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Stock Market: Ezekiel Elliott, where to draft?


Ezekiel Elliott :: ZEKE

(8/18/17) Ezekiel Elliott, who is facing a 6-game suspension, has officially appealed the suspension. His hearing is set for August 29th. Multiple sources, including PFT’s Mike Florio, suggest that because Harold Henderson has been tapped to hear the appeal, Elliott’s six-game suspension is less likely to be overturned, and that a small reduction is more likely than a big reduction. This is all guess work at this point, but the logic is sound. Zeke is a tough player to draft in 2017 redraft formats, as he could miss only 3-4 games, or he could miss the full 6 games… or, he could even see further issues pop up to hurt him, as he does have some lingering worries still circling news wires, some of which appear to be already in the rear view mirror for the NFL (but what if there are more situations and issues?). The bottom line here is this… Read More


Stock Market: Get Devonta Freeman now?


Devonta Freeman :: FREE

(7/28/17) Devonta Freeman has been one of the players I have talked up most this off-season, at least in that top 15 overall player range. The Tevin Coleman threat has been lingering over Freeman for a bit now… Read More


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Stock Market: Michael Thomas, LeSean McCoy


Mike Thomas :: MT

(7/26/17) Michael Thomas has TONS of upside heading into 2017. First off, he is the new No. 1 in New Orleans, and with Drew Brees still at top 1-3 fantasy QB levels, that means locked-in elite targets no matter how you spin Thomas’ skill set. He is a beast physically, though, and has bulked up from 210 pounds to 220. The guy broke 20 tackles as a rookie, fourth most out of all receivers, and the increased size could mean even more in 2017. His ADP is climbing fast, though, almost too fast. I think Read More


Also discussed: LeSean McCoy, Jordan Matthews

Stock Market: Buy Devonta Freeman?


Devonta Freeman :: FREE

(6/5/17) Devonta Freeman is only 25 years old. People sometimes do not realize this, as they often predict he will be replaced soon by Coleman. Tevin Coleman, a rather important handcuff for all Freeman owners, is only one year younger. Granted… Read More


Face/off: Tevin Coleman, Derrick Henry or Joe Mixon

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Stock Market: Gurley, Gronk, Peterson


Rob Gronkowski, Todd Gurley & Adrian Peterson

(5/5/17) Are these three players must-have players heading into 2017? All three are extremely undervalued heading into the upcoming 2017 fantasy football season… Read More


Bold Prediction: this RB a top 1-5RB in ’17?

2017 fantasy football bold predictions smitty
smitty fantasy football advice

Ok, folks, I have just added one more 2017 Bold Prediction… it’s a RB, a runner that could easily crank out top 3-5RB numbers in 2017. I know, some of you will say, this isn’t bold. Read the write-up, as it explains that even bigger name players can get overlooked enough to help you win a league. Get some! Enjoy!

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Marshawn Lynch a must-add in 2017?

smitty fantasy football adviceShould fantasy football worlds grab Marshawn Lynch right now? In all formats? The quick answer is yes. If you haven’t heard, there have been a ton of rumors swirling around regarding the return of Marshawn Lynch. He is currently retired, and if he returned he would technically be a Seahawk, but the Raiders have been linked to Lynch in recent news and all signs, for now, point to him eventually being a Raider (which would be huge in fantasy).

The Numbers

According to ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia, the Seahawks may be forced to cut Marshawn Lynch if he comes out of retirement. Lynch will be owed $9 million by Seattle, a figure which would take up a big amount of Seattle’s remaining $14.7 million cap space. This would limit them in free agency in the coming weeks.

The Prediction

While anything is possible, and Lynch could come out and shoot all this stuff down, he has been reportedly sporting Raider gear as of late, and many, many reports are suggesting that a return is likely. Grab him in all leagues! Make sure he isn’t sitting on waivers. What will it cost you? Your last bench guy? What could it gain you? An elite RB1, even if low-end, for one more season! Grab him!

Stock Market: Adrian Peterson a buy-low?

Adrian Peterson :: AP

(3/2/17) Adrian Peterson is on the decline value wise. Is he on the decline talent wise? Many would say he already declined, and in some ways I fear this could be true. However… Continue Reading

Changing Directions: LeSean McCoy

smitty fantasy football advice

LeSean McCoy a fantastic 2nd-Round RB?

I admit, I am changing my stance on LeSean McCoy entering 2016… if you can handcuff him up, of course. Look, one thing that makes a fantasy football owner a good owner is being able to change directions. I have been so caught up worrying about a LeSean McCoy injury, I feel I could have missed out on much of the upside he still retains down in the 2.08-2.12 range in current fantasy football drafts. With an ADP in that late second-round, there is so much to like if you can back him up. I did just recently write about this during an on-going live Expert Draft, so many of you already know I’ve started to like McCoy’s current draft value, as it has even dipped into the third-round range; however, I’m liking it more and more as we enter the biggest draft week of fantasy football. Third-round value is an absolutely steal for McCoy (if backed up) and the late second-round is still full of upside (if backed up).

Now, who is the back-up? As it stands, Mike Gillislee by a small margin (according to the team), but Reggie Bush and Jonathan Williams are still both very much in the running. Talent-wise, though, I think Gillislee doesn’t miss a beat should Shady ever go down for an extended period of time, as he averaged 5.7 yards-per-carry last year when called upon. He is explosive, dynamic, can catch passes, and he’s a play maker. He even cracked the Bold Predictions List this year… Still, if I own McCoy this year, and I just drafted him in 2 out of 3 leagues that I’m currently drafting in, grab Bush and Gillislee (and keep an eye on Jonathan Williams). I know, rostering two backups is tough, as rostering one is often tough, but it’s a productive RB slot in Buffalo!

Bottom Line

The Bills run the ball 30+ times per-game, so the lead dog in Buffalo is going to have a big 2016 fantasy football season. Shady looks good so far in the preseason, and I expect big numbers out of that Buffalo RB starter in 2016! Again, I am wrapping up three expert drafts right now, and I own LeSean McCoy (and backups) in two of those three leagues. I got Shady in the third-round in one of those drafts, and I took him in the second-round in the other. I love both teams, as he feels like a RB1, however, he cost much, much less (and is secured up with the backups).