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Face/off: Tevin Coleman, Derrick Henry or Joe Mixon

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Derrick Henry :: HENRY

(10/12/16) In fantasy football, the key to winning down the stretch is staying ahead of the curve. Of course, avoiding injury is huge, something that requires a mix of both skill and luck. However, predicting injury, or shall I say ‘anticipating’ injury, can also be a big skill in fantasy football. I love DeMarco Murray, and I went as far as to make DeMarco Murray/Derrick Henry one of my Top 10 Bold Predictions for 2016, but… Continue Reading


Expert Rookie Fantasy Draft Results

smitty fantasy football advice

Below is a 2016 Fantasy Football Rookie Expert Draft. This is a real draft that just took place, and the owners consist of fantasy football writers in the fantasy industry. There are some veterans mixed, as this is a rookie-only draft, but with the option to select available waiver wire players. I have provided a bit of commentary throughout the first 18 picks. Enjoy.

Round One

1.01 Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB (R) – Likely to have top 5-10 overall value heading into 2017.
1.02 Doctson, Josh WAS WR (R) – Huge upside in this situation. Lots of target potential in WAS.
1.03 Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR (R) – Slowness is the concern, other abilities through roof.
1.04 Coleman, Corey CLE WR (R) – He could thrive, but he needs consistent QB play.
1.05 Shepard, Sterling NYG WR (R) – Solid talent, but overvalued here.
1.06 Henry, Derrick TEN RB (R) – TEN plans to run a lot in ’16, so TD potential is still nice.
1.07 Fuller, Will HOU WR (R) – Ceiling is low given he can never be the No. 1 WR.
1.08 Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB (R) – The potential steal of all 2016 rookie drafts.
1.09 Thomas, Michael NOS WR (R) – Nice sleeper appeal with little risk right here.
1.10 Boyd, Tyler CIN WR (R) – Ceiling is capped given he can’t be the No. 1 anytime soon.
1.11 Carroo, Leonte MIA WR (R) – Lots of mouths to feed in MIA, this isn’t a great spot.
1.12 Booker, Devontae DEN RB (R) – Huge, huge sleeper in the 1.10-2.05 range. Huge.

Round Two

2.01 Prosise, C.J. SEA RB (R) – Very, very nice upside at this low-risk slot. Sleeper.
2.02 Howard, Jordan CHI RB (R) – Sleeper for sure, and the risk is about zero right here.
2.03 Goff, Jared RAM QB (R) – Good upside in STL.
2.04 Perkins, Paul NYG RB (R) – Another great sleeper with almost no risk at this point.
2.05 Marshall, Keith WAS RB (R) – Raw, but the talent is through the roof. Watch out.
2.06 Henry, Hunter SDC TE (R) – This value seems right.

The Rest, with selective commentary

Round Two (Cont’d)

2.07 Thomas, Mike RAM WR (R)
2.08 Williams, Jonathan BUF RB (R)
2.09 Mitchell, Malcolm NEP WR (R)
2.10 Hogan, Chris NEP WR
2.11 Hooper, Austin ATL TE (R)
2.12 Allen, Dwayne IND TE

Round Three

3.01 Washington, DeAndre OAK RB (R) – Decent appeal this late. This is actually quite late, no risk.
3.02 Higbee, Tyler RAM TE (R)
3.03 Payton, Jordan CLE WR (R)
3.04 Drake, Kenyan MIA RB (R)
3.05 Miller, Braxton HOU WR (R)
3.06 Moore, Chris BAL WR (R)
3.07 Wentz, Carson PHI QB (R) – This is quite a drop from Goff at 2.03, very low risk.
3.08 Cooper, Pharoh RAM WR (R) – Steal of the later rounds, the kid has nice, nice upside.
3.09 Ervin, Tyler HOU RB (R)
3.10 Garrett, Keyarris CAR WR (R)
3.11 Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB (R) – Great opportunity that no one is talking about.
3.12 Lynch, Paxton DEN QB (R) – Almost zero risk here.

Round Four

4.01 Higgins, Rashard CLE WR (R)
4.02 Smelter, DeAndre SFO WR
4.03 Ferguson, Josh IND RB (R)
4.04 Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE
4.05 Collins, Alex SEA RB (R) – Could either be cut come September, or be a super sleeper.
4.06 Listenbee, Kolby BUF WR (R)
4.07 Janis, Jeff GBP WR
4.08 Quick, Brian RAM WR
4.09 Peake, Charone NYJ WR (R)
4.10 Miller, Zach CHI TE
4.11 Sharpe, Tajae TEN WR (R)
4.12 Tucker, Justin BAL PK

2016 Rookie-Only ADP

smitty fantasy football advice

Below is a 2016 Rookie-Only ADP. This ADP data was created using various user drafts we have seen, mixed in with a few rookie-only ADP sources floating around the industry. It feels relatively solid, but keep in mind, ADP data changes fast, especially given so few fantasy owners have actually drafted yet. Enjoy, and good luck with all of your early rookie-only drafts! Post your results on the forum!

Round One
Round Two