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Bounce-Back Candidates for 2017

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Stock Market: Jordy Nelson

smitty fantasy football advice

I posted a Jordy Nelson write-up on the Fantasy Stock Market earlier in the week, but I think it’s important to remind everyone how critical it is to buy-low on some of these final remaining undervalued studs, because their values will rebound soon and those that don’t act will miss out! I have a feeling Nelson is going to go nuts in Week 8, and you can read more about it on the Stock Market (if you haven’t already.

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Doubted QBs, RBs and WRs for 2016?

smitty fantasy football advice

Every single fantasy football season, a handful of big-name players drop dud/injury-filled seasons in our laps. While most of the time it is tough to predict these kinds of seasons, sometimes there are signs of risk, signs that outweigh the appeal/upside. But, what about after a player busts (even if busting due to injury)? When should you trust a player again, if ever? That next year?

The truth is, there is no real consistent formula for deciding what fantasy football players deserve second chances, but I can list some of last year’s biggest 2015 fantasy football busts, and together, maybe we can figure what players have the best shot of rebounding to elite-type fantasy football levels.

The following players are listed in order of biggest ceiling value from their currently-diminished value.

Josh Gordon

Jordan Matthews

Andrew Luck

DeMarco Murray

Jamaal Charles

Aaron Rodgers

Eddie Lacy

More Players

There are clearly a few other names worth mentioning here, but these are some of the top-doubted players heading into 2016, and most all are worth acquiring if the price is right, and it should be right in most leagues.

Players that could rebound Weeks 6-16?

smitty fantasy football advice

The players below are risky, let’s get that out of the way. Some of the players listed below have almost no risk in terms of acquiring them via trade, as their trade values are amazingly-low, and others are almost equal parts risk/reward. Either way, these players need to be talked about.

Andrew Luck (QB/IND)

Redraft & Dynasty

Andrew Luck is the one player on this list that most will agree is headed for a rebound in value, yet I’ve seen him get traded for players well, well below his potential value. Sneaky-good trades to make in redraft including trading either Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers for Luck and a nice little something extra. What can be had? How about a high-end fantasy WR2? In dynasty, the same thing can be accomplished. I own Aaron Rodgers in a handful of dynasty leagues this year, and I sent out offers that targeted Andrew Luck and a Jarvis Landry type… I landed that exact kind of deal in two of those leagues, Landry being one of those receivers, Mike Evans being the other. It’s possible, you just have to take stabs via trade!

Lamar Miller (RB/MIA)

Redraft & Dynasty

A new coaching staff and the Dolphins bye week now out of the way, there is some decent upside here. Sure, the guy has continued to fail fantasy owners, but the blame can be placed on the team, not Miller. Sometimes who is at fault does not matter, unless things change, and let’s hope the changes in Miami will reshuffle the thinking entering Week 6. Early word is that new coach Dan Campbell will reemphasize the rushing attack moving forward. We know the talent is there, we’ve seen flashes of it, but he needs the carries.

Alshon Jeffery (WR/CHI)

Redraft & Dynasty

Alshon Jeffery may or may not play this week, or if he does play, he could be on a snap count. Either way, he is a great bounce-back candidate in redraft, and a fantastic buy-low in dynasty. If he does rebound health-wise, and that is the risk here, as setbacks happen, well, he could be a low-end fantasy WR1 down the stretch. Sometimes fantasy owners will practically give away players in Alshon’s situation, where he was drafted and hasn’t delivered anything at all to date. Make offers, try and buy-low in all formats!

Other Bounce-Back Candidates

  • Dez Bryant (WR/DAL) – Buy before we get near his return!
  • TY Hilton (WR/IND) – He has tons of upside at his current trade value. Once his passer bounces, back, which I fully expect, he rises back to the low-end elite.
  • Peyton Manning (QB/DEN) – If you need to take a risk, downgrade your QB into the Denver passer and hope for a bounce-back. It’s a great approach if you need a big-time home run move to get back in the mix.
  • Calvin Johnson (WR/DET) – A good player to buy on the cheap, as you are buying at a price he will almost earn even if he doesn’t play consistent.
  • LeSean McCoy (RB/BUF) – Buy if the price is right, as he comes with a lot of setback risk.
  • Martavis Bryant (WR/PIT) – A stud in waiting, but he could be inconsistent until Big Ben is back.
  • Ben Roethlisberger (QB/PIT) – Buy now before he is close to returning!
  • DeMarco Murray (RB/PHI) – Probably the most risky on this list, but he has one of the highest upside ceilings.