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2018 Mock Draft

2018 Mock Draft

Redraft, PPR | Early 2018 fantasy football mock draft | 11-16-2017

    Round One

  1. Le’veon Bell (RB)
  2. David Johnson (RB)
  3. Ezekiel Elliott (RB)
  4. Todd Gurley (RB)
  5. Antonio Brown (WR)
  6. Kareem Hunt (RB)
  7. Odell Beckham (WR)
  8. Leonard Fournette (RB)
  9. Aj Green (WR)
  10. Julio Jones (WR)
  11. Aaron Rodgers (QB)
  12. Melvin Gordon (RB)
  13. Round Two

  14. Carson Wentz (QB)
  15. Deshaun Watson (QB)
  16. Mike Evans (WR)
  17. Deandre Hopkins (WR)
  18. Michael Thomas (WR)
  19. Jordan Howard (RB)
  20. Devonta Freeman (RB)
  21. Christian Mccaffrey (RB)
  22. Alvin Kamara (RB)
  23. Lesean Mccoy (RB)
  24. Brandin Cooks (WR)
  25. Travis Kelce (TE)
  26. Round Three

  27. Tom Brady (QB)
  28. Drew Brees (QB)
  29. Rob Gronkowski (TE)
  30. Jay Ajayi (RB)
  31. Ty Hilton (WR)
  32. Amari Cooper (WR)
  33. Carlos Hyde (RB)
  34. Corey Davis (WR)
  35. Tyreek Hill (WR)
  36. Tevin Coleman (RB)
  37. Joe Mixon (RB)
  38. Derrick Henry (RB)
  39. Round Four

  40. Dez Bryant (WR)
  41. Dalvin Cook (RB)
  42. Doug Baldwin (WR)
  43. Demarco Murray (RB)
  44. Dak Prescott (QB)
  45. Russell Wilson (QB)
  46. Juju Smith-schuster (WR)
  47. Keenan Allen (WR)
  48. Stefon Diggs (WR)
  49. Mark Ingram (RB)
  50. Jordy Nelson (WR)
  51. Davante Adams (WR)
  52. Round Five

  53. Michael Crabtree (WR)
  54. Josh Gordon (WR)
  55. Alshon Jeffery (WR)
  56. Derek Carr (QB)
  57. Kirk Cousins (QB)
  58. Andrew Luck (QB)
  59. Kelvin Benjamin (WR)
  60. Sammy Watkins (WR)
  61. Adam Thielen (WR)
  62. Demaryius Thomas (WR)
  63. Jamison Crowder (WR)
  64. Cam Newton (QB)

Just missed: Greg Olsen, Tarik Cohen, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Jordan Reed, Aaron Jones, Jameis Winston, Ty Montgomery, Emmanuel Sanders, Lamar Miller, Alex Collins, Delanie Walker and more.

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Round One Analysis

As of today, November 16th, 2017, I think it’s safe to say that all four of LeVeon Bell, David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott and Todd Gurley make a strong case for the 1.01 heading into super-early 2018 fantasy football mock drafts. Despite kind of an up-and-down year, one could certainly argue that Antonio Brown still has 1.01 value. And, I agree. Keep in mind, we are still talking redraft and PPR. Johnson (injury) and Elliott (suspension) are harder to trust coming off disappointing 2017 campaigns, so Bell and Gurley, assuming both play strong through Week 16 this season, could feel the safest heading into early mock drafts come January, 2018. In the end, though, when push comes to shove in August 2018, I expect, if healthy, both Johnson and Bell will firmly settle into the 1.01 and 1.02 value. No matter what, there are five amazing options in picks 1-5 in 2018. That’s the real takeaway here.

So, past those five, Odell Beckham, Kareem Hunt, Leonard Fournette, AJ Green and Julio Jones seem to have 1.06 – 1.10 on lock, and aside from the order of those five within that 6-10 overall, it’s a pretty clear-cut top 10 overall heading into 2018 (so far).

From 10 on, that’s where things get interesting and likely very all over the map from one perspective to another. I myself love Melvin Gordon, despite his ups and downs here in 2018. Now, this can change, as it’s only Week 11 as of this write-up. Things can change in either direction, though. As of today, many doubt him, so my guess is his ADP, if we were to calculate it as of this very moment, would be near the 1.10-2.04 range. If he finishes strong in Weeks 11-16, he could easily climb a handful of spots higher. I think Aaron Rodgers needs to be waited on and not take in the top 12 overall (in most formats), but I think his value is in that 10-12 overall range. So, let him fall, but know that value-wise, you’re likely getting a top 10-12 overall value in Rodgers in 2018.

Round Two Analysis

Carson Wentz is one of those players that will climb value boards a ton this coming off-season. Same thing goes for Deshaun Watson… these are the QBs of the future, and frankly, they are already here, so they are kind of the ‘now’ as well – already. I wouldn’t be shocked if this ranking seems high to some for both of these passers, but I bet they settle into this kind of value by April or May of 2018.

Mike Evans has taken a big hit and value this year, as Winston and the Bucs have struggled. He had top 4-8 overall value in PPR dynasty startups back in August, so if he falls even halfway into the 2nd-round next year in drafts, that’s a low-risk/high-reward situation brewing.

Deandre Hopkins is easily a top 1-5WR talent wise, and he is finally back in the elite top 5 performance wise, this coming off a horrible 2016 campaign. Some doubted his return to the elite top 5, but the development of Deshaun Watson has Hopkins’ locked into secure status. A QB makes all the difference in the world, look at Hopkins’ fall from elite last year… look at Mike Evans’ fall this year with QB instability. It’s important, and not many elite WRs have a better passer than Watson!

Michael Thomas could really develop in his next season. He has been steady and awesome through Week 11, but of course more TDs would have been nice through 11 games of the NFL season. He may pull those missing TD grabs in in Weeks 12-17, who knows, but my guess is that all our huge expectations were a touch early in 2017, but that doesn’t mean he won’t reach the heights many of us predicted.

Alvin Kamara, as predicted on our 2017 Bold Predictions, is a rising star. The question is, does he have top 12-14 overall value? Is he slotted in too low in this mock?

Jordan Howard, Devonta Freeman and Lesean Mccoy are all the riskiest players in this round. By far. Injury, age, situation, the risk is real.

Christian Mccaffrey looks like a strong 2nd-round PPR rusher heading into 2018, but his finish will determine a lot.

Round Three Analysis

Round Three Analysis Is Coming…

Stock Market: McCoy, Bell..


Sell LeSean McCoy before Week 4? MCCOY

(9/30/17) LeSean McCoy is 29, and he has played eight starting seasons on his resume. While there is a chance he has one more elite year left (specifically this remaining Weeks 4-16), I can’t help but feel the odds are more likely leaning in the direction of… Continue Reading


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Stock Market: Ezekiel Elliott could still face a suspension this year?


Ezekiel Elliott could still face a suspension this year?  ZEKE

(9/22/17) Ezekiel Elliott now has a hearing with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which will take place on October 2nd. So, this means that Elliott is able to play the next two weeks. However, depending on the decision made by the Fifth Circuit Court, his 6-game suspension could kick in.  If you can… Continue Reading  


Stock Market: Mike Thomas & LeVeon Bell

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Mike Thomas a buy-low? MT

(9/21/17) For current owners, Mike Thomas is ‘hold’ right now entering Week 3 of the 2017 fantasy football season. This also means he is a great buy-low for those of you that do not own him. He hasn’t had a big game yet,
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LeVeon Bell a buy-low? BELL

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Week 2 Waiver Wire Adds

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Tarik Cohen (RB/CHI)

I posted a Stock Market write-up on Friday on this guy, and sent out a Sunday morning email on the kid. He was my gut feeling of the start of the season, much like Dak Prescott was last year. Well, it didn’t take him even half a game to shine, and as crazy as this sounds, he may have unseated Jordan Howard already… if not full-time, at least half-time. That’s a huge blow to Howard owners, but hopefully many of you capitalized off of my Stash and Grab Article on Friday, which highlighted grabbing both Cohen and Carson. If either is still available in your league, especially Cohen, grab them! Cohen is such an exciting player, a weapon Chicago cannot keep off the field. He is only 5-6, 179 pounds, but he’s lightning quick, has wiggle like Darren Sproles, and power like no 5-6 rusher I’ve seen. In Week 1, his NFL debut, Cohen rushed five times for 66 yards and caught 8-of-12 targets for 47 yards and a touchdown. Howard is still the starter, but what does that even mean after Cohen’s electric performance on Sunday? Howard didn’t do himself any favors dropping the would-be touchdown pass at the goal line with seconds left in the contest.

Buck Allen (RB/BAL)

(Update) 9/12/17: With Danny Woodhead out a significant amount of time, sources suggest, Allen has some decent appeal.

Kerwynn Williams/Andre Ellington/DJ Foster (RB/AZ)

(Update) – 9/12/17: It looks like most sources are pointing to a 2-4 Week timeframe for DJ to miss, or a 3-4 month timeframe. DJ is getting a second opinion, most likely speaking to the 3-4 month timeframe some fear. Nothing is clear just yet, but none of these runners are worth what Cohen is up above.
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Chris Carson (RB/SEA)

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Kenny Golladay (WR/DET)

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DeShaun Watson (QB/HOU)

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Austin Hooper (TE/ATL)

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Nelson Agholor (WR/PHI)

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Chris Thompson (RB/WAS)

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Jesse James (TE/PIT)

A good TD.. Continue Reading

Mike Tolbert (RB/BUF)

Shady got.. Continue Reading

Allen Hurns (WR/JAC)

Allen Robinson tore his ACL..Continue Reading

DeShone Kizer (QB/CLE)

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Charles Clay (TE/BUF)

A TD.. Continue Reading

Stock Market: Tarik Cohen a grab and stash?


Tarik Cohen could be a gem in 2017? :: COHEN

(9/8/17) Tarik Cohen is a beast pound for pound. He is only 5-6, 179 pounds, but he has quicks and cutting ability like faster version of a Darren Sproles. Jordan Howard is the starter, and I am not suggesting a takeover, but I will say that all Howard owners better… Continue Reading


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Kareem Hunt :: HUNT

(9/8/17) What a beast Kareem Hunt was in his rookie debut on Thursday night against the Patriots. Hunt rushed 17 times for 148 yards and a touchdown, adding five receptions for 98 yards and two additional touchdowns. Yeah. He was fantastic. Where do you go from here if you are a Hunt owner? First off, he’s Continue Reading



Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski :: BRADY/GRONK

(9/8/17) Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski had awful fantasy outings in Week 1, but if you watched the game, things started off hot with a Brady to Gronk touchdown strike… it was unfortunately overturned, as the ruling was that the ball hit the ground when Gronk came down in the end zone. Look folks… Continue Reading


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Stock Market: Zeke Elliott to play Week 1


Ezekiel Elliott :: ZEKE

(9/6/17) Ezekiel Elliott’s 6-game suspension upheld; However, he will play Week 1? News as of 9/5/17 @9:01PM: Suspended RB Ezekiel Elliott will play Week 1 against the Giants; however, his 6-game ban was upheld by NFL arbitrator Harold Henderson. Since the appeal wasn’t settled before 4 PM ET on Tuesday, Elliott is eligible to hit the field Sunday night. However, a ruling on Elliott’s temporary restraining order is expected to be announced on Friday evening. If it is granted, Elliott could be available all season. This could go so many ways, folks, it’s not even close to over. Keep checking with us in case something changes, but all sources and reports, as of now, are suggesting Zeke plays Week 1. The rest is TBA. Stay tuned.


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Stock Market: J- Charles, D-Baldwin, Henry/Coleman


Jamaal Charles :: JCHAR

(9/5/17) Jamaal Charles looked darn good in the Broncos’ third preseason game, where the runner rushed for 27 yards on four carries, and pulled in 2 passes for 15 yards. That stats aren’t huge number wise, but he looked the part. He was quick, he fit in well into the offense, and he didn’t look slower or banged up on his runs. I do wonder if… Read More


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Stock Market: NFL lead investigator recommended no ban for Zeke?


Ezekiel Elliott :: ZEKE

(9/1/17) *** UPDATE ALERT ***Ezekiel Elliott owners, and prospective owners, got a bit more good news late last night. While this is all still built of news, rumors and much speculation, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill is reportedly suggesting that the NFL lead investigator (Kia Roberts) recommended no suspension for Ezekiel Elliott. Roberts is said by other sources to be the only NFL official who interviewed Elliott’s accuser, and her recommendation left out of the NFL’s report. The NFLPA is reportedly arguing this angle. She was able to testify in the hearing, so the odds of Elliott seeing a reduced suspension, or maybe even an overturned suspension, have just increased. It’s tough to validate all this info, so be very careful how you adjust your rankings, folks, but Read More


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