty Prediction: Top 10RB

Breece Hall is a load. He is built like a tank and is a goal line monster. Ready for an INSANE stat? He has scored at least 1TD in his last 24-straight starts. That's two-straight seasons with at least 1TD in every single game... all 24 games. Straight. He runs a lot like Javonte Williams, and he breaks tackles like him as well. He had 1,472 (5.8 YPC) and 20TDs on the ground in 2021, and has over 4,675 yards from scrimmage and 56 TDs over the last three years. The dude can catch as well as anyone in this draft class. If in the right spot, he has top 10RB upside written all over him.


3. Rachaad White

RB | Arizona State


Height: 6-2
Weight: 210

Smitty Prediction: Top 7-15RB

Ok, so this one is going to be bold. Rachaad White is not going to rank this high on near anyone's rookie running back rankings; however, do you think I care? My job is to tell you what I see. Could my ranking of him here at #3 (out of all running backs) change if teams don't appear to believe that he's starter material? Of course, situation is king, as I keep suggesting all over these rookie profiles. Until then, though, I'm here to tell you... Rachaad White has the talent to be the best rookie running back in this draft class. Watch the video I have included in this write-up, and notice I have the video setup to play at about 2:33 into the video (if it doesn't begin there, forward to that point)... this single play alone showcases his receiving ability, strength and ability to navigate open spaces at an elite level... this is an Alvin Kamara type of rusher with a 6-2/210-pound frame. Again, how coaches view him will determine his shot; however, if given a shot, he's gonna be the #1 surprise runner from this 2022 draft class. Book it.


4. Zach Charbonnet



Height: 6-1
Weight: 220

Smitty Prediction: TBA

Ok, so this kid is super undervalued. Watch the footage attached and comment below with how powerful he looks. As much as I love every running back listed above, not one of them has the power Zach Charbonnet has. My jaw dropped watching his footage, as I'm sure yours did as well. Let's hope this kid gets a shot to start at the NFL level, as he would likely mature very quickly. Because he is going so unnoticed across both the fantasy and NFL scouting industries, it's safe to say he could get overlooked on draft day, which will be a shame. His combine and Pro Days could be his meal ticket. I'm excited to see how this plays out.

5. Isaiah Spiller

RB | Texas A&M


Height: 6-1
Weight: 215

Smitty Prediction: Top 10RB

Isaiah Spiller has back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons coming out of 2021, and while he never had double-digit TD seasons in either of his big years in 2021 and 2020, he pulled in over 20 receptions in each of his three college seasons. I like Spiller, I do, but I don't see the same level of talent that I see in Kenneth Walker, Breece Hall and Rachaad White.. those three have 'elite' talent, Spiller needs a phenomenal situation to be a top 10RB. It's possible that he finds that situation, no doubt... and, of course, he could improve and mature and climb into elite talent levels... but, for now, I rank him here below the four most-talented rushers from this class: Kenneth Walker, Breece HallRachaad White and Zach Charbonnet (yes, I know that he isn't on many radars).

6. James Cook

RB | Georgia


Height: 5-11
Weight: 190

Smitty Prediction: TBA

Georgia used 3RBs and had a 3-headed monster at the position, so it is very hard to evaluate all of the Georgia rushers. And, their stats were all diluted given the x3 timeshare that took place in 2021. James Cook may have only rushed for 619 yards and 7TDs (with 21/157/3TDs via the air), but he looked explosive every time he touched the football in 2021. He runs a lot like Dalvin Cook, and looks 220 pounds, but he is actually only 190 pounds. That is kind of concerning, but part of me wonders if that weight is way off. We shall see during his Pro Day(s) and Combine weigh-ins. Watch this rusher, as he has huge upside if drafted to start for an NFL team in 2022. He feels like the most exciting of the Georgia rushers, but Zamir White might have something to say about that.